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Elizabeth Smith
Character information
  1. Alias
    Queen of Hearts, Dr. Elizabeth, Beth
  2. Mental
    Stubborn, sane, hopeful, sarcastic, sharp witted, scared, depression growing
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1995-07-09 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Virginia, USA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, can speak a few basic phrases in Chernorussian and Russian (greetings, thank you, help, etc), learning and very competent in American Sign Language
  9. Relationship
    Jaxon Valentine [Married [5/11/18]] https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3387/
  10. Family
    Parents overseas, hopefully alive. Non-legal guardian of/claimed as younger sisters: Dolores Hayes and Ella Strakova.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
    Muscular, Slim
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    * a small rose on her left inner wrist. Identical to Calendar and Jaxon's (family tattoo)
    * on right upper forearm, about two inches long- https://i.imgur.com/4eTktiu.jpg


    * (really hard to see unless in certain light/if her neck is stretched). On the mid left side of her neck, is very thin two inch line, indicating a knife cut. (hostage situation gone attempted murder via psychosis, a previous patient during college, backstory)

    * Minor non-visible muscle scarring around jaw, ribs, and left forearm (4-6 fractured ribs, fractured arm, dislocated jaw that was reset. Attack on Berezino Hospital by Black Armbands/Gremlins).

    * Bullet scar in upper left leg (attempted assault at Severograd)

    * Bullet scar on outer edge of right shoulder, bullet scar in upper right leg, directly on femoral artery (Assault on Rory and Dan's wedding by Black Fangs).

    * Bullet graze on left upper arm (Communists)
  8. Equipment
    War Surgery: Working with Limited Resources in Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence
    Volume II
    Emergency War Surgery
    Wound Closure Manual
    Knot-Tying Manual
  9. Occupation
    Trauma Surgeon
  10. Affiliation
    San Valentino, Capax Infiniti
  11. Role
    Trauma/War Surgeon





Character research notes thus far, this character was not just tossed together as I think people tend to assume, currently 114 pageshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zhc5upIspAXrRgF4wgGKIJjLAuYW5ePiIXAHGWZyha0/edit?usp=sharing 






Elizabeth was born an only child in the suburbs, into what seemed like a normal family, at least to her. Both parents were very attentive in their own ways, both loved to read to her and teach her about the world. She had a nearly unending curiosity, and began showing signs of having an above average intellect when she began speaking months early.

As far back as she could remember, there was a game. The point of the game was when certain things started to happen, the game was starting. Banging of doors, slamming of objects, snapping responses, heavy sighing, voices raising, etc. When that happened, it was time to go to the special room. The special room was a living room furnished into a library, with a bathroom attached. Her grandparents had built it, a beautiful room with large windows, a reading nook, and a patio. The shelves were filled with all kinds of books, children’s books to her grandfather’s medical books. Her parents had even made a little area just for her, filling a container near the window with snacks and drinks, which she was careful to clean up when she ate anything from it. All she knew, was when the game started, she had to go to the room, climb on a chair, and use a sort of puzzle on the door her mother taught her.




Then she had to wait, she could read, watch out the window, do just about anything she wanted inside the room, but not call outside, leave, or open the door until her mother gave a special code word. It could take hours, sometimes even overnight. Her part of the game she didn’t mind, it was her parents part of the game she hated. Raised voices, screaming, arguing, apparently it was part of the game, she had to learn to ignore it.




So she started doing the one thing to distract herself she enjoyed, reading. At first it was only looking at pictures, then she adapted at rapid speed to sounding out and reading words. Her reading became more intensive until she would spend all hours buried in books and reading intensely.

Soon she had read through all of the children’s books and moved into more advanced things. She realized quickly how much she loved her grandfather’s medical books, they were fascinating to her; containing so many complicated pictures and large words with so many meanings. Be it her intellect, or her surroundings, Elizabeth hyper focused. She could spend hours and hours reading, repeating the different things over and over in her mind until she could say them by sight.

It was around the age of four that she realized something was wrong with the game. The loud yelling and shouting had meaning, and it was not good meaning. She began to dread the game, and would bury herself into books to escape the shouting and horrible things being said. None was ever directed at her though, and whenever the game was not going on, both of her parents were nice to each other.

The yelling began to frighten her, she hated it, but it was how the game worked and the rules didn’t change, for stupid adult reasons. Every time the game started, she would wait and pray it would end soon, naming things off in books to block out the raised voices plaguing her ears.




