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Kaine Wilson
Character information
  1. Alias
    David Mosely / Howard Cartwright
  2. Mental
    Stoic / Proactive
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1966-07-27 (53 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
    British / Cherno-Russian
  7. Ethnicity
    White - Cherno/British
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    None Living
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Athletic, Broad
  4. Hair
    Slicked back
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation
    Fifty Two
  9. Role
    King of Hearts



Born is Somerset ,UK in 1987 , his Mother Katya ,a Chernarus Native and his Father Conrad ,who had moved to the south of England from The Scottish highlands, Kaine had to work for everything he got, he was a scrawny child and was always fighting with kids bigger than him and always got battered and bruised but never backed down, Kaine excelled in his schooling, he loved geography and history, the idea of the world holding hidden secrets that could be explored truly captivated Kaine, he decided during his last year in education that he would become an explorer and search for the secrets of the natural world.

Kaine spent many years exploring the world, he spent time in every continent, he had a good knack for blending in with the locals and learning how local people adapted to the places he explored aswell as dealt with the environment and hazards they lived with on a daily basis.


Chernarus would be the last place Kaine went to before it all went to shit, his cousin Artyom told him about some artifacts of a long dead religious cult that could be found in Chernarus, Kaine and his Cousin spent many months searching the Wilderness of Chernarus, during this time the outbreak happened.

Artyom and Kaine only discovered this after being taken hostage by military personnel, they were both interrogated as to what they were doing and what they were looking for, Kaine's cousin explained what they were doing and within an instant Artyom was shot and killed.

The soldiers turned to Kaine, he was stunned, his cousin was lying dead in front of him. The soldier who appeared to be in charge crouched down and spoke to Kaine, inches away from his face, He slowly said in a thick Cherno-Russian accent

"Stop looking for what you do not understand, some bit of history need to stay as history"

Then with a swift punch to the face, Kaine was out cold.
He awoke in a small camp ground in the northern area of Chernarus, with no idea what to do next.


1. Find the Soldier who killed Artyom (on going)

2. Fine some like minded fellows to call chums. (Dynamic)

3. Discover the truth behind the Religious Artifacts he set out to find, why are they being hidden? (on going)



Cheerful / Eternal Optimist -  always looking for silver linings.
Determined - never gives up.
Stiff Upper lip / Stoic- The strongest of all British traits.
Friendly Soul - Unless you shoot at him.
Scavenger - Holds onto small trinkets or tools because they might be useful.
Honest - Will never hide the truth, no matter how painful.
Eccentric - Almost a nutter, but not quite, there's a brain in there somewhere.


Animal Tracker - from years of living off of what he could hunt.
Light Step - can make his way around cities without alerting a soul.
Knee Damage - Years of trekking have worn his knee joints down, so long treks can be extremely painful.
Scout - Watching and observing are Kaine's specialty.
Gun Shy - Not to keen on firearms but grudgingly uses them.
Lead Belly - If its remotely edible, Kaine can and will eat it.






So i've been encouraged to write this by one of the young lads within 52, so Theo thank you for giving me the idea to write a journal of my experiences, i won't be going into my past, it is mottled and hazy, in some places quite painful, the boys might hear some of it around the fire but that will be all.

Chapter One - The Cards Have been Dealt


So to start this parable i'll explain the Origins of Fifty Two,

It all started when i heard shots in the direction of Gorka, i was in the woods hunting at the time, i wandered into the town and found a young man by the name of Clancy Road, well first i met the man he'd shot and killed at the front door of the police station, i called up and heard a young and somewhat scared voice answer me, it was Clancy, the man had tried to hold him up and he had held his ground and shot him, i commended him, then offered him some vodka, he declined, smart lad.

We walked and talked all the way to Altar where i had arranged to meet an old friend, Markus Lawson, he was young but also a very skilled carpenter, he wanted to show me a base he had worked on with some friends that they had now abandoned, we hoped we could move in and renovate so we could start over.

I introduced Clancy to Markus they got on like a house on fire, i listened to the two talk for while as i wondered around the old radio station, someone had started reinforcing it, building towers and such, it was nice, i did wonder why those who did this would leave it? We moved on towards the camp Markus had mentioned.

We followed an old hunting track north towards the camp, i was pleasantly surprised when we got there, it was tidy, decent spot with food and water close by, near a major town it was perfect, i told Markus that he had done a fine job, we settled to start reinforcing the place so we could sleep there, i ventured out to find food.

