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Vlad Zykov
Character information
  1. Mental
    Strong but short tempered
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1983-09-01 (36 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, a bit of Russian
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Nicholas (Son) Vladimir (Son) Svetlana (Wife)
  10. Religion
    Orthodox Christianity


  1. Height
    191 cm
  2. Weight
    97 kg
  3. Build
    Strong Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Has a wedding ring on his right hand. (Currently in his backpack since he wants to hide it from the Bratva)

    Has an Orthodox cross hanging around his neck

    Has a St. Taxiarch Archangel Michael icon around his neck

    Has a Bratva tattoo below his left hand on his forearm

    Scar on left shoulder after being stabbed with a knife
  8. Equipment
    Mostly either uses an olive or khaki colored M65 jacket with either green cargo pants or TTsKO pants

    When off the field Vlad can also be seen wearing his grey party uniform or his own personal blue suit that he's kept since before the apocalypse

    Vlad mostly accompanies either of these uniforms with his party officer hat (Police Cap in-game)

    Vlad is very fond of the AKM rifle and it usually is his go-to weapon of choice. Vlad is also very used to using hunting rifles such as the Winchester or the B95 rifle.

    With either of these guns Vlad also has his trusty Makarov pistol though if he ever as gotten his hands on a working 191, he favors the american design over the Makarov.
  9. Occupation
    Smuggler, later Soldier


-Alcohol, especially some good Kvass
-Suits, Respectful and Classic Clothing
-Uniforms (Even communist uniforms)
-Americans & NATO
-(Far)Right Politics
-Obedient Women
-Authoritarian Men
-Respectful Russians

-Independent Women
-Uppity Westerners
-Drugs and drug addicts

Vlad Zykov and his Childhood

Born in Chernarus on the 1st September 1983 to a poor family in Zelenogorsk, Vlad had a pretty tough childhood growing up. His mother was a stay at home housewife and his father was a factory worker. Because of this Vlad's mother was always there but all Vlad thought of it was how annoying she was. While his dad was home Vlad preformed his chores and did what he was told, but when his father was out drinking, at work etc, he have up on his discipline and mostly did whatever he felt like. He did not see his mother as an authority figure and her orders meant little to him. The only word that meant anything to him were those coming out of his fathers mouth.

His childhood was plagued by poverty but their family got by like anyone else, his father would use most of his paycheck on vodka and gambling. His father might not have been "abusive" but he certainly wasn't being lenient. His father would always be ready to "discipline" Vlad's mother when needed. Vlad only saw this as natural and would keep this view of a family to this day.

In school Vlad would do well in history and other subjects concerning social sciences' etc. He would also have take control of the group when he could and proceeded to bully any other kid who challenged him. It would end with a fight or two and he'd win some of them and lose some. He made sure to always try to get revenge on those who wronged him, rarely having mercy and forgiveness. The day would usually end with him feeling his fathers "strict discipline" and then life would resume. This would be everyday life. He'd always receive a warning etc, but nothing ever came out of it and life goes on.

Even though this might not seem like "christian behavior" Vlad was taught by his mother to be a very devout follower of Christianity and Jesus. Vlad ignored his mother at first but after some time he came around to liking his mother reading him stories from the bible while he was falling asleep in his bed. It gave Vlad some sense of security and calmness in a world where he always had to have his guard up and where he had to stand tall and keep his discipline in front of his father, his teachers etc. Respect and loyalty is something Vlad learned but he lost most of his empathy and the only thing that saved what remained of it was his devoutness to Christianity. He did like any christian would, try to follow Jesus' example the best he could.

Even though his childhood might have seem rough, Vlad also sees good times when he looks back. Christmas and most other holidays were always something they celebrated. Vlad always enjoyed the company of his friends and family. They would all watch the children open each present and talk about all kinds of things. There'd be heavy drinking and the night would almost always end with a fight or two and a broken nose. This is how most holidays like Christmas went. But Vlad didn't miss these days because of the presents. He missed the happiness in the air and the smell of meat, alcohol and smoke. A brake from the tough life he lived in the everyday.

