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Thomas Hayes
Character information
  1. Alias
    Strawberry, Alexander, Herman, Waldo
  2. Date of birth
    1998-10-21 (20 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Oslo, Norway
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Norwegian - English
  7. Relationship
    Julia Maxine [Dead]
  8. Family
    Vincent Smith Hayes (Brother)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    196 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
    Skinny fit
  4. Hair
    The most perfect brown hair
  5. Eyes
    Beautiful brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    At this moment his face is beaten up
    A large cut on his back left leg

    He is quick with his hands, enjoys stealing instead of getting it on his own.
    Enjoys using knives. Not especially good with them, but enjoys it nonetheless.
    Hayes’ normally marks a person he has tortured by scarring an “H” into his victims, and if the victim were so lucky to live and be met again after his torture session, he will get another letter until and that’s how it goes until the victim knows his full name, which he/she then will die.

    - Good at lying
    - Stubborn
    - Light tempered
  8. Equipment
    A clean tracksuit. If the clothes are clean, your hands are clean.
    Strawberry changes appearance all the time, whenever he wants to fit into a certain crowd he changes clothes. Strawberry normally hides his identity to people that aren't in his comfort zone. If you get to know Strawberry's name it's either because he likes you, or it's because he wants you to remember him. But he will always wear his Violet face mask.
    Strawberry's clothing when around friends:
    Torso: Blue check shirt
    Pants: Black cargo pants
    Mask: Violet face mask
    Mask: Violet bandana
    Vest: Black vest
    Shoes: Smart shoes

    M4A1 / UMP-45
    Baseball bat w/ nails
    Kitchen knife
    Combat knife
    Meat knife
    Fishing hook

    A family heirloom ring on his right ring finger
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Purple Polka Dots
  11. Role


Chapter 1. The life of Hayes


Thomas Hayes - Thomas was not the most social child in his childhood, he wasn’t the one to go around and make friends in the school playground, but nobody would think any of it. Most people just thought he was a strange child with problems just like any other child. Nobody would give Thomas any attention and he wasn’t the attention seeker either, so Thomas spent most of his days alone in his childhood. Neither was he the one to crack a joke or to smile at all, but he smiled; it’s just that nobody could see him smile, nobody could because he normally just smiled when he was alone. You see, Thomas had one day a week where his brother Vincent bought him a type of magazine, a magazine called “Crime Magazine” this magazine normally wrote about the nastiest crimes.

The type of crimes that nobody would ever believe a human person could do to another human being. This Thomas found his interest in, he smiled and thought that all of this was so interesting. He wouldn’t stop reading it before he finished it all. So he spent days upon days moaning to his brother to buy him another magazine. But Vincent could only afford one magazine a week, Vincent started to wonder why his little brother Thomas was so interested and fascinated of these magazines, so he started reading them himself.

At first, he thought it was just disgusting what these papers wrote, he thought for himself how could any human-being do this to another? But after some time, reading and going through hundreds of pages of history about vicious murders, he started to realise how interesting it was. So Vincent started to buy more magazines and movies about these vicious murderers. So, Thomas and his brother Vincent spent hours every day for years just researching and becoming more and more interested. You see, there were problems within the Hayes family.

You had the typical runaway dad, and then you had the typical mother that worked two jobs; One of the jobs Thomas didn’t know about before it was too late. The other job Thomas knew about which was a bartender at the local bar. The first job mentioned was prostitution. While Thomas was too young to know or even give it a thought of care, Vincent knew all about it; That’s why at the age of 18, Vincent dropped out of college to start working so his mother which Thomas and Vincent cared deeply about could stop working with that line of work, and nevertheless so Thomas would never have to know that he was the son of a whore.

One day, it all ended very poorly. When Thomas had become 16 years old, his mother died; the reason was overdose, nor Vincent or Thomas could believe that she casually died of an overdose when she never in her life would take drugs, she would never risk her family that she also so deeply loved at heart for the kick of some drug. Vincent told Thomas, what she had been doing all these years to put food on the table and to survive, for both her sons to live a good life. They then started to investigate and soon realising how she really died. She was given an overdose, she was drugged. In other words, she was murdered. The two brothers then spired a plan to how to revenge their fallen mother, remembering all those hours upon hours spent on reading and watching these professionally planned out murders. They then picked out their favourite murderer; they found one, agreed on which one they were going to reenact to murder the man that killed their mother.

