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Anatoly Malik
Character information
  1. Mental
    "The Light of the mind alone cannot burn away all darkness"
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1989-03-21 (33 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Zelenogorsk, South Zagoria, Chernarus
  5. Nationality
    Chernarussian-Russian (Dual Nationality)
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian, English
  8. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
    Medium Mesomorphic
  4. Hair
    Brown, Neat
  5. Eyes
    Deep Green
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Equipment
    - A full Chernarus Defence Forces Battledress Uniform
    - Assorted Medical Supplies
    - NHR Armband (With an A. on the Inside)
    - A Silver Orthdox Cross, strung onto a necklace of prayer beads
  8. Occupation
    Chernarus Defence Force - Medical Doctor
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role
    Doctor - Neurologist



Life in Chernarus was never a fair one - especially for the child who would become Anatoly Malik. Born to a middle-income family who owned a small business in the South Zagorian town of Zelenogorsk. Anatoly was born to an Ethnically Russian Mother, and an Ethnically Chernarussian Father. The young Anatoly was born just before the collapse of the Soviet Union and witnessed first hand the ensuing collapse of it and the accompanying affects it had on the newly independent post-soviet states that surrounded his newly home country of Chernarus. While Chernarus was one of the fortunate pseudo-success stories of the Collapse of the Soviet Union - being an Ethnic Russian within a predominantly Chernarussian country led the young man down a very different path to his Chernarussian Peers. With the rising nationalism of Chernarus, Anatoly found himself frequently the target of bullies for being a so called "Half Breed" Chernarussian - an unfortunately not uncommon slur wielded to great effect by the children who he schooled with. Anatoly however was a particularly gifted pupil, shrewd and quick to study - he was among his school's most bright students - aided by infrequent Tutoring lessons paid for by his parents. Though bullied, Anatoly nevertheless managed to make a few friends during his schooling years and was, while not entirely popular - wasn't the Pariah of his school either.

In the politically charged environment of Chernarus at the time Anatoly grew up in a somewhat sheltered life - given the rise of the Nationalist Party of Chernarus - or NAPA - and the infrequent Xenophobia he and many ethnically Russians had suffered soon enough came to light under Lopotev and the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. Anatoly during this time stayed out of politics and focused yet further on his studies - having passed with significantly high marks from his school years to attend Medical School. He'd always dreamed of being a doctor - though his parents weren't capable of financing his trip to Medical School. Fortunately however, one of his Childhood Friends - one Erik Kratochvil - had a Father who was in a key officers position in the Chernarus Defence Forces - and with some prodding from his childhood friend, Anatoly was offered a Military Scholarship to attend medical school under an Officer Cadet programme - in return for Five years of Military service as a Military Doctor. He accepted right away.

Throughout his training and subsequent years of medical schooling, Anatoly was noted for being Eager, motivated and keen to learn from his superiors. Working hard earned him not only respect but also commendations for excellence on a few occasions. Eventually on October 13th 2005, he Graduated from Medical School with a speciality in Neurology and his subsequent Officers Training and was enrolled into the 22nd Mechanised 'Svarog' Battalion, stationed in South Zagoria as a Medical Officer - tending to and organising the attached Medical Personnel and Ambulances of D Company - Just in time for the 2009 Civil War to come into sway.

Anatoly was already deeply conflicted come the outbreak of hostilities of 2009, Considering he was now ostensibly fighting alongside NAPA Guerrillas - the very same people who wouldn't hesitate for a second to put a bullet in him for not being entirely Chernarussian. Nevertheless however he had sworn an oath of Service and - during the fighting, did his best to tend to the wounded soldiers on Both sides of the fighting. Performing his duties however was a moot point considering the outcome of the 2009 Civil War, with both the Russian Armed forces moving in and the subsequent widespread capitulation of the Chernarus Defence Forces. Anatoly now was sprung into a reality where he was a Wanted man, hunted for crimes he did not commit and a war he did not fully understand nor desire. He remained with the Holdouts of the CDF who continued to lay low in the rural reaches of Chernarus, tending to Malnutrition and diseases like Typhus and Cholera frequently.

2020 was the final straw that broke the Camel's back, with the Country suffering under a pandemic the likes of which the world had never seen - Anatoly was, alongside the CDF Remnants - ordered to begin the "Liberation" of his home country. And Come July 2020, he had finally had enough - and deserted alongside many other members of the CDF who were likewise appalled by the opportunism taken, for it gave the propaganda leaflets perfect cause to brand them all as Monsters who sought to destroy chernarus while it was under such immense strain already. He and his fellow CDF troopers who gave up the fighting split up, some fled into Russia, others towards Georgia, he however? He sought refuge in Norway or Finland, somewhere as far away from his home country that still hunted him as possible - to make use of his skills as a Doctor to heal people once again. The Long War against the Chedaki was done, The Longest War against the Infection had only just begun.


