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Cade Merrick
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1982-12-10 (34 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Maryland, USA
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg
  3. Build
    Fit, Lightweight
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Equipment
    Personal: Travel Passport, Watch, An old coin deemed lucky by Cade when found during a dive near Australia

    Scavenged: Sidearm, Clothing, Food, Water, Backpack
  8. Occupation
    Salvage Diver


Cade was born in Maryland or Virginia, well okay right in the middle, Washington DC. There isn't much to say about his childhood that is significant to his current age other than he was raised by and around good people and has developed and performed for the most part as a good natured person all of his life. Nothing has changed, he always tries to find a better way to do things, he always looks for another option if it seems necessary in a bad situation. He's the kind of guy that likes a little adventure even if it means getting a couple bruises. That has caused him to get himself into trouble with people who aren't his problem but are being someone else's problem. In other words, he's sometimes nosy but for good reason.

This drive for adventure led him to diving. Merrick taught a class in Maryland for diving and was soon noticed by a historical studies and recoveries group. It started out small but soon received government funding and the group would go on to recover a decent amount of old lost trinkets and even a ship. After a few years the discoveries died down more and more until a warning was posted that the government funds might stop rolling in. Wouldn't you know it, they did stop. There was enough left for one more trip, one more chance to show them there is still a lot out there.

Close to a month later of preparation brought the crew to Sinop, Turkey. This was the launching point, the supposed site was one hundred some miles off the coast. Everything was fine, the sun was shining till about an hour into the process when a storm started rolling in. They had recovered a few things but Cade knew there was more. The storm was getting closer but he insisted on diving once more. Thirty minutes pass, the thunder is audible. An hour passes, winds are picking up, the boat is rocking left and right, waves splashing on the deck. Cade has recovered three more things since he dove again. It has almost been two hours. Just one more dive was all he needed. Ten minutes pass.

It was quiet underwater. The faint sounds of the crew on the deck rushing around, strapping crates down could be heard. Five minutes pass, Merrick has gone deeper. A loud horn is heard. Cade doesn't recognize it. His boat is too small for it to be the same. He surfaces. The storm is picking up, the waves are thrashing him around the water and splashing in his face. The boat drifted a few minutes away. A large ship is closing in. Cade is a little too close. He dives again and swims as fast as he possibly can to get out of the way. He is still too close. His crew is coming back for him. Each boat coming far too close to one another. A crewmate puts his hand out. Cade gets on board, the other boat still closing in and the waves still growing in size. Large storage crates are falling from the larger ship nearly smashing into Cade's ship. The combination of the waves and wind prevent the captain from turning enough to get out of the way. A second horn is sounded.

Silence. Cold and dark blue silence. Merrick finds himself submerged with massive pieces of debris and various storage containers. The water is more chilling than ever. Cade surfaces. Only a few large pieces of debris are on the surface with him. Far in the distance the large ship and a slightly intact small ship are side by side. A life raft is tossed down to the crew. The waves slowly take Cade away with his few pieces of debris and a rescue pack. He spent about an hour holding on to a small piece of his ship with the rescue bag tied around his body. The waves have calmed down at this point. He opens the bag to find a life jacket and a raft. He pulls a cord and the raft takes shape.

Three hours have passed. What little food Cade had was eaten an hour ago. He figured he wouldn't be gone as long as he has been because the Black Sea isn't that big. It wasn't until another hour passed that he found land. Somewhere in Southwestern Chernarus. He arrived maybe a day or two before things really started picking up outside of Chernarus. A lot of time was spent traveling with other survivors from Russia that he met along the way. Eventually they made it to South Zagoria. The group of Russians traveled back to Russia and Cade continued on his own.

He has been in South Zagoria since the early stages of the outbreak. He may stay, he may move on. He wonders if his crew is ever looking for him or if they are alive. It's been so long since the dive, he has doubts about his crew. All he can do is press on and hope to avoid the ocean for a while.










Time played: 5.9 hours

Deaths in last 7 days: 0


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