She started pre-school and was lost, she had no idea how to deal with the other children. She had never had friends or playdates. The screaming, shrieking and hitting terrified her. The other children ignored her or pushed her away, they didn’t want to learn what she wanted to share with them. She already knew what the adults were trying to teach her. She had no idea how to make friends, and that was all she wanted. She felt isolated and alone watching the others talk and play, no one wanted to interact with her.

One day she felt so overwhelmed she snuck away. Hiding in the hanging coats in the coat room, she cried and cried. She quieted upon hearing the door open and close, small footsteps followed. A few moments of silence followed, and the coats were tugged back, revealing her hiding spot.

A young girl with dark eyes and dark hair was watching her with a concerned look. “You going to get in twouble.” The other girl said, studying her. “Not supposed ta be in here.” She nodded in response “I know, I just…”

The other girl frowned. “Why you crying? Did Tyler pull your haiwr?” She shook her head no, the other girl got an irritated expression. “You sure? I think Tyler pulled your haiwr. He pulls my pigtails all the time and makes me cry.”

“That’s not nice.”

“Nope. Stupid boy. My bwother stop him if he tries it in the big kid’s room though. Teach him not to pull haiwr. So why you crying?”

Sniffling, she watched the dark haired girl. “I just want to make friends. But I don’t know how to, everyone hates me.”

The girl got a puzzled look and shrugs. “I’ll be your fwiend.” Smiling she crawled into the little area with jackets and hugged her. “See? Fwiends make things better. Want share cookies? Cookies make things better.” She pulled snack bag of chocolate chip cookies out of her jacket pocket and sat down, opening it. They ate the cookies and snuck back into the classroom, the girl even used the excuse that they had gone to the bathroom, so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

She learned the girls name was Maggie. Maggie would become her lifelong best friend, the two nearly inseparable.



Elizabeth was devastated when she found out that the adults wanted to move her to a different grade, meaning Maggie couldn’t go with her. They pinky promised to see each other, Maggie’s mother and her mother seemed to get along very well. She was allowed to go to Maggie’s house after school so they could play. She met Maggie’s parents, her brother who was a few years older than them, and their dog. She rarely saw the brother though, as he was always interested in doing different things.

Adults took her to a room she didn’t like and asked her a bunch of questions. They made her fill out papers and solve puzzles, all while making funny faces. They decided after talking to her parents, that they wanted to put her in first grade and see how she did.




It was interesting for the first two weeks. She had the same problems making friends and ended up melting down several times from being overwhelmed. She had read the whole textbook in a week and was waiting on the other kids to catch up. She wasn’t trying to get in trouble, but she was really bored.

She liked her teacher though, he was called Mr. Kendrick. When she had cried and not known why, he had taken her outside of the classroom and spoken to her in a soothing voice. He had said that sometimes we just feel so many things at once, and that we cry because it’s all our bodies can do to respond, and that was okay. Mr. Kendrick kept an eye on her and tried to give her work to keep her busy, but she always finished it quickly and ran out of things to do.


She tried to stay after for extra help, wanting to spend more time with Mr. Kendrick and away from her home. He was a smart man and he picked up on something being amiss quickly. Some people came to speak with her asking her questions about home, they did not like the sound game her parents played.

They visited her at home and met her parents, they talked about things and her father got angry. There was some yelling and she got scared, which seemed to make him sad. One lady suggested something called anger management therapy. The way she said it, Elizabeth thought, didn’t imply that it was a suggestion. Her father’s reaction surprised her, he didn’t yell or argue, and instead he broke down and cried. Then he agreed that he needed it. Her parents didn’t even argue afterwards, just seemed more in shock.

A few days later school had a meeting, several important looking people sat down and spoke with her parents and her around a table. Mr. Kendrick was there along with some teachers she occasionally saw in the hallways. 


She was worried they were in trouble. It turns out they wanted to progress her even more. There was a school that she could do work on her own time, enabling her to not be so ahead. Her new teacher would work independently during the week with her at this school, but depending on her progress with the other school on the computer, she could go at her own pace. He was some kind of specialist. She met her new teach Mr. McMullen who was very nice. He asked special permission from the people there and from her parents to allow him and the other faculty to take her on pre-planned trips to museums and the zoo on some weekends.

This all seemed quite odd, but she was excited about it. She’d seen pictures of these places and wanted very much to see them.

She started classes at the American School of Correspondence while learning with Mr. McMullen.

The fighting got worse at home, she realized all that was said was mean things from her father to her mother. One day she refused to play the game and go to the room. It was terrifying, her father yelling and yelling at her mother and making her cry, calling her all kinds of horrible names.

