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James Carter
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Date of birth
    1990-06-26 (29 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Colchester, Essex
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
  6. Relationship
    Anastasia 'Nas' Vrubel - Ex-Wife
  7. Family
    Alina Carter (Mother, Unknown) Andrew Carter (Father, Unknown)
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    69 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Light Brown
  5. Eyes
    Grey/Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    - Dragon Tattoo on top left arm
    - Wedding ring on string around neck
    - Knife scar to back right shoulder blade
    - Knife scar to lower right stomach
    - Gun shot wound scar to right arm
    - Gun shot wound scar to left stomach
  8. Occupation
    Manager at C&S Co.
  9. Affiliation
    Viridian | Ex-Generation Zero | Ex-Brotherhood of Thieves
  10. Role



James grew up in rather luxury surroundings. His father (Andrew) had started a business with his old school friend before James was born and his mother (Alina) was his personal assistant. Alina and Andrew married and a few years later James was born. James’ mother gave up her job to look after him during his childhood, whilst his father’s company kept on expanding.

James was given a managing role in his father’s company (C&S Co.) after he had passed his schooling but was never given the full information as to what his father’s company did. To him C&S Co. dealt with providing greener energy solutions to the world, which it did but at the same time his father’s company had spread into new territory, buying stocks and shares and providing equipment/supplies to countries in need (for a price of course).

In June 2017 Andrew sent James to Chernarus to complete several business deals and overlook the work that was taking place in the country. His father believed it was the right time for James to step up in his role and see what C&S Co. did. When James arrived in the country he began work straight away, he soon realised that not only was C&S Co. providing the materials for new housing after the civil war along with wind turbines and pipe work they were also providing much needed weaponry to the country (again all for a price). James soon found out that C&S Co. profited from countries misfortunes, they would look good from a public view with their green energy solutions and rehousing the poor but underneath it all the company had a darker side providing weaponry to the highest bidder or ripping off governments that thought they were getting a fair deal.

In July James attempted to the leave the country after the stories that were coming from South Zagoria. He boarded a company Yacht but in the storm, it never made it out of the Green Sea. James managed to survive the shipwreck escaping on an inflatable life boat. With nothing useful on him, James finds himself floating towards a coastline in the distance.


On arriving on the South Zagorian Coast, James ran into a group of survivors. One of these survivors was Rory Taylor a young lady just trying to run the group and keep them alive. James stuck around with the group and started to make decisions what was best for them all. In time they started to follow James, they all joking started to call the group the Brotherhood of Thieves as to survive they needed to take from the local populations houses which in the old days would have been theft. The group stayed in the city of Chernagorsk where they took an old pub and converted it into a hub for other likeminded survivors. The pub was a front, a way to gather information and use it to the groups benefit. During their time together they learnt how to pickpocket successfully and how to sneak into places without being seen. One of these places was Kovars Market, a warehouse run by survivors to trade goods scavenged. James and the Brotherhood would often sneak into this warehouse and take from their stock, guns, ammo, food, you name it the Brotherhood stole it. Eventually the Brotherhood started to fall apart with betrayal and death. James left the group in the middle of the night, sneaking out as the rest of the group slept and travelled West.

Over a year had passed and James hadn't got far. Luck wasn't on his side, people he found on the way eventually turned up dead. A relationship he formed with a girl called Sarah ended up in betrayal where he was injured and left for dead before being found by a local Chernarussian. The Chernarussian man patched James up and gave him antibiotics to fight off the infection that had taken hold. James awoke one day to a note from his carer, it stated the man had left for supplies and dated a week ago. James waited in the house for the mans return and after a further 2 weeks gave up hope the man was coming back. James eventually ran into a group of young males and females just trying to survive as best they could and tagged along with them back to South Zagoria. 



Top Left Arm:




- Knife scar to back right shoulder blade - (HEALED)

- Knife scar to lower right stomach - (HEALED)

- Gun shot wound scar to right arm - (HEALED)

- Gun shot wound to left abdomen with exit wound - (HEALED)


Laska Anastasia 'Nas' Vrubel @Franny - Ex-Wife


We broke up on good terms with me ending the marriage to let her have the life she wanted. She was never the same woman that was my wife after meeting up with the nationalists at Polana from that day all she would do was support them over the family she was apart of even when them nationalists were mouthy. I gave out her full name over the radio in order to get her away from them but it seems in the process of saving her life she now wants to take mine. I still love her and want her safe but I have to do what is needed to keep myself and Viridian safe for the future of this world.

Luca Hayes @Phoenix - Friend 


Not much to say on Luca shes a good friend that will stand up for what she believes in, although she needs to learn when to hold her tongue as it has got us in trouble many times now. She is also getting good at the medical aspect of this family and I can see a good future for her if we manage to survive.

Caleb Marshall @Watchman - Friend / Ex-leader of Gen Z


Like Luca he needs to learn how to hold his tongue but overall he is very good in the medical aspect of the group.

Jordan Holt @AlanM - Friend


Jordan is a close friend, he's been through a lot with the collapse of Generation Zero and has the scars to prove it. I'm glad he came back to us and realised that we are his family and always have been. I think it took me to show my blessing in him to leave with Emma to wake him back up and bring him back to our side.

Eddie Sorella @Eddie - Friend


Someone that I've known since I was stranded here. Eddie has been through a lot like me since the Brotherhood, I'm glad that he has stuck by us and I can trust him with anything.

Jona Smekhov @Malet - Neutral


Although I have information on him that could rock his world I wont use it. The guy has had a hard life and he deserves a break from everything he has done or seen. When I see him and Emilia Smekhov its a glimpse of what me and Nas could have been if she hadn't got in with racist nationalists.

Emilia Smekhov @Revie - Neutral


Like Jona I wouldn't do anything to destroy her life. Shes a good friend to Nas and all I can hope is that she can bring Nas around and get her away from the mouthy nationalists.

Maxmilian 'Maxim' Vitek Myska @Ducky - Untrusted


The dog that barks and follows orders for the good of the country. He's a nationalist that is extremely mouthy and doesn't think before speaking out. I tried to help him once and was just insulted for my troubles. He now hangs around with my Ex-Wife and is corrupting her into thinking his way with bullets rather than using his brain... that's if he even has a brain.


Kameníci - Enemy


I never wanted any hostilities when it came to the locals here in Chernarus but my god these guys are assholes. I was taken hostage by them months ago and was released as I had worked hard for the country through my fathers company. That changed when we had guns held to our heads by Chedaki and told to show support over the radio, now me and my family are hunted by these guys that want a previous world that doesn't exist anymore and cant move on from the past. Wonder if any of them have a brain aswell..

Chedaki - Neutral


Unlike the Kamanichi these guys actually do have a brain. Although their past actions leave them little to be desired they have promised to help the foreigners stranded here and they look for a better future for us all. Not gonna trust them completely but they might be a useful ally if they stick around in South Zagoria.







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