The murderer they chose was; Harlequin a clown that would only be visible for the people around the man they were going to murder, but he or she would not see them before they were going to kill that individual. After they had killed him, they didn’t know what to do with their broken lives, to keep studying or not; So they decided they would do the world a favour and get rid of all the bad people in the world. After quite some time they would start to realise they didn’t just get rid of all the bad people, but anyone they wanted. They kept on reenacting Harlequin the clown over and over again. The body count just started piling up, but they didn’t care, this is what they wanted to do, this became more than just books they read and the movies they saw. They were finally living their dream, doing what they enjoyed. The Hayes brothers became the killer clown Harlequin, the children of the victims had only to report the most crooked smirk and a high-pitched laugh and a “damp, fresh and a smell like a summer rain"



Chapter 2. A new name

Thomas Hayes always enjoyed squash. Just another thing his brother used to give him, nothing else. Magazines and squash, but it wasn’t just squash. It was a special type of squash, it was strawberry squash. Thomas’ favourite. When Thomas and his brother was going around on this, “rampage” they both needed names when they took it to the next step. Thomas didn’t really like the name his brother decided to have, he liked to call himself “Jester” Thomas thought it was a bit… well, over the edge. So this is where Thomas started to brainstorm names, when all of the sudden this random girl that Thomas had in his room, was wondering what he was doing. Thomas took a sip of his glass filled up with strawberry squash and said I am brainstorming names when she asked: “What for?” Thomas became nervous and quickly answered aggressively.

She just looked at him and then the glass and said; “Well, maybe, Strawberry?” from then Thomas would always be looked at as Strawberry, what a name he thought. He liked it, wasn’t over the edge, just an innocent name for an innocent guy. I fell in love with the name, and also started taking a liking to this random one night stand he got when he and his brother just went town to town.

Her name was Julia, what a wonderful name. They started to talk and a one night stand, ended up being two days, then three days and all of the sudden she was on the road with Thomas and his brother, or should I say Strawberry and his brother. Thomas always wanted to impress her, now instead of renting a normal hotel room, he would now rent the penthouse. He would buy her expensive gifts and take her out to expensive areas. All of this rampaging Thomas had been doing gave him the opportunity to do whatever he wanted, he never imagined the high life. This became a possibility for him, now he wasn't the vigilante that only saw revenge for every individual that had been wronged. He started to turn more into the criminal mind, this was becoming interesting for him. While doing all of this he would think for himself why not take a couple of things, It wasn't like the victims needed their valuables or credit cards. Little did he know, that this would be one of the main reasons for his downfall.

He never thought that he would ever be rich, he never thought about it really, but after a while, Thomas started noticing that one of the reasons him and his brother never got caught was just this. They used to stay low, now they are way over the radar. What should they do, when are they going to be caught. After a while, Thomas realised just this. He never wanted to be caught for what he doing, even if it was rightful and justified in his eyes seeing how all of his victims were the worst of the worst of people. This is when they decided to leave, him and Julia had never been closer. Him and his brother, on the other hand, they started to go their own ways, not literally but mentally. He didn’t really like Julia, but he dealt with it in his own ways.



While his brother, Vincent. Started telling Thomas how dangerous it started to get, now that they weren't really focusing on the revenge part. But more on the high life, and just enjoying life all Thomas could think about was Julia. Call it love, or call it a failure within the human system. After a lot of nagging from Vincent, Thomas got tired. Vincent and Thomas didn't speak for a week after that Vincent came into Thomas' room, he then asked Julia to leave, Thomas told her to stay. Until he looked into Vincents' eyes and realised it was something awfully important. You see Vincent was doing something, while Thomas was just falling more and more in love with Julia. He was checking if they were on the police radar. Which they were. They then decided to leave. Leave their life, and start over. They brought Julia, even though Vincent didn't want her to come. In that discussion, it became so heated that Vincent shoved a knife through Thomas' hand, He didn't get angry. This just made him understand how much in danger they were. They decided to leave to Chernarus, a place nobody would look for them, a place no guy with a sane brain would ever travel. Some fucking ugly country with even worse of a population.


"She only talked about these crazy things, and I never understood a word she said,
all I understood was; she was the girl I sat up every night thinking about."


Girlfriend -
Julia Maxine [DEAD]

Favorites -

Friends - 
Brady Barns
Arturo Vaso
Mason Lockwood
Ragnar Voss
Dustin Fuller
Jacob Singleton
John Laski

Connor Stanes
Rain Valentine
Hailee White
Brodie Kearns
Luke Krey
Gio Dipero
Austin Maverick
Teddy Brien



Diary page number 23:
A page from Strawberry’s diary on how he met Brady
Translated from Norwegian

I was stuck in some house, not really sure to this day which town it was, it might have been Gorka, it might have been Dolina. There weren't zombies outside, for once that wasn't actually the threat. There were wolves outside, and if I am being really honest. I fucking hate wolves, they are just hideous creatures within. Their appearance might be decent and they might look cool but on the inside, they are pure evil. Nothing really scares me more than wolves. Nevertheless all of the sudden I heard gunshots outside, and wolves howling and little ugly fucking feet running off, just like these creatures should when they see such a manly man like myself. I thought for a second I was safe. I peeked my head out the window and yelled, asking if someone was out there. All of the sudden the windows shatter.