The arguments only continued getting worse, her father would start yelling and she would find herself jumping in between them, trying to referee. Trying to calm her father, to leave her mother alone, yelling back at him to try to get him to put his attention on her. It never worked right though. That only ever ended it and made him angry, he wouldn’t yell at her. Only her mother. That wasn’t fair.

The weekend trips started, and they ended up being the best thing next to spending time with Maggie.

image.png.5c98daa662202acccde4cfaf9f985046.png      image.png.73ef60c4137c44575fbcc81d79054a8a.png

She started sketching as well, she liked how it calmed her, trying to mimic what she saw. Mr. McMullen was very good at drawing and would help teach her. She was fascinated by everything in the museums.

The zoo was just as amazing. She loved the animals and learning about them. The teacher who would take her also let Maggie come along, making it even better.

She would wear herself out, chasing the otters and the seals back and forth, giggling until she fell over breathless. Something about those places made her feel so free. The teachers were wonderful, always so patient with her and kind. It really helped her to cope with the anger at home.

image.png.beee345d9ed091f161bbef99c9a9b514.png      image.png.a50fc4632be1760e10cf242ce0bd7ba5.png 

Her mom did usual things with, bake, paint their nails, go outside for walks, and go to the movies.

Her father had much more eclectic tastes and was determined that she was going to share them if she enjoyed them or not.

He enjoyed the great outdoors and the wilderness. He knew all these things about it how to fish, how to make a house out of sticks, mud, branches and leaves. He knew what food you could eat and what was dangerous. Sometimes she would be frustrated and angry with him. She didn’t care about how to tie rope a whole bunch of ways, but he would insist she do it until she got it right.

He enjoyed going places, and watching people. He would point out small things she never noticed, making her learn them too. How people held themselves, what that meant. If someone was angry or restless, happy, upset. All kinds of things. He always said that the skills were all he could do to help her be okay in the real world. Whatever that meant.

He was also the one who began to teach her how to fire guns. She didn’t like the noise they made at first, but with coaxing and a lot of ice cream afterwards as a reward, she started to be okay with it. He made sure she understood the importance of safety with them. He taught her some archery too, which she enjoyed. She found her mind silencing and almost in a blissful state while shooting. The world melted away, her worries melted away, only what was happening was what mattered. It reminded her of her books.


School was difficult, she couldn’t stand people being mean to others, and would get in between people, even if they were bigger than her. This ended up with her going to the principal’s office several times, being beaten black and blue. She just couldn’t stand doing nothing. It reminded her too much of being home. It hurt too much watching someone have the fear she knew all too well.

Maggie’s parents decided to put them both in a martial arts class a few days a week. This helped build her confidence and ability to defend herself. She still got knocked on her ass all the time, but she wasn’t getting knocked down as much as before. Usually knocking the other person down too. Once that happened, they usually wouldn’t do it again. But there always seemed to be someone to take their place. She continued her classes and visits, taking in as much as she could. She couldn’t figure why people thought it was so strange, she just loved to read. Learning fascinated her. It was the only way she knew how to cope with the problems at home.

Maggie and her family, even the brother she almost never saw, became a large part of her world. Maggie’s parents were shocked when they started disagreeing and Elizabeth found herself hiding in the laundry room. Maggie talked to them alone for a few moments and they brought her back out to sit on the couch. Then they did the oddest thing, they spoke, they disagreed, but neither one raised their voice or slammed anything. They spoke calmly and like normal, going over their schedules and figuring out that Maggie’s dad could pick her up from their martial arts classes on Wednesday if her mom could on Friday. They explained that this was how people normally argued, and did a lot of it when she was around. They were never even mad afterward, they would hug and kiss and tease each other.

Her teachers had friends who would allow her to listen to their college lectures. She liked that a lot. After several years, she was told that via her classes with the American School of Correspondence, she was graduating high school. She was 11.

This left everyone perplexed at what she was supposed to do. The next step was college but you never did that until you were years older than she was. Yet somehow there she was, ready for it. She ended up getting a scholarship to Harvard Medical School. Which she couldn’t believe she was even accepted when getting her letter. Everything was happening so fast, and it all felt so strange. Plus, it was far away. She was in Virginia, it was states away. Her mother told her to not let something like distance allow her to not do it if it made her happy. She decided to give it a shot.





 image.png.70342b6e597364d9a0e1444f896cf42c.png 959f43bfa3827ffe4f3e260343ab9430--the--cast-eliza-jane.thumb.jpg.b5a2a2adba2c6aa6cd7a95e137820ffb.jpg


She started the MD-PhD program. From her understanding the two degrees separately would take ten or more years. If done through the program, it could be done in five. She joined the Pathways program. Her interdisciplinary concentration was Human Biology & Translational Medicine. Her PhD was in Biological Sciences in Public Health (BPH).

