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James Lexton
Character information
  1. Mental
    Stable, trying to keep family alive
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1990-08-26 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Family
    Jack Lexton (Brother)
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
    Fit, muscular
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Occupation
  7. Affiliation
  8. Role


James Lexton, and his brother Jack, had a rough upbringing. With a physically and emotionally abusive father, they both sought escapes from their family home. Jack found a girl and got married when his younger brother James was around 20. At that point, James had enough. He did the only thing he could think of to get as far away from his father as he could. He enlisted with the United States Marines. 

After boot camp, he would go on to serve almost six years, never once going to his old home when he was on leave. After so many years, he learned his brother Jack had recently moved to Chernarus with his wife and daughter. James decided to finally take his leave, and see his brother once again. They had always looked out for each other, they were what family was supposed to be. However, shortly after James set foot in Chernarus, the infection took over. He pushed through everything he needed to in order to find Jack... but when he did it was too late. Jack's wife and daughter were gone, and his brother was carrying around the body of his little girl, Sarah. 

James did what he could to protect his brother, to help him cope, but life was crueler than ever. A group of Chernarussian men did not take kindly to the US Marine walking through their homeland, and James was taken hostage for months-- forced to work on a farm they were trying to create through slave labor. Though it only took time for James to break free and rush back out to find his brother, only to learn that he had passed away as well. There was only one last thing left in the Marine's head: revenge on anyone that had anything to do with Jack's death.

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