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Kent Leewood
Character information
  1. Alias
    Smiles/ Kent
  2. Mental
    Two Faced
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1999-06-06 (20 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    They don't usually end well
  10. Family
  11. Religion
    No association


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Lean muscle but a very tiny build.
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    Has Dissociative identity disorder.

    Scar on his face in the shape of a frown

    A set of shiny Silver teeth

  8. Equipment
    Whatever he can find in the world around him never really been the picky type.
  9. Occupation
    Who knows.
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


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The Beginning


Kent Leewood Grew Up in Atlanta Georgia in a Small home outside of the Main city itself. He grew up in a house of drugs,gangsters,and his mom’s Whore self. Which as a young child is usually not the best thing in life. Growing up in this lifestyle he came to know the many a gangsters who used his mother as their personal plaything. He was beaten constantly as a thing of amusement,forcefully injected, inhaled, and drank multiple substances that caused him to either be sick to his stomach or high off his ass. In school he would stay to himself and keep away from the other kids. Some of them however wouldn’t stay away from him and that didn’t help his case. See Kent felt something slowly beginning to grow inside of him, and he felt himself slowly giving in to this new mindset that he found himself believing in to be his true self. Soon the voice would start calling itself Smiles. He was soothing and always forceful with his commands . As they were the ones to at the age of 10 tell him to break the neck of his pet dog Scraggy . Saying it would make him feel better and boy did it. Feeling the life slowly drain from the Dog's body made him feel powerful. Like he was in control and nothing anyone could do would stop him from being in control. Soon he started becoming obsessed with the art of taking something else's life or was it even still him. It grew from a fascination into a hobby as suddenly the local stray cat and dog population slowly began to decrease by the second. At the age of 15 he had developed a wide variety of killing methods for animals but the rush started to fade as it began to be too easy and simple he wanted something more something better but at this point Kent was no longer in control....Smiles was finally on top.


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The Rush

One dark night in the downtown streets of Atlanta he made his ascent into what he thought was godhood. He took the life of a 37 year old crack addict by stabbing the needle the man used to inject himself with. Multiple times into the man's Skull, chest, and lower abdomen and he loved it. He soon began killing prostitutes and the scum of the streets . See Smiles felt himself a god among men, a Savior to the ones who deserved to be in life, and a Destroyer he deemed unworthy or unfit to be here. However that mindset didn’t last very long as one day he came home. Finding his mother amongst her….occupation with a customer. He could hear her Moaning in delight and the man’s sweaty disgusting Grunts that came from her door. See that man though left one thing you never leave alone unwatched. A fully automatic AK-74 with a magazine loaded and ready to go. See he had never shot a gun before in his life. He liked using Objects of the blunt and Sharp family a gun...seemed to impractical to lazy. He liked being close and personal with what he enjoyed doing which now was killing. The voice however dragged him along guiding his every action turning off the safety, opening the door, and filling his mother and that fucking mongrel that was fucking her with thirty rounds of 5.45×39mm rounds. He watched their bodies for hours as they lay there lifeless and he couldn't help but smile. He knew what he had to do next now knowing he couldn't be stopped it was time to judge.

Thankfully however phase two plans of smiley's was faltered by the one person who never stopped fighting. Kent watching his mother die though enjoyable was heart broken. She was a god awful mom, but still his mom. Smiles wanted to go kill more and more but lost control and Kent took action. Calling up 911 before anything else could be done and handcuffing himself to air conditioner letting them know he just murdered two people and needed help. Kent stood trial for the Murder of his mother and a random nobody. He was classified as Insane with a case of Dissociate Identity disorder and sent away to a mental facility to help him get treated, and to keep Smiles away from the outside world 


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The Game of life

His story however doesn’t end there as he spent the next two years locked away in that Asylum of his deep within his own thoughts. Fighting each and every day to keep Smiles from coming back, but all things must come to an end. One night when he went to take his pills something stopped hi. Instead of taking them like usual he threw them and simply smiled. Smiles was back and oh did he have plans. He spent a good year outside keeping Kent locked away enjoying the fun of being in control once more. Planning ones escape especially when a Disorder such as oneself gets you transferred to some backwater shit country for..."Medical experimentation". Well this experiment would not be kept under wraps and thankfully something big happened that helped him escape. The Infection had come onto the world and he took this opportunity with open arms and made it out of the chaos into the wild of South Zagoria where now.....Smiles would be free. 


Image result for Jerome gotham gif


Months have gone by in this shitty hole of a country. I've made a friend or two who share the same ideals as me. However my own Ideals are changing day and day as the world around me does as well. When I first got free I wanted to take my anger out on so many, and I did  I've adapted to this new world and to the people in it. Even learned how the infection work...yes someone died. Apparently the one who did die had a few friends....who aren't to happy with me soooooooo now we have a game of cat and mouse. Yet I don't know whether I'm the hunter....or the hunted. Now I seem to have made some short term Allies. Bunch of Communists who are fighting for their cause. Honestly couldn't really give a shit about it cause it won't last. This group called the Black fangs are taking over and are quickly gaining a hold in the country. I've had to shoot and be shot at twice now in the past week which I'm starting to really get annoyed. However a piece of my game is under their care so I gotta keep tabs as much as I can as well as keep fighting for the "Cause" to keep myself alive longer. That Redneck hick still hasn't found me but I know I'll find him first....oh the game WHAT A RUSH!

Well this fucking sucks....thought I got out of this world but no some crazy Russian doctor decided he wanted to play god and manage to just bring me back. Yeah I was fucked up completely by that stupid hick Ken, but damn did the Doc do a good job. Manage to get a nice new set of teeth and my tongue back on. However not all wounds can be healed, but damn is Irony a bitch. Turns out the hick got himself killed while I was "away". Guess this in itself was quite....a laugh. Now It's time to get back into the roll of things. Let's see how this goes. Ahhh I think I'll call this Smiley part two! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!







Who am I.....

My name is Kent Leewood and for the past 4 years of my life I've been locked in my own mind. It's difficult when you realize that you are not the only thing inside your own head. Especially when the other is a fucking psychopathic killer who does it all for laughs. Every day and night since that day in the living room I wanted to take it all back...everything I did and wanted to do. Hell you think someone like me now realizing the shit I did would just off himself save humanity from something like me, but it won't let me. More of HE won't let me. I don't know how i'm back in control, but he doesn't like it. He's the one who fucked up my face a made us into a monster. He won't get out again though....even if it fucking kills me. So I'm heading back into South Zagoria maybe there's a doctor somewhere that might be able to help keep him contained or even help me get rid of him.






yeet yeet fam

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Literally the exact opposite of when I say, "If you play an insane character, try not to be Joker 2.0"






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From watching Smiley on Roach's streams, to hearing about his infamy from frightened victims, and even the one meeting I had when he was pretending to be someone else -- I've loved seeing this character around the server and love the fear that people speak about him (and his occasional cohorts) with. Thumbs up for the awesome character! ?

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