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Vaclav Janousek
Character information
  1. Mental
    Patriotic | Pan-Slavic
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1990-05-05 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Zelenogorsk, South Zagoria, Chernarussian Soviet Republic, USSR
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian, English, German
  8. Family
    Brother: Radovan Janoušek | Wife: Bela Zahradnik | Parents killed by Chedaki
  9. Religion
    Rodnovery (Slavic Paganism)


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Light Brown, Short
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    - Kolovrat tattoo on left shoulder
    - Shrapnel scars on right arm and leg
    - Svarog Square Pendant around his neck
    - Calm demeanor
    - No nonsense attitude
    - Thinks with his mouth
  8. Equipment
    - Any working rifle
    - First aid equipment
    - Flask of the finest slivovica
  9. Occupation
    CDF Serviceman
  10. Affiliation
    66th Motorized Infantry Battalion "Chernobog" [DESERTED DUE TO INCOMPETENT COMMAND]
  11. Role
    Acting Captain


Vaclav was born into a family of outdoorsmen, his father both a hunter and a skilled farmer raised him and his younger brother Radovan in the town of Zelenogorsk, where they had a decently-sized house and a small farm area. 

During his early childhood, Vaclav would spend a lot of time out in nature, in the fields and small patches of forest, playing with his brother and their Serbian Hound, named Shurik. Besides that, the two brothers would spend a lot of time in nature, exploring and accompanying their father to perform a bi-weekly kolo ritual with a handful of other family friends, who also shared the Rodnovery faith. These practices were a common thing of the brothers' lives and they taught them the importance of family, faith, and taking pride in themselves and their roots. 

Vaclav has always been close to his brother. They were not only family, but best friends and this never changed as the years went by. They grew up together and went to the same school and had the same friends and interests. Whenever Vaclav ever tried something new, be it a hobby, sport or just a new type of beer, Radovan was always next in line to do the same. They always had each other's backs - on the rare occasion Radovan was bullied at school, Vaclav would quickly come to the rescue or when their father tasked Vaclav with heavy housework and chores, his brother would drop whatever he was doing to come and assist. They stood by each other when Shurik died as well and Vaclav was the pillar that Radovan could lean on, even though on the inside he was just as heartbroken as his younger brother. only family, but best friends and this never changed as the years went by. They grew up together and went to the same school and had the same friends and interests.

Vaclav always was attached to his home and loved his native land. So with that in mind and with everything that his father taught him it was no surprise that when he graduated from high school, he made the decision to enlist in the CDF. This caught Radovan off guard, however. Vaclav would be sent off to basic training somewhere in the region with practically no chance for a leave, so it would be the first time the two brothers would be separated for such a prolonged period of time. Radovan's emotional state deteriorated, which also resulted in him breaking up with his Helena, which in turn worsened his mood even more. Vaclav, however, knew that this had to happen. The two of them could not be together all the time forever. Vaclav was also feeling uneasy because of this development, but throughout training, he sucked it up and mentally prepared himself to power through it and only hoped that Radovan could and would do the same. 

A year later, Vaclav was finally allowed a longer leave to return home to celebrate a small "Kupala Night" festival his father and his Rodnover friends had organised. This was also the first time the two brothers had seen each other in a year and both were jubilant at the sight of each other. As the celebration continues, Vaclav and Radovan finally manage to escape from their family and friends for a moment and have a few drinks in peace. Though Vaclav could sense that something was burdening his brother and he had a pretty good idea what that was exactly... And surely enough, his suspicion was confirmed and moments later he found out that Radovan was to also enlist in the CDF. Vaclav didn't say anything because he knew that nothing he could say would do anything to sway his brother's decision, so without either of them saying a word, it was decided that they would power on through like they always have with everything else.

The separatist movement "Chedaki" moves from the north and downwards through the country, pillaging, shooting and destroying as much as they can in their wake, and one of the major targets would soon be Zelenogorsk. At the time of the attack both Vaclav and Radovan are supporting forces elsewhere in the country and only after days of non-stop firefights are they informed of what happened to their home. Radovan stood side by side with Vaclav as their CO informed them of what had happened, and as he went on to disclose the death of their parents Radovan gazed at his brother in disbelief, only to find him teary eyed for the first time he could ever recall. Even before with the loss of their family dog, the loss of friends or other close family Vaclav had always strived to be strong, unwavering for the sake of Radovan but this had been too much for him to hold inside. After everything Vaclav and his brother had been through, this was the last straw that almost broke him. In this final heartfelt moment, the two brothers embraced and all was clear, the Chedaki had caused this and now they had to pay for the damage they had done.