When the communist government finally fell his mother and father would tell Vlad that thing were surely going to get better for everyone. This was however, not the case. The new government (like most newly formed democracies) were inefficient and corruption ran deep and wide. Vlad saw this as a clear failure by democracy to safe it's people from tyrants and give them freedom. Vlad realized that only a strong state, enlightened or not, was the only thing to save Chernarus. This was the groundwork to Vlad's nationalistic outlook on the world, his support of State Capitalism and the need for a strong church and state that worked together for a better tomorrow. This was the only thing to save Chernarus now.

Vlad's Youth

In the year 1999, at the age of 16. Vlad would form his own political group with some of his childhood friends. Vlad decided to call it the "Chernarussian Slavic Union". This made inflated his ego and gave him a high feeling of importance. He spoke of a united Chernarus instead of the divided mess that it was in at the moment. Further political freedom would only divide the nation and make it a slave of the international community. Vlad also promoted the ideology of Clerical Fascism and a state capitalistic policy to protect the Chernarussian worker.

He tried to convert voters to his cause but only got so many young angry people. His propaganda wasn't up to date and mostly involved simple pamphlets and underground rallies, there was also the occasional run-in with the communists. This would however not stop Vlad, as he would continue to convert voters to his cause no matter the cost. Quality is better then quantity.
In order to increase the enthusiasm of his volunteers he started paying all his volunteers. In order to pay them he started running a gun smuggling side business, he also made sure to advertise his political group to his customers. The gun smuggling business mostly involved smuggling guns from Russia and the former Yugoslavian countries and selling it to customer inside Chernarus.

Vlad would later make this his full time work. Because of the corrupt and poorly funded police and administration bureaucrats, bribing a few individuals was easy and on paper he was now a small business owner in Novigrad. He thought of maybe going legit one day and start several different businesses, maybe open factories one day? No, for now the gun smuggling did well for him, he was also too small-time to actually show up on the radar for the government. Were he to start opening up several new businesses then he'd eventually show up on the radar, not wanting to end up like Pablo Escobar. Vlad decided to slow down his imagination. He could open up businesses after he'd become President of the glorious nation of Chernarus, that would also do good for popular opinion of him in the general population. Surely they wouldn't mind exactly where he got the money from right?

That was all a dream currently though. Vlad made some money sure, but he did run the risk of getting killed on an everyday basis. He could only dream of opening up factories, watching hard working Chernarussians working in his own factory. That would a dream, giving his fellow countrymen work while Vlad also got money from it. Firstly he had to establish his presence in the black market, maybe expand to another kind of business. Then he'd have to beat his rivals, or most of them anyway. He used his political party as a front to recruit people to work for him in his gun smuggling. Since the people who signed up with Vlad were nationalistic and ready for a war, they didn't mind the guns at all, in fact, they loved the guns and gladly helped Vlad with the smuggling, the selling etc.

Vlad's Family

It was also at this time, in the year 2001, that Vlad met the love of his life, Svetlana, a lovely girl from the capital of Novigrad. They got married the same year and also had their first son. Vlad named him Nicholas, a tribute to the last Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II. Vlad used to love reading about the glorious Russian Empire and the Tsars of Russia.
They had their second son in 2004, this time Vlad insisted on Vladimir, naming his son after himself and the Great leader and current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Even though Vladimir Putin was Russian, Vlad still liked his macho propaganda and enmity with the uppity westerners. Vlad hopes to have more children someday, even if it might be the apocalypse, a strong family can withstand any disaster.

Vlad's father was named Dmitry Zykov, he was born the 11th of August 1951. Even though Dmitry might have given Vlad a rough childhood, Vlad still loved him to death and would die for his father. His father believed his lies of him owning a small business in the capital, after all, he spent a lot of his time there, only coming back to Zelenogorsk to meet his parents. Vlad also regularly sent some of his wage to his parents, like any good son with loving parents would. His dad was the most stubborn person that Vlad has ever met and always stayed the same his entire life. Same, clothes, haircut, hell it even seemed like he kept his tone of voice when speaking to Vlad. Vlad would never think of questioning his father and his instincts could only think back to what used to happen when Vlad was disobedient.

