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Nino Kobiashvili
Empress Midori
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1990-12-18 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Tbilisi, Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Georgian, Russian, English and Chernarussian. Others undisclosed at varying levels of competency.
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
  10. Religion
    Georgian Orthodox (closeted Buddhist)


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    58 kg
  3. Build
    Small and built for endurance
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    On her left wrist, there is a tattoo (image of tattoo in backstory section).
  8. Equipment
  9. Occupation
    Pre-infection: Georgian Intelligence Service
  10. Affiliation



Blood pools onto the floor as an exhausted and injured woman flops onto it; tearing open her barely healed cuts along the ridge of her forehead. Her vision is blurry; whiplash and wounded spirit plague her. Around her are menacing screams of true terror. Gunshots echo throughout the streets. On the floor not far from her is a man in his mid-thirties; a corpse. Dried blood is spread across the floor and his body is pockmarked by bullet holes. While laying there, Nino Kobiashvili contemplates all that had transpired over the last few hellish days. The chaos throughout the region was unprecedented in it's abrupt terror. A heavy sigh escapes her lips as her mind wanders.

Two weeks prior, Nino was about as excited as she possibly could be. Her long plotted excursion to Cernyelen was finally in motion. All the contacts necessary were made, all the purchases completed. Nino was ready. She was a woman with a goal in mind. Unlike many who visited the area as tourists, Nino had an itch for murder. Once arriving onto Deer Isle and having checked into her living arrangements, she visited a contact she had made for a very particular purchase; an AKM with enough ammunition to accomplish her aim. This wasn't her first illicit gun purchase and at the time she figured it wouldn't be her last. Normally the far from timid Georgian woman was avoidant of criminal acts, she learned long before that to punish those that have wronged her, channels sometimes have to be ignored and rules must be broken.

After concealing her ill gotten purchase, Nino returns to her hotel to recuperate from the days events and to further plot the downfall of the people she came to 'see'. The next few days for Nino were slow as she gathered her wits and observed from a distance those she was hunting. She wanted this to be right. The last time she had struck against them ended well, but she was foolish and moved too quickly; a few of her sister's owners escaping her wrath. She wasn't about to let that happen again. So she waited. She observed, and on the night of February 14th, 2019 she struck. There weren't many of them left on the island; the majority having the impeccable timing of leaving for South Zagoria just days prior to her arrival. Knowledge of this enraged the vengeful Nino. One more day with them escaping punishment was too much, but despite the setback she pressed on. She wasn't about to let those still left on the island survive the night. Approaching from the shadows, she stalks her prey. One man patrols the perimeter outside an isolated house; away from the bustling of Stonington. Seeing the time would never be better she moves to strike. Choosing to remain as silent as possible, Nino approaches from behind with a knife. She pulls the preverbial trigger by lunging forward, wrapping her arm around the man's neck and placing a knife to it. She tenses down on the knife and whispers in Chernarussian. "No... quiet."

Nino brings her prey into the forest. Normally she would interrogate this man, but at this point she couldn't be bothered. Once they were concealed in the dark forest, she slits the man's throat and let's him drop to the forest floor. Every fiber of her being demands that she spit on his corpse, but she thinks better of leaving evidence. A smile cracks over her face as she holsters her knife and moves to reengage with the house. The guard was down. Time to work.

Approaching from a crouched position, Nino presses an ear to the blinded window to listen to any conversation inside. She counts three voices. Two men and one woman. She couldn't quite make out what they were saying due to not only a window barrier, but a slight language barrier as well. The two men seemed intoxicated and in a twisted jovial mood. The woman however seemed stressed, saddened, and disgusted. Nino could hear little whimpers through the window. Guessing correctly that this was another of their 'girls', Nino's blood boils. She removes the safety on her newly purchased AKM and moves to the front door. She would have to make this quick. For a thanks, the guard she recently put down didn't care to lock the door behind him. A devilish smirk dances across her face at her fortune. With smile held, Nino slowly opens the front door and slips inside the house; tip toeing her way toward the room she heard the voices. She pauses to listen to their conversation now unhindered by a window. From what she could understand through their drunken stutters, the two men were discussing who they were going to sell their newest 'girl' off to. The whimpering woman began to sob as it dawned on her exactly why she was there. This brought the attention of the two men right to her, and granted Nino the chance to strike as they were distracted.

Nino slowly turns the door handle and pushes ever so slightly on the door to leave it slightly ajar before backing up. With a deep breath, Nino kicks open the door with rifle raised. She doesn't hesitate in firing as the two scrambled for their own weapons. Her gift for the two of them became two shots to the chest and one to the head. Before any of them had a chance to return fire they had fallen; the fight already over. The knowledge that she just took two lives in the room and one outside hardly seems to phase her. It wasn't the first nor will it be the last time. What does phase her however is the broken state of the woman in the room. She's tied to a chair; blood drips to the floor from her arms. Her once elegant dress is in tatters. Nothing short of terror is written over her face. She can hardly speak upon looking to Nino. Friend or foe, the woman tied to a chair doesn't know. Nino frowns deeply at the state of this woman.