“The Harvard-MIT MD-PhD Program at Harvard Medical School (HMS), sponsored primarily by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through its Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) since 1974, provides fellowship support for selected and highly qualified students who have elected to pursue both the MD and PhD degrees. The overall mission is to train the next generation of leading physician-scientists, with representation across a variety of clinical disciplines and research areas from basic and translational sciences to bioengineering to the social sciences… The BPH Program trains students in individual fields of biological research with a focus on understanding, preventing and treating diseases affecting large populations.”

It was hard, leaving her family, moving away. Everything was so new and large and scary. Yet people were nice to her. She found she got along with the students better than at other schools, considering they were mature. She started feeling more accepted even though she was so much younger, and began making friends. The work was really hard, but she enjoyed it, breezing through tests as she had memorized a great deal of the material already. She loved finally getting to put that information to work, to do something with it, apply it.


The area was beautiful and had so much happening. She worked hard and enjoyed surgery. She didn’t like seeing people hurt, and while she had been interested in psychology originally, there was something about trauma that drew her. Probably the fact that she had spent most of her life feeling absolutely helpless to change things for people, to be able to help them when they needed it most, here she could at least try to. While difficult and scary, she was kept grounded by a lot of people around her. She was young, and was doing what most people thought was impossible, but it didn’t go to her head. Other students and teachers helped keep her humble about all of it.


Due to memorization, the majority of her actual work ended up involving research and actual practice, which she loved. She was also able to continue things like visiting museums. After 5 years of hard work, she wound herself graduating at 17. Earning a residency at the college, she continued living there, going home during holidays to see her family and Maggie. Around this time her parents did what they had needed to for a long time, they finally got a divorce. Elizabeth was excited at finally seeing her mother be happy. Her father on the other hand wasn’t faring well. He was slipping back into his morphine addiction, something he had also struggled with all of her life. She understood now it was the anger and shame that made him turn to it, not that it made it any better.

 She started carrying Narcan on her at all times, just in case. One day she finally had to use it, walking in and finding her father on the floor and cold, lips and fingers blue. The drug pulled him from the dead to the living, but with his high gone he lashed out at her, and she panicked. He snapped out of it when she kicked him into a wall after he lunged at her, trying to grab her. She seemed suddenly so confused, how he was there, how afraid she was. It horrified him and be broke down again. He promised her he would get clean and never do anything like that again. She didn’t believe him, he’d promised that before. He checked himself into rehab again, determined to do better. It was nice to see her mother become her own person, eventually finding a new boyfriend who treated her well. Elizabeth felt too busy to care about boys, she was just happy for her mother having someone to treat her well.


It was nice to spend time with her, to see her likes, her smile again. To feel things may be getting better. Her friendship with Maggie also remained active, both of them visiting the other whenever they could. Surgical residency was exhausting, but she loved it. The hardest part for her was separating herself from the patient. She had to in order to help them, but she couldn’t help be empathetic with them as well. This sometimes could get in her way, causing trouble with decision making of information versus instinct. Something her teachers had to work with her about.

Losing her first patient was awful. Her teacher pulled her aside and spoke with her, giving her a lesson she would never forget. He had her walk through everything they had done, all the dosages, medicine, steps. They analyzed them together, determining they had done everything right and to the best of their ability.

“You’re going to lose people.” He told her. “You’re going to lose people you’ve spent weeks and months keeping alive. You’re going to lose people you spent no time with, or very little. It’s never easy. What you have to do is be able to tell yourself, and know that it’s true, ‘I did everything right that I could have done.’ Sometimes our very best isn’t enough. Sometimes we make horrible, stupid decisions due to stress. You have to learn from those. You have to be able to accept that and more forward.”

While difficult, she felt her life was becoming something. She got to enjoy visiting friends and seeing their families. She enjoyed seeing her family doing better, her father surprisingly keeping his word about getting clean again. Her relationship with Maggie continued, being able to chat helped immensely. They would also send each other messages throughout the day, things to keep their spirits up when stressed out. She continued working hard, working in various places for her residency. It was exhausting, the shift work and the stress

                                                                                                  3.jpg.1fbbb334bcca547b3f856daa43f02905.jpg      4.jpg.b27c6ab8f180948d20f7ee5a77394be0.jpg  

 ccc076d771548ff4ce3781f68bb18a06--alycia-debnam-carey-the--clexa.jpg.0195f91e3dc5875f6a111a5101041cf0.jpg image.png.52c52600bfc92af2dae0041ef5869b0d.png fa51c5f31dac9797c117de0371196563.jpg.9dc570510673df541a49cd5ce659a645.jpg  

But she continued, overall enjoying the work and looking for things to occasionally take her mind of the stress it was under. All the stress and hard work paid off five years later, when at 22, she passed her USMLE. The test was grueling and long, but she was able to do extremely well. Passing, and then paying the license fee, and the required 5 year residency, she was given a certificate to practice surgery.