The Coming to Nyheim 

The Journey North for Anatoly was as harsh as it was a stark reminder of the realities of the Outbreak, stowing away on freight trains, looting cars or just plain walking on his own two feet - he passed by a great many cities that were turned to little more than ash, fire and crumbling concrete in the chaos that was the initial outbreak. His arrival to Nyheim was however not the great arrival and expected reunion of old friends and warm smiles in a safe haven pocket of the world. His arrival to Nyheim was to snow, ice, mud and blood with none of his fellows who chose to head north with him being present at the designated Rendezvous. Cold, bitter and alone - he hunkered down, trying in vain for weeks to seek out his lost fellows, to perhaps guide them to Nyheim, so that they could indeed begin a new chapter of their lives together - only silence and static remained in his ears from his old Radio set. It is here he planned to remain, hiding out in the rural reaches of Nyheim, away from anyone and anything that could or would threaten him - damn anyone else, he was going to look out for himself and only himself. Content to die in the shade - his deeds forgotten, his name unknown, his story an unfinished - a fate that was his worst fear.  Until his radio crackled to life one fateful morning.

It was the voice of a woman, a Doctor - Cheryl Rakoto - quite unlike him. She was trying to create something better, to try and make a difference to Nyheim - seeking to rebuild a collection of Doctors, Scientists and researchers - the NHR - to tend to the sick and wounded, and to study and research the Infection with the ultimate goal of creating a vaccine, perhaps even a cure. He braved the harshest of elements to reach the Nyheim Teaching Hospital in good time, to speak with this Doctor Rakoto...and to offer his services. Little did she know that her brief radio broadcast had sparked a long dormant sense of duty in the tired Anatoly. It gave him purpose - to work for the NHR and to provide an avenue of potentially furthering some good in this world - the remaining idealist inside Anatoly was eager.

It is here he found himself, as part of the NHR's team of Doctors. Tending to gunshot wounds, bear mauling's, wolf bites - and occasional infected individuals. Though the NHR has been a boon for him, it has nevertheless brought old demons to the fore. The Trauma he sustained both during and after the 2009 Chernarus Civil War has not fully healed, and with the Hospital he has worked towards come under attack by a group of people for an unknown reason as well as the tenuous political scene that is Nyheim - split between multiple organised groups with unorganised settlers and individuals mixed in between. Not to mention witnessing some of the worst humanity has to offer in the world left behind, populated predominantly with the Post-Human cannibal. Anatoly's Psyche and mental wellbeing stands on a knife edge - yet he remains as dedicated, mindful and downright stubborn as he was during the hallowing dark of the 2009 Civil War.

With the recent disasters befalling the NHR, especially with the death of the much loved Dr. Cheryl Rakoto - Anatoly's spirit and beliefs have been shaken to their very core. He now stands at a brutal crossroads - on one path lays despair, depression and suicide, and the other path lays bare a path of vengeance, brutality, and unforgiveness to the bitter end - all things he swore to leave behind after abandoning Chernarus, a life of carnage was not what the doctor wanted. But it seems to be left the only path to walk forwards. Vengeance will be had, by Iron and Blood. Be it his or those who stole his friends from him and with it the bright future they promised.

Much to his credit, Anatoly has up until this point - managed to keep himself in line with his ideals, for the opportunity to take vengeance never arrived; and with the Cult of Arev and it's followers - and especially the figure of Walker disappearing into some deep dark corner of the world - hopefully to never see the light of day again, he - much to his own hatred, has worked to bury those feelings and desire for vengeance behind a mask, a painted façade to hide just how fragile a state he is in - working as hard as he could to bring the NHR back to some sort of even footing, to get them into a secure and larger facility than the tiny little clinic they had been working with up until this point. Finally, his labours alongside his fellows have paid off - and they have moved into a more secure building and have established at least a workable state of equipment. And while outwardly he puts on a stern yet friendly visage, behind the mask his Psyche has continued to gradually fray, with the tragic deaths of yet more team members of the NHR, especially Richi - the stresses of the post-apocalyptic world are slowly taking their toll on the tired soldier's mind. He has born witness to enough death, chaos and discord - yet something keeps driving him forwards, something makes him get up every day and keep doing what he is doing - not for glory, god or country. But for the world that everyone once had.
It's what Cheryl stood for in the end.

And he'd sooner lose all that he is than let that dream die with her.




Dr. Cheryl Rakoto/Avocado (DECEASED)



"I'm Sorry. I Should have been there.
I could have stopped them, could have saved you.
You did your absolute best for all of us, Cheryl. That much I know in my heart.
But with you gone...I don't know how much longer I can keep going.
But what I can do, is bring the rat bastard that did this to you kicking and screaming into the light.
I will avenge you, Cheryl.
Justice will come, Sic Semper Tyrannis."