Vaclav and Radovan were offered leave after that incident, but they refused as the civil war still raged in their country, they wanted to stay and fight and so they did. With the help of US forces and NATO, the country slowly started to stabilise itself, more and more Chedaki forces were being hunted down and killed and eventually they were all pushed back up north. The tension of Cherno-Russo borders still high during this time but soon to be a little looser as the Moscow bombing turned out to be the Chedaki and not the NAPA movement, to which the Russians happily assisted in the hunting down of any remaining Chedaki fighters.

At the end of the year, peace is finally restored.  Vaclav and Radovan are given an extended military leave of 3 months and return home to the ruins of Zelenogorsk to give their parents a proper funeral. They end up selling most of their belongings along with the rest of the useable farmland and are left homeless. With nowhere and nothing left, Vaclav and Radovan were taken in by one of their father's Rodnover friends, their neighbour. The man was a Russian, descendant of White Army officers, who managed to escape the Bolshevik purges at the beginning of the previous century. The kindness and hospitality of the old man taught the brothers that though some Slavs have lost their way and wish to cause chaos and disorder, many want only a brighter and peaceful future. After all, the Chedaki were mostly Chernarussians and in the ranks of the CDF who opposed them, there were many ethnic Russians.

During this time, Vaclav spent a lot of time venturing out into the woods, where they used to get together for their Rodnovery gatherings. What was once a lush meadow, surrounded by trees, was now an empty field of black ash as far as the eye can see. But it did not matter to Vaclav that much. He would still sit on the charred ground, light a small fire and spill a portion of his drink onto the ground, to honour his parents and brothers, who had fallen in battle. It had become a routine. And on his way back he would pick up Radovan, who was drowning his pain and sorrow in alcohol in one pub or another.

In the last few days of their leave, Vaclav took Radovan hunting, using the only thing they hadn't sold to pay for their parents' funeral, which was their fathers Baikal hunting rifle. During this hunting trip, Vaclav and Radovan bonded once again and brightened up. They had grieved for their losses and said their goodbyes, and at this point, they both felt they were ready to return to service, and after a few days they did.

Since then Radovan and Vaclav have served together daily, and in the span of a few years, Vaclav earned a few promotions and did some specialised medical training while his brother trained to become one of the battalion's Combat Engineers. Things are then quiet up until 2012, a rising conflict on an almost global scale happens in the neighbouring country of Takistan and CDF soldiers are among those who are sent as UN Peacekeepers to get a grip on the region, of course, both Vaclav and Radovan are among those who are sent to keep the peace. The fighting in Takistan was brutal and Vaclav had to endure even more pain and death around him. He didn't think much of Takistanis before, but now they had shown their true face and he grew to despise them as much as the communists that had killed his parents. Peacekeeping, however, continues, the US and other EU countries soon intervene and end up doing most of the work, and come late 2013 Vaclav and Radovan's' battalion is called back to Chernarus.

Leading up to the start of the infection, the 66th spend the remaining years doing border control and basic military duties, and while tensions briefly had gotten worse at the north it was still more relaxed than during the civil war. Many of the soldiers found themselves Off-Duty doing other menial tasks for jobs to make money, Vaclav and Radovan themselves were busy attempting to rebuild the home that they once had, but in the year 2017, they suddenly start seeing more military activity.

At first, they were called in for service just like they normally would, but upon gearing up and arriving at their headquarters they are given a very shallow and non-descriptive briefing. All they are told is that something is going on up north and that we have been ordered to establish checkpoints inland and conduct checks on by passers. Weeks pass while Vaclav and Radovan find themselves manning a checkpoint just east of Zelenogorsk on and off again, wondering what exactly the reason for this could be, but in the final week, things begin to get tenser. They are instructed to look for the sick or ill, or any type of person who would display unusual symptoms, among this they are also instructed to look for any physical damage such as bruising, blistering and biting.

Quarantine Zones around the checkpoints quickly start to get filled up as more and more people display symptoms, and just as the US and EU start sending doctors to help with the ongoing crisis another tragedy hits. A large wave of the "sick" advance from the north and overrun multiple checkpoints in the Severograd region, and as the wave moves south it consumes everything in its path. Vaclav and Radovan among the few who managed to be called back before the wave reached them regrouped in Zelenogorsk to be given one final briefing with very clear instructions this time.

"If you see anyone, and I can not say this clearly enough. anyone displaying these symptoms, you are to liquidate them immediately. Am I clear?"

Questions were raised and the intent of this final briefing was clouded but we were also informed of what these "sick" were capable of doing and at that point, the questions ceased. Couped up, locked and loaded and ready to defend their home they sit and wait for further orders inside their headquarters in Zelenogorsk.



Finally finished reading the story, great writing as always Ghooz! You said you fixed the issue with paragraphs being copied 4 times but there is still some parts where the same sentences repeat, perhaps give it another look.

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