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Phelan Sokol
Character information
  1. Alias
    Lani // Phe // Flan
  2. Mental
    Scared but determined
  3. Morale
    Never give up
  4. Date of birth
    1995-11-30 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Chernarus, Novodmitrosvsk
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, German, Sign language
  9. Relationship
    Nobodys fucking business but my own...
  10. Family
    Father: Radek Sokol | Mother: Pavlina Sokol | Brother: Krystof Sokol
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    162 cm
  2. Weight
    55 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Red / and a bit curly
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    - Likes -

    * Books
    * Riddles
    * Classical music
    * Nature
    * Animals: Mice // Rats // Hamster // Turtles
    * Colours: Black // Red // Green
    * Food: Fish, Noodles
    * Addicted to: Chocolate and Caramel

    - Dislikes/Hates -

    * Her brother
    * Food: Zucchinis, Carrots,
    * Therapy
    * obtrusive people
    * Needles
    * Animals: Snakes
    * Water


    - Body -

    * a large bite mark at her right shoulder bitten by a cannibal ( Eric Daviroff - Dio Brando)
    * Scar on her right thigh from surgery
  8. Equipment
    - Items -

    * A necklace which you can open given by her old best friend
    * Her favorite book: Alice adventures in wonderland

    - Cloth -

    * A cap most likely in black
    * Likes to wear hoodies and jeans

    - Weapons -

    * Knife
    * Fireaxe
    * Pistol (given by Andrew Evans)
    * Winchester (given by Seth Black)
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role




Phelan was born in Novodmitrosvsk on the 30.11.1995. She lived with her parents and her big brother Krystof directly in Novodmitrosvsk. Both of her parents were working hard in a big company and they had barely time for their children since they were busy most of the time with work. When she was 5 years old they moved to Germany because of the company of her parents and they lived there for quite a while. While they were in Germany they learned german and english in school and both of the children were not entirely bad in school. Since their parents were most likely not at home most of the time their parents hired a nanny to take care of them for the time being.

Both of the children wanted to go back to Chernarus though because of their friends and their grandmother who was still living there. Phelan was constantly getting letters from her grandmother who she loved deeply. She could always talk to her and come to her when something was bothering her. When Phelan was 10 years old they moved back to Chernarus since they requested that at their parents company. Her grandmother was slowly dying and they wanted to be there for her. She had a hard time to cope with that since she loved her grandmother so much.

As they were back Phelan was every day at her grandmother's home and was spending as much time as she could with her till she died close to Phelan's 11th birthday. Krystof couldn't handle the death of their grandmother either and was barely at home after she died. He met the wrong people and made friends with them. They influenced him heavily and he became a criminal who was often in fights with other young adults. He was clearly frustrated about the situation at home and because of the death of their grandmother. Slowly he began to let out his frustration on Phelan when she was only 11 years old and their relationship suddenly changed to the worse.

Phelan on her part was keeping herself to herself and was lost in her books she was reading. Her favorite book was Alice in wonderland. She liked the story of the girl who was falling down the rabbit hole into a different world. Maybe because she wanted that for herself fleeing from the reality she was in. She told her parents about what her brother did to her but they didn't listened and told her that she should talk it out with her brother but there was no chance that her brother would have stopped from that. Besides of that she was much to scared to talk to him about that since he got angry really easily. There was nothing she could have done.

At the age of 13 her mother died because of the civil war. She was going outside to get a birthday present for Phelan as a bomb detonated at a bus stop killing her mother. The family was devastated and Phelan's father was even more busy than before since he couldn't handle the death of his wife Pavlina. Phelan's brother however blamed Phelan for the death of their mother and mistreated her even more than before.

Phelan started to develop schizophrenia after her mother's death. She never told anyone of the voices screaming in her head or the creatures she started to see. The voices were telling her terrible things most of the time and she had a hard time trusting other people because of that and because of her past. The only freedom she had was when she was with her best friend and she was the only one who she trusted compeltely at that point. She tried to spend as much time with her as possible and as a sign of their friendship they gave eachother a necklace which you can open.




That one day... changed everything though.


It was a rather rainy day and a few days before Phelan's birthday. It was also the day her mother died exactly a few years ago. Her brother was standing at the door looking at Phelan with hateful and coldblooded eyes. She knew what was coming and they fought with each other.

What happened that day? Nobody will ever really know but the result was that Phelan nearly killed her brother that day when she finally snapped. She called the ambulance afterwards as she realised what she had done. But that didn't change anything anymore since the police came and she didn't return home anymore.