Penelope Copperspoon



"Every time something bad happens, you have to be there to see it
I'm tired of it, I'm tired of you having to see the world for as it is,
I just keep praying that you won't let it change you,
We need a ray of sunshine like yourself trying to change the world,
I'll stand by you as long as I can. But it's obvious you've not seen death like I have.
We just need to Keep moving Forward."


Dr. "Brother" Alec Walker



"I can't believe that you of all people would have had the stones.
That's a fault on my part, Walker. I wanted to believe you could be saved.
Turned back to the light. Brought back into the fold.
But I was wrong.
There is no second chance for you, Walker.

And when I find you. And I will. I will make you BEG to be released from this world."


"Jack" Green



"The closest person who I've found who I can consider to be a brother in arms.
Or at least someone who understands better than most of what we've each been through.
You're a good man, Jack. You need to let yourself see it and believe it.
I just hope that we can help other find a way back to more normal habits.
Men like us have earned some peace.

Take care of yourself, Jack. We'll see eachother again."


Milo Fletcher



"I still don't know what to think about you. You're a soul who plays his cards very close to his chest.
You're a man who has to have been through alot to get this far, and I wanted to know you.
But we never really had a good chance to talk, never really had anything in common.
At least nothing that you were willing to share.
You did your best - that much I am certain of.
Good luck out there, Milo. We'll see each other again, of that I am certain."


"Richi" (DECEASED)



"I'll freely admit I didn't really get to know you, and that will be one of my greatest regrets,
You put yourself on the line day in, day out to keep us all safe,
And I never thanked you for it...I'm sorry Richi...
We'll see eachother again, behind the Pearly gates. Of that I am certain.
Say Hi to Cheryl for me."


Natalya Rezinkova



"You were Cheryl's closest friend before her passing,
And before I wasn't sure what to make of you. You kept your cards close to your chest
You always kept yourself at arms length, cold, distant. I always thought it was because you were just that.
But I have never been so wrong about my preconceptions.
You and I are not so different, we've both lived a life of tragedy and loss. And despite it all. You still care.
You still feel, you've kept moving forward for all this time. 
Just promise me you'll keep your heart open for new friends.
And for what it is worth. Thank you. Cheryl would be proud."


Quentien "Quinny" Holden



"No. No. No. No.
I do not know whether I should hate you or like you for what you offered me.
Vengeance. I've been down this path before, but I don't know.
I don't know what I want anymore...just.
Damn you. Damn you for making me consider it.
Your heart is at least in the right place. That I can at least see."


Frank Sampson



"Still the man who I believe is the best thing for Penelope, now more than ever.
Now that I've had time to get to know you, I still think my initial judgement held true.
You're a good man with a good heart. Helping us out despite having no reward in sight for you.
I'm glad to call you a friend, and I'm glad it's you who's won Penelope's heart.
Keep her safe, Frank. I won't be able to forever."


Ceilidh Golgotha



"You've done so much for the rest of us in the NHR.
And while I have to admit you're hyperactive and talkative nature is...a little grating at times.
I wouldn't trade it for the world. You are one of the rare rays of sunshine like Penny.
Just please keep yourself safe Keely. 
I don't want to imagine what the world would be like without people like you in it.
But for the love of god...you are sometimes trying on my patience."


Huw Thomas Edwards



"Rare is it that one was to find a soul so dedicated to community and the common good.
Even Rarer to find someone with that kindred spirit still holding strong today.
You came to us at the clinic and just started helping out without us even asking.
You put your life on the line alongside myself and Cal to save a stranger stuck in Nyvoll.
You've done so much work for nothing and I can't thank you enough for it.
Half the world away from your homelands and you still stick to your principles.
It's nothing but a pleasure to be around you, Huw."


Dr. Jack Fisher



"It was touch and go for quite a while when we got you out of Nyvoll.
But you're at least almost completely mended up now.
I am sorry however that I can't help you more in finding your Wife.
But what I will do is keep my eyes open for her and call you if we do find her.
But until then, find her, and bring her back safe.
We need all the good people left in this world we can get."


Joe Toniboni



"The mad old goat of Nyheim himself, or at least that's how I've come to think of him.
He's firmly into his twilight years, a life full of stories, adventure and wonder,
even before the outbreak he was certainly someone special. But now?
He's something of a grandfather figure to the younger folks around,
Despite the fact that he's notorious for doing some of the worst kind of drugs available.
He's certainly a wonderful person to be around though - for all his flaws, his heart is always in the right place.
God willing, he might actually listen to me and look after himself"



""The Lord provides every Man and Woman trials in which shape them and test their faith. The Lord preaches to be merciful, to forgive one's enemies and to turn the other cheek when struck. The world is not an ideal place however, as a person who believes in God like myself - you and I can at least understand that trying to aspire towards those ideals is one of the greatest struggles that we will live with throughout our lives."



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Love the details and links, good job!

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Fantastic profile and fantastic character!!! 

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