"Friendly..." Nino manages to utter in her upset state. She quickly scampers over to the woman to untie her binds, making sure to take extra care so as to not exacerbate her wounds in so doing. She doesn't say a word to the woman, nor does she try to say anything to Nino. The woman starts to cry; the knowledge that she's about to be free from this nightmare finally dawns on her. Nino doesn't think anything of it, as her focus is squarely on making sure the young woman was okay. Abruptly she screams, which Nino isn't fast enough to react to. Out of nowhere, Nino is knocked onto her side; her head slamming hard into the floor, landing on broken glass. The ridge of her forehead splits open and quickly begins to pour blood. With a yelp, Nino scans with blurry vision around the room. A single man stands before her; a trench knife in one hand. He smirks at the pain he caused Nino before lunging in to continue his assault. Nino quickly lifts an arm to block, which is minorly successful. The strength of the man starts to slowly overpower her; the knife only centimetres from her neck. With as much abruptness as the young woman's scream, the pressure is let off her. The once enslaved woman had found the strength to break out of her remaining binds to help Nino. Seeing her chance, Nino scampers over to her AKM which had been knocked to the floor. She takes aim.


Nino screams in Chernarussian. The man had lost his attention on Nino due to his new target. He glances over to Nino with a sudden look of shock as the woman pushes him away from her. She had her shot, and she took it. Not settling on just one round to end the threat, Nino fires multiple shots into the man's chest, neck, and head despite him dropping on the first shot. A heavy sigh escapes her lips and she nearly drops her gun from sudden exhaustion. All she can do to remain focused is look at the state of her rescue. "Come... we need to go." Nino says softly to the woman before gesturing for her to follow. She knew the response time to police on the island would be fast approaching, and Nino hardly wanted to explain why she just murdered four people. Her other fear, however unfounded it possibly could be, was that if the young woman she just saved was left there, she would be arrested for the crimes of herself. The young woman closes her eyes for a moment first before nodding to Nino. She hesitantly walking towards Nino with a heavy limp from the pain she sustained while captive. The two make their escape; Nino choosing to bring her safely into the forest and to a location she stashed some supplies before her assault instead of a hospital or her hotel room.. Unknown to her at this moment, but that decision could have possibly saved her life. She spends the remainder of the night dressing the wounds for her new found friend as well as her own. The two have little conversation at first only getting so far as first names, but slowly begin to talk about what happened to her. The woman, now known to Nino as Jana, had been on vacation from the mainland. Her and her family had been visiting relatives. During the visit, Jana had went off alone to find a convenience store. While alone, two of the men Nino just killed had cornered her. Without even a word they had nabbed her from the street and tossed her into a van. A few people had witnessed the whole affair but looked the other way. 

Jana's fearful tale greatly saddens Nino. Since Jana had opened up, Nino only feels right that she explains her own experience.

"Many years ago, my sister Amber disappeared when we were visiting family in Chernarus. We soon learned what happened, but the Chernarussian authorities... they didn't seem to care enough after the first week of searching. Try as we could, no leads came through. After a year, we gave up hope. We did our best to move on with our lives. Amber became just another statistic... but two years ago, we were graced the fantastic news of her whereabouts. She was in America for years. Her kidnappers had sold her to some scum in New York and smuggled her into the country. I..."

Nino pauses a moment to collect her thoughts. She realizes that beyond telling her fiance, Nino hadn't ever spoken about what happened.

"I did the same thing there that I did for you... I saved my only sister."

Nino looks away from Jana with a pained sigh. She holds up her hand indicating that she was done speaking of it. Jana slowly walks over to Nino and lightly sets her hand on her shoulder. The two hold silent for what feels like an eternity to Nino before she pulls away and takes a seat. The two stay in silence for the rest of the night. The following morning, Nino moved to bring Jana to the hotel she had been staying in so that the two could figure out where her Jara's family was. She really didn't want to involve law enforcement in any capacity. The two women are stopped by a passerby who warns them that things aren't the most stable at that time. Heeding his words, Nino and Jara return to the forest where they quietly observe the coming calamity; becoming closer and closer over the first few days. It becomes apparent to her quickly that the two of them need to venture back to the hotel; a decision that lead Nino to the point she was at now. 

Nino turns her attention to the broken window she had leapt through. Her vision still quite blurry from the impact with the window and the floor inside. She see's Jara near the window, fueling her need to jump back to her feet to protect her friend... but it was too late. Jara is forced to run. Try as she might, Nino couldn't find the strength to chase after her. The only thing that mattered now was staying alive. 


LORE IS A WIP. I got sick of writing.


Her Tattoo 



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