Vlad's mother on the other hand, her name was Alexandria Zykov, Born the 20th of July 1953. She was to some extent, the complete opposite of her husband. Vlad had wondered several times about how they could even have married in the first place, was she forced? was it blind love? other reasons? still a mystery for Vlad to this day. Vlad appreciated his mother a lot more now then he did when he was younger. Comparing life from now and then, he'd gladly go back to the days where he'd crawl into bed, the bedside table light being on, and his mother sitting on his bed. With a sweet and soft voice, she'd read bible stories to Vlad, different ones every night too. But Vlad's favorites were the story of Jesus' sacrifice. How god sent his only son to save then entirety of humanity had always make Vlad feel at peace, at least there was someone looking out for him, cause he surely needed it. His other favorite was the story about Job, how he kept his faith. Despite losing everything he had.

Vlad's young adult years and his life until the civil war

Things were going pretty well for Vlad. He was making money on the side and lived in a house just outside the capital of Novigrad. He made sure his children went to a good school and had the best opportunities. Vlad also made sure he taught his children that his children were taught good values, like he'd been when he was young. He treated his children a little bit more leniently then what his father did to him, but if one of his sons stepped out of line. They'd regret it the next day. His wife Svetlana never really stepped out of line at all so Vlad never really had to discipline her.

Vlad's nationalistic right-wing group, being small compared to other political groups. Didn't attract much attention of the police and so it managed to continue it's anti-government attitude and gun smuggling. Due to the high corruption of Chernarus he got away with the gun smuggling pretty easily. Until the civil war broke out. Vlad decided to sign up as a volunteer for the army in the 2nd Volunteer corp. Even with his hatred for the Government and it's inability to handle the problems of the nation. Vlad saw the threat of communism and the pain that it'd brought to Chernarus, he just couldn't let the communists win this civil war. The smuggling operation had to be temporarily be stopped while Vlad was in the army.

His wife protested but ultimately she had no say in his decision. He kissed his wife Svetlana and his sons Nicholas and Vladimir goodbye and said that he'd be back soon. He told Nicholas that he's in charge of the house while Vlad is away, he told Nicholas that he needed to be strong in the face of danger even though he was only 8. Vlad hugged them one last time before they left him at the army recruitment center. There was 2 weeks of training and that was pretty much it. Time was of the essence and they didn't have time to bring the recruits through long training. Vlad already knew how to shoot, being a small-time gangster and a hunter. He could use both pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles.

Vlad's life in the army during the civil war

His first days were calm. He passed through training with a breeze and after 2 weeks he was off to his first assignment. Patrolling the northern civilian airport around Krasnostav. Not a lot of action like Vlad thought it would be, but he was doing a service to his country, despite hating the government. "Even if you don't agree with the government, you should still support your country" That's what Vlad thought. Vlad was on guard duty for the most part during the civil war. Guarding airports, army bases, barracks etc. He didn't partake in any offensive, the government left that to the professional soldiers. He did have some gunfights with Chedaki guerrillas when they led a small offensive on the Myshkino army base. Vlad managed to take cover before the firefight escalated. He threw himself behind a sandbag and crawled behind it, keeping cover. Chaos had irrupted as soldiers were rushing to cover and some were looking for their guns. The Chedaki had managed to get through their patrols and got the jump on the entire camp. They were firing from the thick forest across the dirt road.

Vlad continued crawling alongside the sandbag. He took out his SKS and quickly looked over the sandbag. He saw where two of the Chedaki fighters were firing from. He quickly ducked into cover again, this time he was prepared to fire. He used the sandbag as support while he quickly aimed his rifle for the Chedaki fighter. He saw one firing from behind a tree and took the shot. Vlad didn't know whether he died or not, all he saw was the Chedaki fighter dropping to the ground. He moved on to looking for the other ones. Vlad saw another Chedaki fighter crawling in line with the trees and he started laying down fire on him. At this point the whole camp had grabbed their guns and they were firing at the Chedaki forces. The Chedaki saw that it was their time to retreat and hope that they'd done some damage. After the shooting had stopped it was time to check if their was any survivors, on both sides. Vlad and some other soldiers went over to check if any Chedaki soldiers had survived. While looking over they saw 5 bodies, including the one Vlad shot, who rolled down the hill into the field.