As doctors finally found out about her schizophrenia she was sent to the Asylum where she had to be several years because of the attempted murder of her brother Krystof. She was sent to the Asylum as she was unfit to plead.

In the Asylum itself she had her own cell because of what she did to her brother and was most likely by herself reading books. She lost contact to her best friend and never really made any attempts in the Asylum to speak to the other inmates. That changed when she met Seth though.

As he once said...

„You are like a turtle in a shell, Phelan. But... you don't have to be“.

Seth and Phelan became very close very quickly. She was entirely fascinated by him since they first met in the first group therapy session. He seemed smart and intelligent and he clearly outclassed the therapist and the nurse who attended. It was probably the first time Phelan actually was interested in the therapy session. Most of the time she was looking out of the window not paying attention. She was judged by most of the people since she attacked her brother and nobody was ever on her side. That changed with Seth. Not only that he didn't judge her but he understood her. They spent a lot of time together in the meeting room where she was reading books now most of the time. Most likely she was hoping to see Seth there.

At some point after Seth was there for a while something weird happened. Something which never happened before. It was in the middle of the night when suddenly all lights were going on. A few seconds later on she could hear classical music coming out of the loud speaker. Then Seth's voice, "It's time for the first Brodsky Asylum for the mentally insane... annual ball to commence. Do dress in your best and impress.", he said. Everything was there... Drinks, Food... and even a Sweetie Bowl, which was of course filled with all sorts of medicine. Phelan didn't understand much how he was able to do such a thing but she clearly enjoyed the time. In the end Seth and Phelan were dancing to the music and Phelan was able to slowly come out of her shell. “Will the little turtle remain in her shell.... hmmm...”, he said after he made clear that he was obviously interested in her. But it was to early for her... even though she already fell in love with him.

After a while he offered her to help her out of her shell and made her an job offer. In the end Seth and Phelan had a cigarette monopole and she had everything what she wanted, most likely much of chocolate and caramel and other things. Phelan was the person who had to go around and make the deals. Seth was in the background and obviously dealing with situations when other patients didn't wanted to pay. After several of months they became closer and closer till Seth told her one day that he would visit her in the late evening for a talk. She finally was able to let him close to her and they spent the night together. How he had the keys to her cell and how he managed to sneak into her room. That stayed a mystery. He told Phelan how they have to escape to finally be free again. And that they can escape and live together afterwards. He told her about his plans to escape from the Asylum. "We take a chance at living, or we accept merely... existing. But let me tell you something Phelan... the one thing that matters most in this world... is freedom.", he said and Phelan knew she would help him to escape.




The plan was basically that: Seth would organize 5 keys for the cells and the doors and they would stash shanks made out of tooth brushes under the tiles of Phelan's cell. When the time is right they would free all inmates from this ward and overpower the staff of the Asylum and then flee in the chaos. Phelan was nervous and anxious with that plan but she played along. 

One day there was a new inmate, Drakov. He was a member of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star and it was very clear what he wanted. A woman. He attacked Phelan once in the meeting room, grabbing her thigh but Seth could rescue her in the last moment with another inmate who was in debt. Seth made a plan to attack Drakov at night and assigned Markus, the corrupt guard, to pay him a visit. It went horrible wrong since Drakov killed Markus in the end and ended up in Phelan's cell with the keys he got from Markus dead body. "I served with the red star before all this... you think I do not know how to beat a man? I beat a woman too, I beat anyone... you came for me, I came for you... Not one... sound from you. I do the same to a corpse... ”, Drakov said before he started to do what ever he wants with Phelan. For Phelan the longest night of her life started. 

Phelan was broken in the morning. Her body was hanging weak in Drakov's arms. He was holding her hostage and he wanted to get out of the Asylum. He was standing in the hall with his arm around Phelan's neck. She didn't say one word. Everyone was staring at both of them from behind their cell door bar one... Seth's cell door was open and then suddenly a loud, "BAAAAAANG". Seth killed Drakov with a loaded gun, emptying every single round into his body. Phelan was dropping to the floor. Seth rescued Phelan but he was sent to the criminal ward afterwards. His last words were, "finish this" . He was never seen again in his cell and it was clear that it was up to Phelan to rescue both of them with Seth's plan.