When i returned it was dark but i could see light emanating from the camp, i opened the gate to be greeted by the boys sat around the fire waiting for me to return with food, there where new faces  at the fire, one was a lad called Liam, he was a nice enough lad, we shook hands and shared a nod, the second was a yank called Theo, he was young, barely 18 but he looked like he was handy, knew his stuff, i'll be honest he was frosty to start but i sat next to him and offered him some meat.

We go to talking and decided we should make this something tangible, we should make a group, we spoke for a little while spit balling ideas but Markus sat silently laying out cards, then looked up and explained what he was doing, 52 cards in a collective layout, it was genius, we all naturally picked the cards we wanted, i picked the 7 of hearts but i was also given the the Ace of Hearts which mean't i was in charge of the welfare and health of the group.

We settled down for the night, excited about the coming days. 

Chapter Two - Dealt a Bad Hand


The days after the first evening went pretty quickly, we spent time gathering supplies to build the camp up and also for us, food and clothes mainly, we started farming fresh food, that really gave us all some hope, after a few days we were all riding a wave of excitement.

Sadly this was cut short by human intervention.

Theo , Markus and myself ventured out on a scavenging mission, routine stuff by now, we went down into Severograd, we had been frequenting the place as it was a trove of building supplies but we often heard large barrages of gunfire from the town, we were always on edge when we hit the outskirts of the town. 

As we turned a corner we were ambushed by three individuals, all three masked and armed, we talked for a little while but i had a sense of dread coming over me, this felt all to familiar and then the inevitable happen, guns were pulled and we were being held up, we all complied, all we wanted was to get out of the situation safely, this did not happen.

They walked us to a clearing in the woods, hands above our heads, they then told us to crouch down, they proceeded to restrain us all, i was watching every detail of the men, my mind was racing taking in every detail i could, i had been here before i was going to make it through, i kept telling myself, young Theo wasn't doing as well, he was scared, you could see it, his head was hanging down and he was staring at the floor.

The men introduced themselves as The Order, i hadn't heard of them, never wish i had, they asked us questions then proceed to press a little harder on Theo, he was young which they thought meant he was weak, they couldn't have been more wrong. They worked Theo then moved onto me, they got nothing, i was stone, they could try whatever they liked, they were not getting an once of weakness from me, they left Markus be, ruffed him up a little but that was it, they proceeded to carve the letters TO into our necks as a brand, all three of us took it well this seemed to aggravate the man,  two of the men dragged Theo away from us, at this point i cracked, i couldn't stomach anything sinister happening to the young lad, i pleaded that whatever they were going to do they did it to me not the kid, they held me down and made me watch as Theo's back was cut open, they held my eyes ope as a watched in silent disgust and panic.

They pulled me and Markus up to look at Theo, the poor boy was a mess but he was still conscious, tough little nut it seemed. They then held me down and proceeded to press a road flare into my back, it was just another burn added to the scars, i steadied myself and took the burn, luckly that had gagged me previously due to me trying to take all the punishment. they seemed to get bored after that they gave us back our clothes and moved away, leaving us to gather ourselves.

We moved down into the train station, at this point i insisted that i tend to Theo's wounds, they men had stitched him back up badly, using thick leather ties and a large needle, i worked in silence, i passed Theo a strap of leather to bite down on, it took a few minutes but i stitched him back up and bound his wounds, Markus stood guard outside, having sustained little damage, Theo dressed and wandered outside, i then took off my jacket and shirt, revealing a patchwork of scars and marks from previous incidents and accidents, the newest on my back was red hot, i pulled a bottle of scotch out of my bag and emptied it over my burning shoulder and back, it stung and hissed as i did this but, it as necessary.

I put my clothes back on and took a moment to gather myself, i was tired, more tired than i'd ever been but i walked out of the station and got the two lads back to work, we came for supplies and we were going to get them, we walked back to camp bags laden with supplies, all three of us were completely shattered, i took up my spot next to the fire, pushed my boots off with my feet and rubbed them, they were getting worse, i watched Theo, he was meticulously cleaning his rifle, he had been through the mill today, i didn't say a word just shared in the silence around the fire. 

We needed to grow, we needed more in Fifty Two if we were going to survive against the sorta people we had run into that day.






Good story so far mate!

Liking the explorer aspect and his attitude, looking forward to seeing him in action 😄


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Very nice. 

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Protect the dragon queen m8. Protect the dragon queen.

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