While looking over the bodies the soldiers found nothing special, they took their guns and looted their bodies. Finding nothing of value they decided to leave. Vlad was about to go with them when he heard something from a bush nearby. He walked over as silently as he could with his gun out. He got a few meters away from the bush when a Chedaki fighter suddenly launched himself from the bush, knife in hand. Vlad tried to fire his gun but the Chedaki fighter manged to grab it before he fired. Throwing the gun away the Chedaki member came at Vlad with the knife. Vlad kicked him in the stomach and pulled out his own knife. The Chedaki fighter tried to stab Vlad ones again and this time Vlad wasn't fast enough when he dodged, the knife missed his head but it hit his shoulder. While the knife went into his shoulder, Vlad acted quickly and stabbed the Chedaki fighter his side, aiming for the kidneys. The Chedaki fighter let out a horrific cry and fell over on his side.

Vlad fell down on his knees while clutching his shoulder with his right hand. His fellow soldiers who he searched the bodies with came running back because of the shot that Vlad had fired earlier. They helped him up. The Chedaki fighter was still trying to crawl away from them but it wasn't going to stop Vlad's rage. He walked over to the Chedaki fighter and told him "I'll need my knife back"
He pulled his knife out quickly and wiped the blood of the knife on the Chedaki fighters uniform. "Let's leave him praying to Karl Marx shall we" a fellow soldier said, to which everyone let out a laugh as they kicked him a few times before leaving him in the woods. Vlad had to get bandaged and fixed up, he was honorably discharged for a time, being unable to fulfill his duties as a soldier.

Vlad stayed at home with his family, his parents also came down from the north to check up on him. Dmitry, Vlad's father, had a big smile on his face when he saw Vlad. Vlad and his father had a much better relation since that day. Dmitry was proud that his son had actually gotten wounded while fighting for his country. Dmitry and Vlad talked for hours about the war, him and his family and his future. Vlad told him about his plan to open up more small businesses in Novigrad, he also told his father about his political group that he started when he was young and to Vlad's surprise.

Dmitry was happy that Vlad was doing good, he thought that it was good that Vlad got into politics. That's what this country needed, he told his son while the whole family was watching TV. It was getting late and Vlad's mother and father decided to head home. His mother hugged Vlad extra hard and told him to be more careful. Vlad's father shook his hand and said "I'm proud of you my boy" Now those exact words hit Vlad with overwhelming happiness. He couldn't believe his father had actually just told him that he is actually proud of him. It stayed in his mind for weeks.

Vlad's "Master" Plan, "Operation Cossack"

He mastered a plan to take over Chernarus after the communist revolution was finished, won or defeated, the winning side was sure to be exhausted. And stupidly Vlad thought his meager force of fascist guerrillas could beat the winning side. But something came in Vlad's way, the USA. The USA had entered Chernarus in order to help the government, Vlad was sure that the US wouldn't accept his plans to overthrow the government if found out, so something really had to be done. The US and the UN put a stop to Vlad's plan in the end, he couldn't gather enough money and support for this revolution just yet, even tough it was a perfect time. Sadly Operation Cossack was never put into use. Vlad still to this day blames foreign interference for Chernarus' downfall and later the apocalypse.

His plan was simple really, the war was won by either side, the leader was then surely to have a victory speech for the struggle and to gather popular support. Vlad would rally his supporters and members to do a massive shootout at this speech in communist/military uniforms. He would position his soldiers in the crowd of the rally and have the leader assassinated while his other men open fire at the crowd. With panic ensuing he would quickly kill as many top members of the government to ensure as much chaos as possible. He would then afterwards drive straight to the capital as fast as possible, send his men to hijack all the TV stations and have his speech be broadcast-ed live for all Chernarussians to see.

He would in this speech legitimize himself as President of the people while acting like a supporter of the government,pretending it was the communists who had massacred the people at the Presidents rally. The plan was scrapped and Vlad continued fighting for the Government. The war ended and Vlad was sent home with a commendation for his bravery during the fighting. He thanked god for keeping him and his family safe during the war.

