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Toby Dookiez

Hostile Mode

Character information
  1. Alias
    Yung Pube aka cannabis cannibal
  2. Date of birth
    1993-10-02 (24 years old)



Good ol Toby Dicks chill as fuck. He be living off the land like a native. Killing bitches and taking their shit. While enjoying long walks on the beach. He out here nomisayin? He still looking for brother Tony. Little does he know his bro got gatted down by somebody named Rolando. RIP him but its all good Toby be just out here fucking bitches and making money.Alright this is my background story fuck off mang. Godammit it needs more, I don't fucking know, he was a casual backgammon player. Fucck.


Um, sorry sir. I don't believe that a TREE is acceptable as a character on DAYZRP. Please fix this glaring factor. 


Someone of no authority

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Dude, my friend, this place is boring...come watch people get thrown off of roofs. that's like apocalypse tv bro. chill as fuck boy-e.


wanna get high? 


on the reals, toby dooks lit as fuck. 


oh, and I think that last guy doesn't get it...cant see it...he sees just a tree....ya know....

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