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Kazimierz White
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2047-05-12 (24 years old)
  2. Nationality
    Wasteland - No significant location
  3. Languages
    English, Polish
  4. Family
    Elena White - Sister



Kazimierz was born in what people used to call Denmark in a small closed bunch group of other wastelanders. His name was brought to him after his grandfather who saw the beginning of the outbreak. The group consisted of thirtyish number of other people varying of age, which also consisted of his grandparents, parents, and sister Elena. Kaz is the younger of the two, only being three years younger than his sister. The two would constantly be on the move living a nomadic life with everyone else in the group. Some would split off and go their own ways, and other new people would join. The only constants would be his family. During his childhood Kaz is taught how to defend himself and his family. In this new age, survival is key and any wrong move would mean the end. Death is not something new to him, there was always someone dying whether a group member or stranger. Kaz didn’t like the sight of it but also didn’t freeze up when seeing it. One great thing he did notice is how protective his grandfather was over everyone, especially his grandmother. He is who taught Kaz a lot of the skills he knows now, from fishing, to hunting, to using a weapon. However his grandpa was very quiet about his own life, not wanting to say anything about the beginning of the outbreak or what went on. Any questioning or poking for insight about that era of his life was either pushed away, or completely and intentionally ignored. It was visible that there was something more, something that wasn’t wanted to be known. Both grandparents kept their past to themselves and only between themselves not even letting his parents know what happened. The only tales that would be told was about how life was before the outbreak. As the years slowly pass and they move more and more northwards, Kaz and his family would approach a settlement somewhere in what was once called Sweden. It had electricity and water though each had to be monitored to prevent overusing. With his family wanting to settle down, Kaz didn’t want to sit in one place and grow old. He wanted to go explore the land and see what was out there to find. Kaz would talk Elena into joining him, naturally their family would protest and not risk anything happening to them however were forced to back down after seeing them being as stubborn as their grandparents.


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