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Lance Hart
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Hart Surgeon, Dr. Heart and Soul
  2. Date of birth
    1985-09-14 (35 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Maidstone, England
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship
    Amelia Forbes | Girlfriend [MIA]
  8. Family
    Marie Anderson | Sister
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    84 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    - Small box of food supplies
    - Trauma Bag with Surgical Kit inside
    - Pistol with holster
    - Hunting rifle
  7. Occupation
    Trauma & Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  8. Affiliation
    John Hopkins Hospital
  9. Role
    Chief Of Cardiothoracic Surgery & Attending Trauma Surgeon




Lance Hart was born in Maidstone, United Kingdom. His mother was a school teacher and father was an engineer. He lived with both parents and his younger sister called Jade. Lance always knew since he was a child he wanted to be a surgeon like he saw off the TV and learnt about in school. Lance studied hard at secondary school, pushing himself to the limit to get the high grades he needed. Once finishing school, he went to UCL medical school and studied to become a doctor. 


After completing medical school, Lance got an offer to take a surgical residency in Maryland, America at John Hopkins Hospital. Lance knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and took the offer, moving to America two weeks after. Lance loved the life in America and even more working in the hospital with his new found co-workers 

The future was always clear for Lance to go into trauma surgery but towards his last two years as a surgical resident he discovered his love for Cardiothoracic surgery while on rotation in the cardiac ward. As soon as his short rotation was over, he knew he wanted to specialize in cardiothoracic surgery.

Once he finished his residency he continued as a fellow at John Hopkins and later became an attending. During his second year as an attending, he also decided to become a fellow in trauma surgeon to follow his first passion. His fellowship lasted two years and became an attending in Trauma after. 

The next 5 years, Lance’s career blew up. He was a highly skilled and known surgeon in the area and often flew to different countries and states performing surgery in his field. 




A month after Lance’s 34th birthday, while working at a hospital in New York, the medical director of the hospital offered him a place there for locum work due to their chief leaving. Lance took the opportunity to help out the hospital, knowing he would still have his job back in Maryland to fall back onto.
While working in New York, the hospital created a pro bono surgery for international and local patients for people who could not afford it. While sitting with the attending and staff involved and picking patients off the white board, Lance saw a child on the board from Chernarus needing a heart transplant. Lance being a cardiothoracic surgeon and loving a challenge, decided to take up the job and flew to Chernarus and performed the transplant.
Lance’s flight back to New York wasn’t for another two days so he had  to stay at a nearby motel until then. These two days, the country changed. A new world had formed. He received text from his mother that his sister Marie would be coming to surprise him, but with all the chaos, they never found each other. 







Hearts | Tequila | Pizza | Paris | The Ocean | Apartments | City Life | Field Work | Having a laugh



Rude People | Ice | Electric Cars | Racist People | Abusive Relations




(Colour Coded)


Marie Anderson

My little sister. A strong, clear lady. We are pretty close. I feel bad for putting my career first before her feelings. I hate to think that she doesn't think I love her. I tried to help her be safe by speaking and helping the McCoomers for her safety and agreement was made between myself and Micky that she would never get hurt. But it was thrown back into my face and was told to die and go to hell. Every time I go to help her she throws it back in my face. She has too much lust for Artemis and that is going to ruin her life, probably kill her. 

She told me to go to hell and that I was dead to her, if that's how I am to her. She can have her life and live it how she wants to. 


The sweet bartender that tags along with Yakov. She is polite if people show the same respect back. Iva seems to have had a difficult background, which is not the best to hear. But she has took all that history and turned it into how she lives today. She is happy to travel with me and I feel the same way too. We are best friends, as the kids I guess would say. We help each other a lot with our issues and know how to calm each other down if needs be. She is protective of me and my family. I love that about her. I have her back. She is probably the closest I have to another sister, she is my family. Maybe not the same blood, but she is my family. 


Yakov, the bouncer who to me, just wants to protect Iva. The two of them get on, I can see they both love to flirt with each other. He speaks his mind and for sure looks like he can handle himself. I know he will protect me and anyone close to me if I asked him to. He makes me laugh quite a lot and loves to wind up Iva too. Their love is different, but stronger than most other relationships. Myself and Yakov searched wide and far to find Iva when she went missing, luckily she radio'd and just needed space, but a storm hit and we managed to drag ourselves to a house in a forest. In that house, I don't know what happened. We just clicked and bonded like hell on that journey. He loves Iva a lot, and doesn't know how to react in some situations, which we spoke about. Yakov is caring for not just her, but for me. He wants me to be safe. I told him a lot about Grace, my girlfriend and he listened. He wants me safe and would like to help me get home to her, but I wouldn't want to leave him behind. He is family to me. Probably the most protective family member I've had.






Avery Harper - Doctor at the school

The professor - Man who runs the school.

Natalie Borisslav - Young lady who travels alot. 

Max - Companion of Natalie




Cardiothoracic Surgery | Trauma Surgery | Pistol Shooting | Relationship Advice | Driving | Cooking 






Before Outbreak

- Started Medical school at 17. 
- Finished Medical school when Lance became 23 years old.
- Due to his parents connections and wealth, Lance received a surgical residency opportunity in America, which he took. 
- Lance shortly moved out alone to Maryland, America. Working at John Hopkins Hospital. 
- Completed his first surgical specialty in Cardiothoracic surgery when he was 29. 
- After working as a cardio attending for two years, he decided to follow his other passion of Trauma surgery, doing a further two years fellowship in Trauma. 
- After doing so, Lance became big in his region, and a well known surgeon. 

Move to New York

- Lance moved to New York to become the Chief of Cardiothoracic surgery as a locum. 
- While working at the hospital, a pro bono surgery month was created. Lance flew to Chernarus to perform a surgical procedure for it. 

After Outbreak

- Escaped the Motel he was staying at. 
- Reunited with Sister Marie in Guglovo and began to travel together around. 
- Met Iva and Yakov and began travelling with them
- Was recruited by the Russian's to run the hospital in the enforcement zone
- Russian's left, leaving Lance to leave the hospital
- Lance, Marie, Yakov and Iva joined a school community to survive through winter and for the future. 









"Hart surgeon" So cheesy I love it ? 

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19 minutes ago, Phoenix said:

"Hart surgeon" So cheesy I love it ? 

Thank you! I've waited a long time to post him ?

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Ew doctor

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"Artemis - Marie's Lover" - ARTYOM... why you do this ❤️

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Awww ❤️ I am your sister now!

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