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Tate Hollows
Character information
  1. Alias
    John/Jack Walter
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Confident and content
  4. Date of birth
    1992-10-24 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    San Diego, California
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, German and Chernarussian (Broken)
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dirty Blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Evident self-harming scarring along his forearms and torso, as well as shackle-scarring along both wrists and ankles from his time while incarcerated in Crawford Sanitarium.
  8. Equipment
  9. Occupation
    Leader of Austellus and the Regulators
  10. Affiliation
    The Regulators
  11. Role


[The Hollow Beginning of Tate Hollows]

*Blowing across the long abandoned roads of Chernarus is a newspaper printed in Russian on one side, and English on the next. On the back of the page is a picture of a young man, dirty-blonde curly surfer hair and blue eyes who looks to be between the age of 17-20.* 

DANGEROUS: Tate Hollows, 19 

05/24/14 - The alleged "Witherbark High School Shooter", Tate Hollows, was discovered to be missing from his room Sunday night at Crawford Sanitarium, one of California's most secure Mental Institutions used to house some of the most criminally insane people within the Golden State. His cell door was left ajar, and went unnoticed during the late night patrol. He had used the stuffing in his mattress to stuff the locking mechanism while it was open, to prevent the 4-inch steel and padded door from closing completely. At approximately 12:03 A.M., he is seen from security cameras opening his cell door and creeping out and down a long, narrow hallway where he waited in the corner for the right opportunity to sneak around patrolling Security personnel. He took a stair case down 5 flight of stairs to the ground level, where at 12:35 A.M. he was seen pouncing on an unsuspecting nurse and beating her to a pulp while she gurgled for help. 12:56 A.M. was the last encounter with the cameras he had before completely disappearing off the Sanitarium's grounds. 

According to Dr. Smith, Mr. Hollows's personal psychiatrist, it is believed that he scaled the walls on the garden grounds to escape onto a busy road, where he may have hailed a taxi. Dr. Smith states that," Tate is in a completely delusional state of mind. He thinks the victims of Witherbark High School are following him, to and I quote from Tate's own words,' Seek revenge for having their lives cut short.' He is extremely dangerous, and will more than likely not hesitate to kill again. It is urged that everyone lock their doors at night, and for anyone who can provide information on Mr. Hollows's whereabouts to step forward and dial 9-1-1." 

*On Wednesday, January 16th of 2013, a 9-1-1 call was made from the receptionists' desk at Witherbark High School, located just outside San Diego, CA. The receptionist, whom name will not be released on the family's request, sounded frantic as she spoke to the emergency call operator.* 

The Call 

Receptionist: "OH MY GOD, OH MY *bzzt*! *Censure* a gunman here! There's a GUNMAN HERE! Please, help! There is a lot of shots coming from the cafeteria, and som---" 

9-1-1 Operator: "Ma'am... Ma--Ma'am, I'm going to need you to take a deep breath. I have officers on the way, so please calm down. I need you to go and take cover somewhere, and take anyone you can find with you. Do not open the doors to any room you may lock yourself into until an officer kicks it in. Do you understand me, ma'am? We have officers en--." 

Receptionist: ".... Oh my god, please, no baby! Pleas--". 

Hollows: "Peak-a-boo, bitch." *A loud BANG echoes through the phone, one that is loud enough to leave a persistent ringing in the emergency call operator's ear. There is a moment of silence before his voice is picked up again.* 

Hollows: "There's many more where that came from..." *On the school survalence camera, Tate is seen muting the phone and turning on the school's PA system.* "Mhmm... Ladies and gentlemen... This is Officer Deryick of the Witherbark Police Department. The suspect has been apprehended. Please gather around the commons for an emergency medical evaluation and evacuation." *Tate is seen giving the camera a devilish grin following the bird before ducking underneath the receptionist desk, opening up the little black duffle bag he had carried with him.* 

*After a few minutes, a majority of the student and faculty population was present in the commons. Most were in tears and huddled with their friends, but there were the few whom started to fight among themselves out of fear. The chatter suddenly cut out completely as one of the audio-wires to the cameras were cut. Tate is then seen emerging from underneath the receptionist's desk, wearing a charcoal trench coat and skeletal face-paint. In each of his hands are KGP-9 sub-machine guns with extended magazines jammed in the butts of the weapons. He is seen shouting at the people in the commons before leveling out his aim and opening fire, laughing as people dropped dead while trying to flee. Once he was out of ammunition, he threw both weapons down and pulled a flash-bang out from his pocket, lobbing it into the crowd rushing out of the emergency exit before taking his leave out an unoccupied side door, only to be approached by members of the San Diego SWAT Team. The outside camera shows Tate being carried away to the SWAT vehicle in cuffs by six men before the footage cuts out.* 