I thought I was gonna die, some fucking idiot attempted to kill me. I hear him moving towards the door, I light step towards the door. When he opened it, I jumped at him, ripping his gun out of his hands. It started a fight. All of a sudden he throws me down to the ground and pulls out a knife. This guy was more decked out then fucking Jason Bourne, if you've seen that movie. He throws his hand towards me with the knife, but all of a sudden, I can hear a small giggle coming from behind the man and see a spear sticking through his upper stomach. And that is how I met Brady. After this day, I and Brady never left each other. We were like brothers. We started doing the same thing that the Jason Bourne looking guy attempted to do to me. We had fun, we enjoyed ourselves. I started to forget my brother and girlfriend that had come here with me. I'm not really sure what happened, it was like my last drop of caring just disappeared.


Diary page number 24:
A page from Strawberry’s diary on how he came across the Black Fangs
Translated from Norwegian

Today, I went for a walk. Quite the walk actually, can’t really remember the last time I walked so far. I only wish I could find a car, or maybe a bike. Actually no, I don’t want a car maybe not even a bike. Why should I. Walking lets you meet new people, meeting new people means creating new bonds and maybe even helping me finish my “mission” Damn I miss, Julia. I haven’t seen her or my brother in, what like four months. But, I wouldn’t really care about Vincent anymore, my brother that is. After what he did, no. Only thing I care about is Julia at this point. If only someone has seen her I might be able to find her. I mean, it’s hard not to miss her.

So, my conclusion is no cars, no bikes, only my feet. I will ask every single person I see until I have found her. She can’t be dead, not at all. She is tougher than me and everyone I know combined. The fun thing is that when you’re asking questions, there are fun ways to ask questions. Which is what I like, which is why I like Brady. My new friend. Well, back to the walk. I shouldn’t think too much about her, it will only make me miss her more. When I was walking with Brady, and another guy. Some guy called Teddy, he is actually pretty cool, but it’s too soon to say if he is a friend or not yet. But, I do like him. We went through a couple of towns and some cities until we heard a lot of gunshots. When we went to check out what they were we saw a lot of people. A lot of people. We had stumbled across a town called Tortuga, at least that’s what the town folk called it. It was a town protected by some organization that called themselves the Black Fangs. The type of people that I don’t really like, but I guess you just have to adapt to the circumstances. I went to talk to these people, and I met some guy with a thick Irish accent. He was nice, but they had some guy in cuffs in a huge church. I went in there, they told me he was a spy. That was spying on the town, but the hostage wouldn’t admit it. Therefore I helped them, I helped them get some answers. Even though he probably wasn’t a spy. Hehe, I tricked them all, I planted some evidence and removed all leads that would follow back to me. Therefore I was given a house in the town. Where I and Brady currently stay.


Diary page number 35:
A page from Strawberry’s diary on how he came across the Red
Translated from Norwegian

I was always a guy that wanted to be in power if I am being honest, always looking for new ways for myself to be in power. Here it's hard, to be the bigger guy I mean. Because everyone has a huge gun, and everyone had a huge ego. Therefore I have had to find new ways to be able to do whatever I want with no consequences. This is where Dustin comes in, this guy had a group that were all wearing red armbands. A lot of them have the same objective as me, to just have as much fun as possible through bloodshed and what not, without consequences. I had spoke to him for a while, getting to know him and his guys. I had have previous encounters with a couple of them like John Laski or whatever his name was. I didn't really know him, but I knew of him and had talked, fought and other things with him as I had been in an organization with him that was called Black Fangs earlier. Honestly, I thought this group would be the perfect fit for me, people who wasn't scared to do what they wanted. I had my doubts with the group though, when I first met Dustin. Because his voice was a bit.. Well, depressed, he didn't really sound like someone that could lead a group or even stand up for himself. Hopefully, he will prove me wrong.

They had accepted me as one of them, luckily there were people who could vouch for me to speed up the whole process. Our first thing on the task list was to make sure the people who ran a local pub knew that they were controlled by us, but in a bit more diplomatic way then I was used to. This group looked like it wanted to take a bit more of a diplomatic way. Even though I might not agree a hundred percent it did show me that the leader, Dustin was creative in this matter. He always had a plan, to cross someone, to use someone or something. Either or from every diplomatic step, he made he always knew that it would turn out in his and his group's favour. Therefore I started respecting Dustin as an equal of mine. He could soon be considered a friend. We went out there, I took a bit more of a subtle way down there so the townsfolk would think I was neutral in the matter. I would happen to meet a girl called Rain, I started to enjoy talking to her. I guess we will see, I can't really do anything. Thinking about Julia and all that, I really do wonder. Where is Julia..





I'm beyond excited. ♥

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My boi.. <3 ily

Cant wait to meet ya

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pretty okey

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sex machine

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24 minutes ago, Elmo said:

sex machine

the sweetest guy of them all

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