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Dr. Boris Krieger
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
    Moderately High
  3. Date of birth
    1974-05-24 (44 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Dresden, DDR
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
    Russian - German
  7. Languages
    Russian, German, English
  8. Relationship
    Maria Krieger | DECEASED
  9. Family
    Johan Krieger & Tanya Semyonova-Krieger | DECEASED
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    105 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    >Slightly paranoid

    >Rod of Asclepius tattoo on right shoulder
    >Small silver cross pendant [gift from his wife]
  8. Equipment
    >Warm clothing
    >Any sharp object
    >Sometimes simple firearm

    >Surgical tools
    >Flask of anything alcoholic
    >Basic medical supplies
    >At least one book [to read/as notepad]
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Previous: Aegis Corp | Current: N/A
  11. Role




Boris was born in Dresden in the German Democratic Republic. However, not long after, his Russian mother and German father moved to the Krasnodar, in the USSR. The reason for this was his father's work, which made him an invaluable asset that could not be allowed to remain this close to the Iron Curtain. Boris thus grew up, speaking both Russian and German at home. He was a quiet lad throughout his childhood, never caused any problems or bothered anyone. The only time anyone who knew him remembered him get violent was when he sliced up one boy who would constantly bully him. They boy lived, though, and no one ever dared even tease Boris after that.

By the time he graduated school, the Soviet Union was no more and the whole Eastern Bloc had started to decline rapidly. However, his father's position and contacts allowed Boris and his family to lead relatively good lives and so he went on to study at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The years flew by and it seemed almost as if the next day after being accepted, Boris was already specialising Pathophysilogy at the "Sklif", one of Moscow's most famous hospitals. It was around this time when both of his parents died months apart one another. Them being 2 of the 3 people Boris really cared for, the third being his wife,  there was less and less keeping him where he was. He did good work and though continued to be his reserved self, no one minded. He never asked anyone for anything, but rarely did favours either. From the sidelines it would seem like Boris was a quiet man who just wanted to be left alone. And to an extent that was the truth. However, he had ambitions. Great ambitions and he had set his mind to achieving all he wanted on his own. He would sow the seeds of his own success and reap them without external help or any kind of charity.

The tedious monotony of the workplace once his specialisation was finished were starting to get on Boris' nerves, so he wasted no time in looking for other options. Due to his specialty and particular character traits, he was discovered not long after by the Aegis Corporation and subsequently hiried. This new job allowed Krieger to work towards achieving his goals of greatness. And to do that among peers whose mindsets were similar to his own. Thus in a simultaneously hostile yet cooperative work envirnoment, great progress was made in the name of science, paychecks and the Corporation.

Perhaps the last glimmer of kindness and humanity in Krieger was his wife, Maria. He took her with him everywhere his job took him and she was happy to tag along. After Krieger had proven himself to his bosses, they even agreed to hire her as a lab tech to work alongside her husband. Unlike him, though, she didn't do it for the glory or for the progress. Rather, her goal was to be closer to him and Boris understood and respected that and loved her even more for it.

Thus they carried on, morals and ethics aside, working hard in the name of science and nothing else. Though the experiements, tests and trials they worked on could hardly, be classified as "another day at the office", what they did was business as usual. Even though, Krieger alone earned a fair amount of vacation days, he hardly ever used them, unless it was for a short week or two with Maria, back in their home of Krasnodar. In mid-2017, however, all hands were on deck, preoccupied with a new research project. So Boris just sent Maria on what he thought would be a short vacation to their home. Naturally, this did not go as planned, as just around that time, in the summer of the year, the infection that had been terrorising Chernarus had began to spread and the whole region was put under quarantine. Even Krieger and his bosses' connections could not get anyone out. He never knew what had transpired in his home city. But after not hearing anything from Maria for half a month, he received official confirmation that she had been killed due to reasons unknown. The last bit of positive emotion Krieger had, died that day.

Even though he was offered, he did not accept a break from his work, but instead dove even deeper into it, devoting himself fully to the only thing that mattered to him anymore. Some months later, when he was informed of the Corporation's mission to Chernarus, he volunteered to go to the wretched place that took his wife from him and not long after, boarded the C-130 with the rest of the Aegis Biological Research Team.

Not long after, Krieger was given some supplies and sent on his way to South Zagoria to meet up with the Aegis contingent there. He was sent alone carrying everything on his back, as logistics was getting worse and worse every day and nobody else could be spared. When he finally reached the region, he established contact with the ACS forces there. Though the general situation was a lot worse than Aegis HQ in Miroslavl' thought, because that is as far as Krieger got. He never received orders on how to proceed and didn't even manage to contact local command, besides the ACS contractors, who disappeared from his radar soon as well. Thus, Krieger was on his own, yet his spirit was unfaltering. He would survive and push on one way or another. And once his life was secure, he was set on continuing his research into the infection... for various reasons.



Throughout his growing up and studying, Krieger became more and more cold and distant from his peers. He was never interested in partying and "having fun" like everybody else. Though he does often enjoy alcohol - it helps him think differently. There were three people in his life, he cared for very deeply while not giving a flying fuck about anyone else. There was no inbetween. After these people, his parents and wife, were no longer among the living, Krieger had only his work to focus on. Krieger wants humanity to prosper and trusts that human civilization is destined for greatness by any means, but he sees it just as that, the big picture, not caring about any particular individual. He graduated a medical institute and took the Hippocratic Oath, however, those lines on paper are meaningless to him. He firmly believes that there can be no progress in science and for humanity when such restrictions are imposed. "Small sacrifices" are absolutely necessary in order to drive science forward.

That, however, doesn't mean that he has bad relationships with his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. He can work alongside other scientists, who share his mindset, follow orders and be reasonable with his requests. Krieger sometimes cracks jokes and laughs at witty comments. Though he doesn't keep anyone around him just because. Every person he has "befriended", has a purpose. Maybe knowing a guy can get him quick access to the lab equipment, maybe treating an intern with friendliness will make him bring good coffee faster. More often than not, Krieger can identify an important indivudal and get on their good side for reasons he does not yet know. Perhaps someone to get him out of a sticky situation in the future or someone who knows somebody else, who could assist Krieger in an hour of need. These are the very same reasons why he can be kind and efficient when providing medical care. Saving a soldier's life, means that now that man is in debt and will gladly lay his life down so that the good doctor can survive.

Having reached the height he is at, Krieger is well aware of the level of his knowledge. He knows that there is much more that he has to learn, but frowns upon all those who do not work towards improving themselves. There are many things in his field that he can do well and he doesn't shy away from letting those around him know that he is better than them at one thing or another. Krieger is not one to retreat from an argument, especially concerning a topic he is well-versed in, however, he will back away if things aren't going his way or danger is imminent.


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