Mr. Hollows was found innocent for the murder of 22 of his classmates and teachers by reason of insanity, and sentenced to life imprisonment at Crawford Sanitarium six months later, where he remained for two solid years until his Sunday night escape feat. His current location is unknown; however, he does have relatives in Aspen -Colorado, Berlin -Germany, Moscow -Russia and Stary Sobor -Chernarus. 

Article written by Vladimir Kashakov (Chern) and James F. Johnson (USA). 

[The Rise of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing] 

While lost in a foreign land, Tate ran across two particular fellows whom he eventually came close to calling his brothers- A Mr. Morde Harlequin, and a Mr. Jarvis Crimson. If it weren't for these two people being a balance in Tate's life as he battled his schizophrenia, he might've been lost himself and died off in the early stages of the apocalypse. Being young, dumb and full of anger, Tate and Morde found themselves in the hands of Kristof Vander, a then eccentric man with a goal to unite survivors in the abandoned North-Eastern Airfield in a temporary settlement called," Sanctuary of Survivors." After seeing Tate's passion first hand for protecting the settlement and the people he called family, he and Morde were promoted to Head of Security and Affairs within mere weeks of their arrival and acceptance into the organization. However, stress struck after corruption was discovered within the ranks of 'S.o.S', and as Vander's grip became broken upon his group, many of the officers fought to take control- including Tate and Morde. Unfortunately, Vander's henchmen managed to capture Tate and held a kangaroo court for him, where they intentionally planned on executing him. As Tate was restrained and brought to his execution site, a miracle occurred- one of his close friends and a bodyguard for Vander had unrestrained Tate when he requested to have a moment of alone time with him prior to the execution, allowing him to 'escape' into the surrounding woods, ultimately saving his life from the impending execution. 

Distraught, cold and lost- Tate wondered the wilds of Chernarus, fending off bears, wolves and zombies while foraging for food and survival supplies. It took him nearly a month after the failed execution for him to stumble around the wilderness and eventually end up on the coastline of Kamenka, where he bumped into a small group of squatters laying temporary claim to a weathered house. Being within eye-shot of the Prison Island, later renamed," Austellus," it naturally drew interest to Tate. After inquiring to the group of squatters about the status of the Prison on the Island to no avail, he and one other - a man by the name of," Zed Muto," had agreed to take the risky swim over in hopes to find refuge from bandits and the zombies which roamed aimlessly on the roads and fields surrounding the town. Upon arriving at the shore, they were greeted warmly by another group of squatters led by a man known as 'Mr. Gerardo'. That night was the first night Tate had a full night's sleep since escaping S.o.S in the far east, and for once since the initial outbreak he felt secure and safe. It didn't take long for Zed and Tate to decide to make their stay on 'Austellus' permanent, and they spoke with Gerardo in hopes to form a group which will be capable of defending the Island from attackers, or the occasional zombie which was washed ashore from the strong coastal currents. 

[The Formation of the Regulators]

With the initial intention to form a group whose only interest is to continue to survive and defend Austellus, Tate still felt a seemingly unquenchable thirst for power and control over others. He brought an idea to where they'd go out and hunt bandits, or people whom they deemed 'bad' enough while following the laws of the Old World as a guideline, or any general law any sovereign nation would've had prior to the apocalypse, and use the criminals as slave-labor to help produce food and build onto the fortress that was the prison, with the excuse to 'rehabilitate' them to help turn the bad apples good again. This idea was initially rejected, but after tedious meetings, the group accepted the idea and came together as 'The Regulators,' with Tate Hollows as their eternal leader and Warden of Affairs. As months passed, and more and more cells became full of prisoners, Tate locked himself in his office and began to construct his own laws, to which he and everyone around him are obliged to follow or they'd face punishment behind bars on Austellus. For the first time since the school shooting, Tate was empowered again, and his thirst had been satisfied. 

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