Vlad's life after the civil war

Since the civil war ended in 2009, Vlad resumed full control of his weapon smuggling, he also kept going with the political efforts, and with the war bringing more civil unrest, Vlad got more support.
He talked about a strong government, family values, and a free market economy that worked for the people. A strong government should seek support of the church, with the church and state united, nothing could break it.Vlad spoke of communism and the evil that it had brought to the world. He believed that in order to stop communism, all of it's roots must also be destroyed. What Vlad advocated was a form of Chernarussian Clerical-Ultranationalism combined with Corporatism to end all class-struggle. Vlad got his inspiration from Benito Mussolini in Italy and the Ustashe movement in Yugoslavia.
This would also ensure that communism would never be re-established. A religious population is also a happy and humble population. Family values was also the pillar of humanity, without it, the world would fall into chaos and humanity would be destroyed.

Vlad's party also supported the hunting and executing of chedaki supporters and other forms of communist. Even helping the government in the hunting efforts, the military would often find chedaki supporters, beaten and nearly dead in front of police stations and army centers.

Vlad's life resumed just as it had before the civil war, he lived with his wife and 2 sons, making sure they had it good in school and were taught the values that makes a man, discipline, faith and honor. Vlad had learned this from his father. Vlad's father was an honorable man, though some would disagree. Dmitry would always shut them up. Being a staunch traditionalist, Dmitry did not take criticism lightly. Vlad was always looking to make his father proud and the fear of not being able to do so follows Vlad to this day.

The Outbreak

When 2017 was around the corner, the last "real" Christmas party he'd ever have with his friends, parents and family.
The party went as all other years, they'd drink, sing, drink, the kids would open their presents at 20:00, more drinking, some fighting would ensue, a few broken glasses and more drinking. The guests would thank for the evening and leave at around 02:00 though it's happened that the partying would go into the early morning. Just like they've done all those other years. Vlad would talk to his father, who was growing old and turning 66 years in August of 2017. They talked about life, about Vlad and his family, about summer and Dmitry thought Vlad's boys could spend some time with their grandfather in the countryside up in South Zagoria. Vlad agreed and they shook hands as Dmitry called on Vlad's mother. Vlad hugged his mother and his sons said goodbye. Vlad could not wait for summer, though he'd soon regret that feeling.

2017 was not as any other year, Chernarus had caught a plague that was spreading quickly, it started during summer and spread all over the country. Vlad was at work in Novigrad when the chaos hit. Vlad had no idea what was going on but after hearing radio broadcasts he assumed the worst. He threw on his blue coat and ran to his car. Vlad managed to drive out of Novigrad safely and got to his house. Vlad's wife, Svetlana had already taken care of the kids and got them both out of school. Vlad had no idea that the plague actually made people come back to life after dying. Vlad heard on the radio that South Zagoria had been hit the worst. People also speculating that the plague originated from there. Vlad knew that he would have to go and save them from this impending apocalypse. Vlad got into contact with friends in his political party and crime union. They agreed to meet in northern Chernarus. Vlad took his family with him to his parents. After a long drive they arrived in the countryside by Zelenogorsk. Vlad could not believe that the town he had grown up in as a child was now destroyed.

Vlad arrived at his parents house outside of the town. He slowly walked up to the front door and opened it. Vlad noticed that it was unlocked and opened the door. What Vlad saw when he entered the house was something he will never forget. He saw his fathers corpse laying in the armchair while being eaten by an infected and his mother laying on the floor. Vlad, who was filled with rage and sadness, took the infected by the throat. He dragged it outside and beat it with his bare hands until he felt extreme pain in both. Vlad could not believe that his father and mother had died like this. This was not the way for an honorable man to die. While Dmitry surely tried to fight the infected, he was simply too weak from old age to fight it off. Vlad sat by his fathers side for what felt like hours. When he walked out he only had to look at his family for them to understand what had happened. The drive west was quiet and nothing was said during the entire drive to Vlad's friends and comrades.