She gathered 300 tooth brushes under the tiles of her cell. She also got the 5 keys from a friend of Seth and the plan could begin. She went to every inmate she could find. Some of them still owed favours, some of them simple wanted to get out of here and others just wanted to get revenge on the staff of the Asylum. She convinced two patients who still owed a favour that they are causing chaos in that ward so she could free the other patients in the meantime. In the end the 2 other patients were flooding the floor and were destroying the furniture in the meeting room. It all worked out, Phelan and the inmates were freeing every single ward. Inmates as well as guards died in the chaos. Gun shots were heard in the Asylum and Phelan could finally free Seth in the end. And they tried to flee in the chaos which was difficult since the Asylum was also attacked by a horde of infected who were attracted by the gunshots. They fled through a ventilation shaft to the roof jumping down into a bush... to freedom. 




Since then Seth and Phelan were together every day. At first scared and anxious not knowing what happened outside of the Asylum. Seth had captured an infected and was studying it extensively in a shed. He was speaking to them, tried to feed them... he tried everything but with no result besides of learning how to kill them effectively. Seth continued to manipulate Phelan and everyone around him. Seth made new friends quickly with his charming and humorous way. He was singing and telling jokes and in the meantime he was seeking for likeminded people and found Milo and a few others. Phelan also made new friends since Seth helped her out of her shell. 

She met a little girl called Dolores and her adopted Dad Wyatt. She was a sweet little girl only 13 years old. Innocent and not knowing how the world is working now. Phelan instantly had a connection to her and she felt like she had to protect her. Soon after she called Dolores her little sister. She felt like they had the connection she always wanted to have with her brother. She started to love her like a real sister. She told Seth that she wanted to keep her around since she cared much for her.

She also met a guy called Jimmy. They soon become very close and they had long talks about literally everything. She enjoys his company and doesn't feel threatened by his presence since he is a man. She cares much for him. Even though she didn't see him for a while she thinks of him every day if he is okay and what he is doing right now.

One of their new friends was Eric. He seemed like a nice guy overall and Phelan liked to hang around with him. She enjoyed teasing him and laughing with him as good friends. That trust was soon betrayed. After they escaped from bandits into the forest he was holding her up on the hill. Eric made clear that he is in love with Phelan and that he is obsessed with her. He tied her up and pointed a gun to her head as he forced her to tell him everything from the asylum and Drakov. He told her about his past and in what he is into. When he told her that he is a cannibal she couldn't believe what he just said. He started to rip off her T-shirt till it was on the ground and she had flashbacks from the night with Drakov. He licked over her face before he bit into her shoulder and took a large chunk out of it kissing her on her lips afterwards. Shortly after he chopped off his own finger and nearly force feeded it to her. He made her a ring out of muscle and nerves from his chopped off finger telling her that when she would betray their new love that he would kill her. He would rather die with her than being without her. He forced her at gunpoint to tell him over and over that she is in love with him.

Traumatized and shocked she returned to the camp of Beth and Reed in Black Lake refusing to tell them the truth about Eric in fear he would kill her. Soon it was clear that it wasn't a wolf bit and that it was indeed Eric. Beth told Dolores about Eric and nearly ruined everything. Eric caught on to Dolores fear and punished Phelan in the night when everyone went to bed or were out of sight. He dragged her into the forest of the camp and slammed her head into the tree tying her up again. He ripped out her hair till she screamed. "I love to hear you scream, Phelan,", he said as he ripped her hair off. He cut off the nearly everything afterwards to humiliate her. In the end he forced her to kiss him on the cheek and made her confess her love to him again. 

Hurt and with tears rolling down her cheek she returned to camp... She had 1 week to break up with Seth otherwise Eric would kill her. In the end Seth found out about Eric's actions and tied him up in the pub. He threatened to torture and kill him  for what he did to her. Eric had other plans and bit off his tongue and drowned with his own blood and died. Seth and Phelan decided to join Tony's family. 


-rep bad role-player <:

Odd story, looking forward to meeting her.

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*Gets his kniev ready*

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12 minutes ago, Kyle_Jones said:

*Gets his kniev ready*

Hey... what should that mean... lol 

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1 minute ago, Lyca said:

Hey... what should that mean... lol 

Ready to lose another finger?


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Just now, Kyle_Jones said:

Ready to lose another finger?


You better fucking not. :P 

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On ‎26‎.‎07‎.‎2017 at 10:42 PM, Majoo said:

Didin't lose arm first day? Uuh impressive :ph34r:xDxD

I have the feeling it will come at some point lol... I know my luck.

13 hours ago, Alexis said:

OMG Love the picture claim!!

Aww... thank you. ^_^

13 hours ago, Phoenix said:

Loved your RP <3

I love yours too. I hope we meet again soon ^_^

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