Maggie getting engaged the year before also excited her. She was planning the wedding in Prague and intended to fly Elizabeth out to be part of the ceremony, which she thought was amazing and very generous. She’d never been out of the country. Taking what felt like a well-earned vacation, a month after getting her license, Elizabeth flew out to Prague. The wedding was beautiful and couldn’t have gone better. The elaborate and gorgeous ceremony then turned later into a night party.

image.png.c27e307041f8b17cd4e4afe7ec0465c2.png c3865cdd4c3c2ae13dc92daae35c6d19--eliza-taylor-alycia-debnam-carey.thumb.jpg.f2d58e5ad3b1caf836c9f1c8fa3df215.jpg image.png.e7a0c70541d9d12928a4dfe9e826ebe4.png

It felt perfect. But it wouldn’t last. 

Maggie and her husband had been smart and got a flight the same night out. Going to Chernarus for a connecting flight back to America, Elizabeth found the airport and all others grounded. Some kind of virus had been spreading, now it was bad enough to close borders. She contacted her family and camped out in the airport with thousands of others, the only thing she could do. While stuck she used her laptop to do research on the country and anything that seemed of interest while waiting. The airport began to become violent as the unrest got worse. People yelling turned into fighting, the tension in the air was terrifying. A week in she finally contacted a good friend of hers who lived in the country, Ava. Ava she knew from an online support group, and had been friends with her for years.

Ava came and quickly collected her, taking Elizabeth back to her apartment in Chernogorsk, giving her somewhere to stay until things calmed down and the airports reopened. The tension in the city was unbearable to both of them; they could feel it, both getting warning signals around the angry groups and protesters. After doing some research they grabbed everything they could and moved out to an abandoned camp in the countryside. They learned through the radio that the next day, a massive riot had erupted across the city, the area they had been in being burned down.

Their intuition had likely saved their lives. After staying in the camp for nearly a week, Elizabeth couldn’t stand it anymore. Being restless, she decided to see what she could to in order to help the people here who needed it. She decided to approach the United Nations camps and see if she could volunteer as a surgeon.

Little did she know the dangers that were just beginning to start....








Made by @Clumsy as a wedding present! :D Love it! 



Married 5/11/2018






Had someone told me in the past, that at this time, right now, I’d be standing here, I wouldn’t have believed them. I’d probably have thought them even more delusional, when they said the man standing across from me was a half Italian, big biker looking guy, tattoos and all. That the man I argued with, and butt heads with, was also the one to console me in my grief, and hold me tight in his arms when I felt alone.


I saw a pretty boy with a smile, and kinda though he was crazy. Nice, but a bit crazy. I wasn’t sure if I could trust you, I wanted to, I just felt so lost and alone. I don’t even know why, but that mattered to you. You proved you were a lot smarter than people give you credit for, even me in the beginning. You saw a broken, shattered heart, and a shell of a human left behind. In my pain I would have lashed out at anyone who tried to touch those pieces… you knew better. You knew it was more than my heart that was broken. You comforted me, without anything being wanted in return, other than to see a smile. From that I knew you were different.


A quote from Roy Croft:

I love you

For putting your hand

Into my heaped-up heart

And passing over

All the foolish, weak things

That you can’t help

Dimly seeing there,


And for drawing out

Into the light

All the beautiful belongings

That no one else had looked

Quite far enough to find.


I respected you because you touched me without using your hands. You didn’t cross boundaries a lot of men would have, to a hurt and scared girl. You understood parts of me that no one had ever taken the time to even try to figure out. It was intoxicating, and confusing…finding someone who looked past what it felt like everyone else saw, and saw so much more. Someone who took the time when they found a wall, who felt it was worth climbing over.

You loved me when I couldn’t love myself…even then… you took care of me.


We have our disagreements and our arguments, and I know there are a lot of times we probably just want to smack the other one with something… we’re both passionate hearts… we’re learning instead of how to fight each other… to take that passion, to kindle it, to use it to fuse us to each other.

I may rage and disagree with you about something, as is my right. But I’ll always be sure to listen to your words and why. I’ll council you in the ways I know how, and try to keep you going on that path you won’t get lost, but you have to hold my hand along the way. I’ll always be there to comfort you and be your haven when the world is dark and you feel lost. I’ll be there always, to love you. To love you and stop you when you do stupid things, to praise when you do well, to do my best to make you happy, and to make you feel safe and loved.