After pulling himself together, Vlad managed to make up a plan for them to be sade in this apocalypse. They would flee westwards in hope of finding a valley or camping area to set up their camp. As chaos erupted around the world Vlad and his friends cared little for it. All that mattered now was to make sure their families were safe. After finally finding a perfect valley of what they guessed was Takistan. They made up camp and started settling in. The men would of go on looting runs into the cities of Takistan and Chernarus. They would bring back all sorts of supplies needed, including books etc.

After a few months of setting up camp. Vlad thought it was time for him to head back to Chernarus. Most called him an idiot for going at it alone, but Vlad had to make his country, god and his father proud. He could not sit idly by as his country was being torn apart. He headed back to South Zagoria and started looking for a potential camp to be set up here. To free Chernarus, one has to start somewhere right?

Vlad's life in the Apocalypse

After a few months of surviving and thinking. Vlad met up with some CDF remnants. Vlad quickly accepted their invitation to their small regiment. He was willing to give it a shot and see if the army would accept him as a volunteer a second time. He didn't tell them about his disloyalty that he had during the war, he played the act of a patriot like all the other ones. He figured he'd venture around with the CDF and see if they were a good bunch, he detested being a normal soldier though, and the CDF not doing anything to ensure his loyalty made him very weary and disobedient, he also disliked having to change his uniform. But so far it was going fine, maybe he was going to stay after all, that's a question only time will tell. He decided to stay for now. CDF or not, they were the only group around that was willing to ensure the safety of all Chernarussians and taking the fight to the communists.

Ultimately, the CDF remnants were too unorganized and didn't actively take the fight to the communists as Vlad would have thought they would. Not being loyal to the CDF but to Chernarus and the Chernarussian people, Vlad found it easy to leave. He will surely miss the other soldiers, because they were some tough soldiers fighting for Chernarus. After some thinking and prayer, Vlad finally left without saying goodbye. He was now on his own again, wandering the country.

Upon wandering alone for a while Vlad ran into some "old friends" He ran into Solntsevskaya Bratva, the Russian mafia that Vlad used to do business with back in his gun smuggling days. The Bratva family were a bunch of hardened Russians set to take control of parts of Chernarus. Vlad gladly singed up with his Slavic brothers figuring he'd fit right in. He followed with the Bratva as they made a deal with Anarchy, they were suppose to hunt down a woman for Anarchy to clear the name of a man in their ranks called Ulman. Vlad stayed in the background during the deal and it worked out fine. He would surely stick around the Bratva as long as he could. Vlad had missed being with his fellow Slavic brothers. One thing that surprised Vlad about the Bratva is that one of their leaders were a woman. Vlad hoped this would not make the Bratva meet their demise faster then what god had planned.

Vlad had been rolling with the Russian Bratva for a few weeks now. He'd intimidated some civilians with the Socialists, which Vlad didn't like one bit but orders are orders. He'd beaten the shit out of some Chedaki scum and proven ones again that true Chernarussians shall always stand victorious against the evils of communism and he'd finally been "fully incorporated" into the bratva, even though he wasn't a Russian, he still had higher ranks to reach. He'd gotten the tattoo of the Bratva and been recognized as one of them. Vlad was happy but hoped that his loyalty to Chernarus would not conflict with the loyalty to the Bratva. Were that day ever to come, there is only one choice for Vlad

Ever since his gun smuggling days since before the Apocalypse Vlad had admired the Bratva and always been proud that he'd done business with them when they first were in Chernarus. Vlad was happy to be around people that he knew and would always stick with him. Vlad figured that this worked fine for the moment and he would love to stick with the Bratva for as long as possible. Rolling with the Bratva was going like Vlad had expected. Though the uneasy relationship with Anarchy was a gamble since Bratva and Anarchy were not exactly enemies nor were they friends. Anarchy also forced the Bratva to kill one of their memebers, a man named Ulman. Vlad was not around for the execution but he could tell that Ulman was a broken man. Maybe he'll finally get some rest in death. While Vlad despised anarchists, he could respect Anarchy for trying to keep order in Chernarus.

To be Continued....


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