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Nathan de Wildt
Character information
  1. Alias
    Dewil, Nate
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1972-02-17 (48 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
    Average and Fit
  4. Hair
    Brown, wavy
  5. Eyes
  6. Occupation
    Nacrotics Analist





Nathan grew up in Purmerend, a small town north of Amsterdam. He was the only child of a middle-class working family. His father Tony was a foreman with a construction company and his mother Susanne was a stay home mother. Nathan had a safe and sheltered childhood back in the Netherlands. He had a happy, loving family, a roof over his head and all his heart could ever desire. As a kid he was obsessed with lego's, dinosaurs and Dungeons & Dragons. He was a quiet, observative and studious child who long aspired to become the prime minister of the Netherlands.

High school wasn't exactly smooth sailing for Nathan though. He didn't easily make friends and quickly became the class' quirky nerd. With only one or two "friends" and suffering continuous bullying and mockery, he slowly descended into his first deep depression. His grades nosedived and consequently had to redo his first year. In his new class he met Ray, a kid from his neighborhood and the two quickly formed a friendship. Nathan's interest in chemistry and physics was sparked and he was acing those subjects. But, Ray was as good a friend as he was a bad influence to Nathan. But, eventhough his friend introduced Nathan to alcohol, cigarettes and weed, his grades were up and his depression was gone. Nathan took a job at a local supermarket, more or less to support his partying.

Nathan's bad habits eventually got the best of him in his last year of high school. Failure to deliver a simple book report caused him to fail one single class and therefor costing him his graduation. He now had no chance at going to a university and went to work full time at his supermarket job. He had more money than any of his friends but he felt like a complete failure and slowly descended into another deep drug induced depression. Eventually, Nathan's parents intervened and put him through therapy with local psychiatrist Dr. Peter Wankel after learning of his suicidal thoughts from no other than his friend Ray. After months and countless of councelling sessions Dr. Wankel diagnosed Nathan with ADD and PDD-NOS. Nathan was prescribed a hefty dose of pharmaceutical drugs and anti depressants and "floated" slowly out of his second depression.

Two years after failing high school and being completely fed up with his crappy supermarket job, Nathan decided to go back to school to become a lab-assistant. Determined not to fail, he put all his effort in his school work and passed with flying colors. Not long after graduating he was hired by a government lab that analysed all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics. Ambitious and focussed as never before, Nathan quickly became a full fledged narcotic and anesthetic analist. His job took him all across Europe, from Spain to the Ukraine; he loved that most about the job. And above all, he was clean for a year. It wasn't until Beata came into his life that Nathan had his worst depression yet.

By the summer of 2007 had finished his medical degree and started a succesful carreer as an anesthesiologist. Due to his studies and expertise in narcotics, Nathan was invited to L'viv Ukraine to speak at an international convention on new age medical anesthetics. After the convention, he stayed in L'viv for the weekend to to party and explore the city. After a long night clubbing, drunk and tired, Nathan decides to call it a night and order a kebab with extra garlic sauce. There he met Beata. She had ordered the exact same thing, that's the only reason Beata and Nathan even started talking. They shared a large beer in a plastic cup, danced to music from their phones at a busstation and there Nathan had his first kiss. He invited her to his hotelroom and to his surprise, she agreed. Two exhausting days pass and with pain in his heart, Nathan starts packing for his flight home. They exchange phone numbers and dramatically kiss eachother goodbye outside the customs area on L'viv international airport.

Because of the sub-par phone network in Beata's hometome of Novodmitorsk, they resorted to oldschool texting but this contact had slowly watered down. Bummed out, Nathan descended into another depression that eventually cost him his job. Emotional and desperate, Nathan hastily sold his car, packed some clothes and bought himself a one-way ticket to Krasnostav Airfield, a old worn strip of concrete they call an airfield in "South Zagoria". He looked far and wide for his love and the search drove him insane and when he ran out of money he ended up on the streets. He was hitch-hiking his way Chernogorsk with two hobo's when he heard the terrible news.

Beata had died last winter from carbon-monoxide poisoning. Nathan was devastated and he hated himself for not going sooner. Struck with grief and a sense of having nothing to live for, Nathan resorted to drugs and alcohol. If not for the few hobo friends he met on the streets, he would probably be dead.

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Great addition to my group!, amazing character 🙌

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