Pregnancy Status

6 Months, 1 Week (as of 3/19)





4 months, 3 weeks

(as of 2/10/19)

Due Date: July 2019

Bump: still barely showing

Complications: Low blood pressure, especially after excessive cardio. Occasional dizziness and fainting spells as a result.


After leaving the country for a time, Beth and Jaxon figured they would be settling down after a few months of peace. Beth still wanted to wait, but Jaxon had been excited to start a family. Due to things seeming better, Beth finally agreed that they seemed to be in a stable spot. Then Jaxon ended up leaving to figure things out about himself.

3 months later, Beth went looking for Jaxon, going back into Chenarus. Teaming up with old friends, they began to close in on Jaxons possible location. He had ended up injured and was dying of fatigue, and needed desperate medical treatment after an attack.

Beth had been feeling sick the past few months, and attributed it to the stress of Jaxon wandering off. Having to make a run to a medical cache, she picked up a portable ultrasound Nedved had brought her months before she had to flee.

Image result for portable ultrasound phone

Talking to Jaxon on the radio along with their friends, they had managed to narrow down Jaxon's location. Their friends were working to get a huge horde of infected away from the house in order to get to him safely. Beth had the supplies she needed and was nearby, ready to go running at a moments notice. She got the machine working, and while not sure what she was expecting to find or not find, was in for one of the biggest shocks of her life.


She was filled with both wonder and terror. Her biggest fear of the world around them, and how to protect this child, if they even survived to full term. The news brought a new sense of hope in Jaxon, now determined to hold on for his wife and child. They managed the rescue the next day, and spent several days with Jaxon recovering.

Since then, Beth has been trying to play it safe and avoid most people, but recent events are bringing her back into towns to help care for those who need it. She started collecting ballistic vests and spent her evenings slowly cutting them apart to get to the plates inside. Finally having enough, she put them back together in an overlapping scale pattern, and made a personal sort of armor to go around her torso. The armor fits under her clothing and is not visible to the eye if she is wearing an outer layer of clothing such as a jacket or sweater. She also has other plates to add as she continues to grow.

Getting to see their good friend Mason again, he also stocked her up with pre-natal vitamins and made sure she was getting the nutrition she needed.


They've already named godparents for the child. Though they had to compromise at having four instead of two.


Colt Valentine

William Nedved


Ella Stakova

Dolores Hayes 

While the gender won't be known for a few more months, if the child is a boy, they intend to name it after Jaxon's youngest brother; Luca. 









Art, culture, history, learning, Coca-Cola, drawing, anatomy, medicine, surgery, intellectual conversations, pathogens, fall, winter, snow (when can get warm easily), fireplaces, dogs, cats, animals, teachers, good paternal/role models, good coffee, archery, learning new things, reading, dancing, music, books, hot coca w marshmallows, crafts, hard cider, apple cider, mudslides (alcoholic drink), food, herbal medicine, psychology, psycho analyzing, analyzing people, seeing people happy and getting along with others, friends, family, movies (action/sci-fi/comedy), Halloween, Christmas, boots, scarves, helping people, making people smile, museums, libraries, honest people, kind people, community, people helping others, comics, Avengers, X-Men, coloring books, pretty areas, peaceful areas, forests, Tolkien, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire (GOT Books), sleeping in, sleeping, being useful, making friends, sarcasm, etc. 

Bullying of any sort, fighting, conflict, anger, rage, torture, loud voices, gunshots, people being hurt, not being able to help people, drug addictions, drug abuse, violence, math, directions, physical abuse, verbal abuse, cruelty, any kind of abuse, having to be social, stupid people, people who don’t use logic, people who don’t listen and follow doctors’ orders in order to heal them, scary movies, scary anything, suspense, people who act in their own interests only, people with bad morals, thieves, robbers, drama, manipulative people, people who intentionally cause problems, etc.  

Good at:
Keeping calm under pressure 
Thinking quickly/processing information
Survival skills due to dad being crazy/drug addict
Bossing people around when they need someone to tell them what to do or are being stupid 
Telling people off when making dumb decisions or threatening someone she’s caring for 
American Sign Language 
Fast learner 
Looking at situations from various perspectives 
Faux Pas 

Shooting (usually a good shot, depends on a lot of things)
Gardening (getting better)

Bad at:
Social skills
Nearly anything involving social skills
Remembering names
Internal navigation compass is defective 
Pharmaceuticals not involving trauma surgery or care
Not noticing people in the distance, or animals
Remembering to take care of herself when she’s busy (shower, sleep, food) then crashes
Not using sarcasm as a defense mechanism 
Keeping herself safe in dangerous verbal/hostile situations 







Where: Left wrist

What: Rose , bout an inch to inch and a half

By: Jaxon Valentine

Meaning: Matching tattoo between Jaxon, Calendar, and her to represent family. It matches one of Jaxon's tattoos. 



