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Erik Mellstrom
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1991-04-05 (28 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Stockholms län, Sweden
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Swedish, English
  8. Relationship
    Kristina Gyarmati - deceased
  9. Family
    Unknown at this time for others but Erik
  10. Religion
    Erik is non religious


  1. Height
    191 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
    Average, has a strong back
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Has multiple scars on his hands and strong leg muscles.

    Erik likes to listen to music on his mp4 player.


Erik used to be the son of a rich businessman in Sweden. He spent most of his younger years practicing his many hobbies such as, hunting deer and hiking. When he was 18 years old he was automatically drafted into the Swedish army for a mandatory period of 120 days. When his father passed away he was given his fathers wealth as well as an honorary position as a board member in his fathers company.

Erik did not care too much about his fathers ambitions of running a multi million dollar company and instead passed on most of the work he had to do to his trusted friend Jacob Elgenius. Erik used up most of his time travelling on expensive planes and boats around the world looking for ways to entertain himself.

At this point in his life he became emotionally depressed, realizing he might not live up to his father wishes. Eventually Erik found love in in a Turkish girl named Kristina Gyarmati on one of his travels around the Mediterranean. After declaring his love for Kristina for both his mother and Kristinas parents the two settled down in the city of Trabzon in the northeastern part of Turkey.

During the early stages both Kristina and Erik followed the escalating epidemic on social media , once they both realized it was spreading closer Erik proposed that they should leave Trabzon in his yacht and set sail south west and try to follow the coastline until they made it out to the Mediterranean. In the early hours of the 22nd of July, they left Trabzon. 

At first everything looked like it was going to plan but during the night a massive storm complex ravaged the black sea and green sea. The yacht was thrown off course after its GPS receiver became water damaged during the storm. Most electronics that needed some sort of antenna connection stopped working after the yachts radar flew straight in to the cluster of antennas below it. The storm lasted well until the early hours of the 24th and by morning, once the storm had settled Erik and Kristina had to make a choice. They either had to activate the emergency beacon and drop anchor, waiting for someone to pick them up or keep on steering blind. Kristina wanted to keep on going and Erik finally agreed after Kristina convinced him that the faster they made it to Istanbul the faster they could pick up her parents that lived there.

But luck was never with them from the start. The couple only had 1 weeks worth of food on board after the storm had damaged most of it. They were determined that they would make it but unbeknownst to them they were going around in a circle, the rudder had been damaged and the yacht was always slightly turning to the left. A week passed and land was still nowhere in sight. Kristina took this very personally, she believed that if they just had stayed where they were and activated the beacon they would be saved by now.  Erik screamed in rage and desperation once he found out that the rudder was broken, with an easy fix he re-calibrated it and tried to figure out their position once again. They were never going to make it to Istanbul now, let alone the Mediterranean. To his surprise they were still in the green sea, albeit in the northern part of it, south west of the russian city of Sochi. The island of Utes wasn't far away, at full speed the should reach it in only a matter of hours.

Once they arrived at Utes their eyes were in shock, thick black clouds was rising from the island and a sickening smell of burnt gasoline and god knows what else. Erik was desperately trying to figure out what happened *They... They didn't bomb it did they?* he asked Kristina in a scarred voice, Kristina only swiveled her head in a disapproving fashion. *no.. they couldn't have...a fuel fire maybe?* They were close enough to the island now to see the full extent of the damage, there were burnt out trees and an eeriy sound of nothingness. There was nothing waiting for them here. But amidst the shore line something was moving. Erik brought out his binoculars and tried to focus on what it was. He saw a man in brown clothing with something in his hand. It was a gun. The man suddenly stopped. Erik was completely frozen. 

Kristina walked over to Erik *You see someone over there?* she asked in a worrying tone. Erik replied *Maybe a local? who knows, how could anyone had survived thi-* Erik was interrupted when suddenly gunfire was coming from the shore. He instinctively hit the deck and dragged down Kristina. He could hear the shots ricocheting of the yacht and saw the windows in the control room above them shatter. Erik dragged Kristina back inside to safety and ran up to the control room. He had to turn the boat around. 

Once he made it to the control room and started turning the wheel the gunfire suddenly stopped. *Out of ammunition?* Erik though as he rushed down again to check on Kristina. There was blood all over the floor, Kristina was laying down right next to the wall bleeding out. She had been shot in the gut and lungs and didn't have long to live. Erik panicked and tried to bandage her in a futile attempt to save her life. Kristina knew she didn't have much time left, she tried to calm Erik down and talk to him. Erik couldn't stop crying as they held each others arms until she finally passed away.


Kristina deserved better, but given the circumstance this was the best he had. He gently stroke her hair one more time until he covered it up with bed sheets. A burial at sea was something he wished he never had to experience for there is no place to mourn after the burial had taken place. He pushed off her body in the rear of the yacht to let it be covered in the wake of the roaring engines, never to be seen again.


He had set course to Chernarus, the nearest possible land to reach unless he wanted to starve to death. He could reach it in a day if he kept the engines running at full speed. Erik thought to himself *I need to gather food for the journey or else ill starve, and guns, lots of guns and ammunition. I wont let myself reach Chernarus just to die the next day to a crazy local, thats no better than drinking myself to death here on this fucking boat.*


It was an early morning, Erik had lowered down the small rubber boat down into the water and filled it up with enough gas for a return trip from Chernarus. The yacht had been anchored down and locked just a few miles of the coast, barely visible from land. He had a small backpack with him with some basic supplies. Erik said out loud *I need to find a better one once i hit the shore.* Erik was ready to leave and steered full speed ahead into the unknown adventures to come.



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