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Achilles Bane
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2000-10-10 (22 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Achilles was born to a small middle class family in Miami Florida whos parents pushed him into sports his whole life. Surpassing everyone's expectations he went win his first Olympic gold medal when he was 16 and win every competition he was in. Pushed to continue to go pro straight out of high school he made his first own life decision his parents didn't make and he joined the united states navy as a corpsman. Little joy and excitement he tried for the seal program and passed. 3 years into seals loving the missions and the danger him and 8 other seals got deployed to take out a high-level target Moscow Russia during the pandemic. With most borders closed they where dropped off in Baltic sea near ST Petersburg . The 8 were meant to take out high level Russian officials to cripple the infrastructure and make Russian the government stop its expansion and look upon its citizens . The mission was to bomb and kill everyone in a Art gala for a fund raiser while all wearing Ukrainian special forces uniforms. This then would make Russia invade Ukraine, followed by UN forces flocking to the aid of Ukraine.
However before the mission was a complete disaster, the Russian government knew about the plan and bombed a safe house the seals where at just out side the city and had ground and air forces waiting for them. Of the 8 only 2 survived . Achilles and Bret managed to be outside the building as the bomb blew and then sneak past Russian forces. The extraction point was being changed multiple times due to high traffic of Russian military so they had to hike across Finish/Russian border to a decommissioned military base in Finland to be extracted.
However this was the last contact they had with any US command. Once they reached they waited for weeks then months only to have to venture out to find supplies. When they reached a city they noticed that everything was changed. it has been nearly 5 months since they have been on this mission and that they haven't seen any news of the pandemics spread or Russia invasion of Finland. So they decided to head west to Norway to find someone or something and yet nothing. Along the way Bret got ill and had no fight and then died. Achilles wondering aimlessly now with no food and no water on the verge of death woke up in Nyheim with nothing but his cloths. Someone Stole his belonging and now he had to fight to survive

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