Where: Right upper forearm

What: Rod of Asclepius with quotes, 2 inches

By: Designed and drawn by herself, inked by Jaxon Valentine 


Rod of Asclepius- the actual medical symbol of healing

Background is a forest- serenity, calm, strength 

Hands quote: one she liked

Latin quote: Something Markus Letter always tells her. It means 'Resist and bite'. 






E-Reader in Pelican Case (Came with)


IPhone with Pelican Case (Came with)

Image result for iphone in pelican case


                                  Military lapel patch, given to her by Markus Letter (Jan-Feb 2018?)                   



                          Rolex watch given to her by Jaxon Valentine (Jan 2018?)



                                 Handwritten note from Eric Grieves  March 2018       

                                                                               and.... a hidden sample of something no one knows exists                                                



Gifts given to her at their wedding:

A medics cross pendant- from Joel

A family heirloom coin that belonged to their mother- from Colt (Brother-in-law)

A beautiful and intricate hand carved bone cup. Finished and engraved with a personal message. Also a bone wolf pendant- from Nino












Find Jaxon

Find Nedved

Reunite with the people she cares about (in progress)

Continue work on the virus

Stay safe and as healthy as possible

Safely get baby to term, deliver, and keep child safe
















Alright, so here's my issues.

  1. You're character is VERY young to have the credentials she has making it very VERY difficult to actually find her believable
  2. There is a large block of text for the background and should be some splitting with the enter button
  3. What is Sancuray?
  4. Seems too... Perfect.

I donno, met you in-game. Got the same vibe. Wanted to be sure before I made a post on your character page. 

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There are literally 3 main changes from this Beth via Pre-Beth. I find it weird as most people loved her ch.

1.) instead of having 'experience' it made more sense to just give her a degree

2.) aged her up a year

3.) Otter not playing Jim Recker atm


Examples of child prodigies 

    Balamurali Ambati (born 1977)

a.       Doctor age 17

2.       Akrit Jaswal

a.       Performed surgery at age 7 to separate the fingers of a 8 year old burn victim

b.      Entered medical university at 12

c.       Started master’s degree age 17


      March Tian Boedihardjo

a.       Enrolled college age 9

b.      He participated in a specially-designed double-degree program, Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science and Master of Philosophy in Mathematics, which he completed in 2011—one year earlier than the designed curriculum.


       Tanishq Matthew Abraham

a.       Joined Mensa age 4

b.      Age 5 finished a course designed for advanced students by Stanford University (kindergarten to 5th grade) on all five levels in 6 months.

c.       6 years old and in college courses, maintaining 4.0 GPA

d.      Publishes essays on NASA’s Lunar Science Website


  Sho Yano

a.       Started college age 9

b.      Graduated summa cum laude at 12

c.       PhD at 18

d.      MD 21


     Kim Ung-Yong

a.       PhD age 15

3.       Chan Hao Shan

a.       Malaysia’s youngest doctor (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery MBBS) next year

b.      She spent two months completing her Forms 1 and 2 syllabus, and another two months completing her Form 3 and O Level syllabus

c.       She completed her entire secondary school in just a year.

d.      At 14, Chan enrolled in the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) program at a private college and finished her studies within a year.

e.      "I love to challenge myself, which enabled me to skip years in school. I felt bored in class as the progress was too slow, and the teachers kept repeating the same thing. In just a few days, I've finished studying the whole textbook," Chan said.”


I seriously have a list of like 25 child prodigies, from that list :

Average age of graduation from college (16 people) = 13.5

Average age of obtaining PhD (7 people) = 18.7

Average age of obtaining MD (6 people) = 16    



MD/PHD Combo is an actual college degree and was done my March above, #3

The Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD–PhD) is a dual doctoral degree for physician–scientists. The degree is granted by medical schools often through the Medical Scientist Training Program or other non-MSTP MD–PhD programs.

Note that the average time to complete a biomedical Ph.D. in the United States is about 6 years. Thus, if pursued independently, obtaining a dual degree would take about 10 years. By integrating the didactic components of training, dual-degree students complete the program in 7 or 8 years on average.Jun 17, 2011

 If these kids are getting their PhD and MD averaging 16-18, with a normal 6 to 10 years for most people; graduating at 19 with a combo degree that takes less time isn’t that out there. The kid who did it, actually also finished a year early. Making it more plausible.

Also, most are free.


Another reason for going with MD-PhD combo vs MD:

 There are many reasons for a researcher to have a MD or an MD/PhD - they're interested in the clinical aspects of the research science they do, have seen their interests evolve over time toward more research and less patient care, or are in research areas that necessitate having the expertise that comes along with having an MD. There are some medical school programs that are more oriented towards producing new researchers than practicing doctors, and medical schools are massive sources of clinical research in the U.S. It's really not surprising there's a number of professors out there with MDs - my doctoral advisor was one of them.

There's also some...field-specific traditions. For example, there are tons of MDs working in infectious disease research and epidemiology, because it spawns fairly naturally from "Treat this weird infection" to "Why does this weird infection infected X people?" to "How do we stop this weird infection from spreading


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RP in game is up to scratch with this character and I think that is the most important thing...

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The detail is amazing

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The update is really good!

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Rogue, Merek Kolsky's and Will Holdsworth's photos are swapped! :o

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@Brayces Oops! Pictures were giving me trouble this morning, ty for the heads up! I will fix it when able!

Also I love that Elizabeth, Ella and Dolores could literally pass themselves off as sisters and probably have no questions raised due to looks lol

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4 hours ago, RogueSolace said:

@Brayces Oops! Pictures were giving me trouble this morning, ty for the heads up! I will fix it when able!

Also I love that Elizabeth, Ella and Dolores could literally pass themselves off as sisters and probably have no questions raised due to looks lol

Haha, we're all sisters from different misters! :D

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@RogueSolace jesus i have  2 charachters on here...I think you'll eventualy will add like 12 more xD

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Lol who knows @Iso ? Still a lot to learn ic, sure are cute though!

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"The 100" char pic, lol. Nice, and long background story tho. The only thing why I didn't read the whole story, to leave the chance to get know you In Game, obv. khmm khmm. (probably, not lieing)

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Met you a lot recently, and you've saved my friends a lot too! I've been reading some of theses comments on here and heard things said about you and its unbelievable! 

Now story time kids: I got shot and seeked help at a clinic in vybor/stary (one of them), anyway the doctor I saw gave me a saline and said you'll be fine. Wtf is that about! I later meet Rouges character and she's a doctor. So I show her my injuries. She straight away goes into full medic mode and types all this medical shit in textrp and spent around 1and a half really hours operating on me. Now is that bad rp? All that research to get shit for it!?

Sorry for the rant on your profile but I really love your medical Rp and hate it how people say things about it when you put so much effort in. 

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"Emergency war surgery"

*Swoon*  :x

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I really enjoyed your notes and bio. The amount of work put in them is amazing. I probably haven't met you ingame, but I'd love to :D I just need to go freshen up my surgery skills in the meantime; not my field, but it would be high time to learn. In game and out.

Keep up the good work.

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thank you guys for the nice feedback ^_^ Hopefully get to interact with people.

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Happy that Grant made it as a friend/ally to Beth :) and was sad when i saw Ethan but happy as well <3, love this character profile

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Liking the new changes! (Nice to see Merek as family too :P)

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On 8/12/2017 at 12:04 AM, RogueSolace said:


You included a license which is given to MDs or w/e after 3-7 years of experience which is why your characters age and credentials are off.

'Education Requirements. The requirements for becoming a doctor in the U.S. may vary by specialty. In general, doctors complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, spend 4 years in medical school, and then complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical licensing'.

'In the field of surgery, a career in trauma is one of the most intense and demanding. Education requirements for trauma surgeons include obtaining an undergraduate degree, followed by four years of medical school and several years of general surgery training.'

Any SANE hospital that understands how much insurance it would cost to take a child 'trauma surgeon' on board would steer way clear to the point they would see the age and just be like 'nah'. Seems like ALL of the names are from countries which are famed for trying to do ridiculous things, or were brought up in rather decent fields of work themselves, yours however from what I'm gathering in the 'early life' section was raised by parents that were having domestic issues, entirely based off of age alone this seems rather iffy. However you word it.

RP is good, just a very confusing character.

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How on earth did you survive a cut to your femoral artery? I'm no doctor but you would die within a few minutes of blood loss, just saying. Consider changing that part because you really would have not survived it at all, no matter what the surrounding circumstances are

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Love the 'Reveal hidden content' things, especially the friends & allies, neutral, enemies, betrayed by, really cool to see the portraits of other characters, atleast I presume it is.

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