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Sung Ho
Character information
  1. Mental
    Calm & Collected
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1987-02-14 (33 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Seoul, South Korea
  5. Nationality
    South Korean
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Equipment








Sung Ho was an only child born into a rich family from Seoul, South Korea. His father was a well respected business man while his mother was a housewife.

From an early age, Sung began to notice that his father was no ordinary man. When they would leave the house, people passing by would stop and stare. Their eyes filled with curiosity and fear.

By the time Sung was into his late teens, he had full understanding that his father was helping a very good family friend in the distribution of drugs throughout South Korea and into China. His interest would grow and soon enough he would be introduce to the lifestyle his father had been living for the good part of two decades.

Sung was trained in martial arts as a child and was expected to continue this upon being brought into his fathers business. He was shown how to fire pistols and handling blades of all sizes. His interest in art resulted in Sung's father putting him into a tattoo apprenticeship in his spare time. He became quite skilled with forms of ancient asian tattooing as well as with the gun.

Sung married his childhood sweetheart Minna when they were both twenty-four years old. Their marriage was strong and loyal. Minna was murdered by thugs during an evening walk with Sung while the pair celebrated their third anniversary. This event shaped Sung's future, causing him to grow more compassionate to those he cared for as he felt he did not want to waste the time he had with them.

In 2009, Sung's father had started finalising connections into South-East Europe where he could begin distributing his empire into the war ridden countries in the South Zagoria region and surrounds. The civil war of the time made it easy money among locals as they fought for a release from their hell-ridden lives.

The economical growth as a result of the civil war and the rebuilding of Chernarus meant Sung was gifted with a chance to travel and meet with associates in South Zagoria to discuss further business. This opportunity gave Sung a chance to explore a world that was foreign to him while leaving his tragic past behind him in Korea. He arrived in the back end of December 2019 and established a home where he would oversee operations for his father.

Sung spent months working. Mid-2020 had quickly arrived and news of infection and sickness were growing.

When the infection hit, Sung went straight to the closest Quarantine Zone where he stayed for safety. He made many friends within the walls, and grew close to them all.




The Quarantine Zone fell shortly after it was established.

It was a peaceful morning in the compound and the Russian Federation guards gathered civilians to begin processing them for residency.

Sung was first in line and was taken to the back office away from everyone so that they could process his paperwork.

Shortly after beginning the interview, two explosions went off inside of the compound and it went into lockdown for hours.

Gunshots from attacking forces paired with infected piling through the gates meant everyone inside the walls were at risk of dying.

Sung's thoughts were with his newfound friends who he needed to get to, yet couldn't as he was trapped inside the office.

After the bombing, Sung emerged to an almost empty compound. He left the walls with scavenged supplies from his apartment and left into the world, trying to reunite with his friends.





Leonid Orlov - Close Friend

Toby Dookiez - Close Friend

Shang Wei - Close Friend

Vasilly Chernovik - Close Friend

Tate Miller - Close Friend

Anya Petrasek - Love Interest

Josiah Norman - Friend

Mickey McCoomer - Friend

Lawrence Perry - Friend

Billy Tierny - Friend

Damian Del Toro - Associate

Riggs Fuller Associate

Kevin Williams Associate

Anthony Carter Associate

Jack Davis Associate

Kato Rito Associate

Lilianna Grey Associate

Victor Bel Associate

Bogdan Vadik Associate

Hector Del Toro Associate

Han Lee - Rival

MIA/Lost Contact:


Nikolai Noskov - Close Friend

Kobayashi Midori - Friend

Cooper Bolt - Friend

George Adebowale - Friend

Senne de Winter - Friend

Eljas Talvela Associate

Nikita Reznikov - Associate

Ishmael Vilem - Associate

Aleskey Nowak Associate

Brett Davis - Associate

Levi Damgaard - Associate

Charles Wilkshire Associate

Mikael Hansson Associate

Garrett Ray - Associate

Alex Schapp - Business Associate



Oleg Popovich - Close Friend

Vasili Petrov - Close Friend

Dmitri Volkov - Friend

Abigail Grant Friend

Nikita Stepanov - Associate

Liam Everest - Associate

Justin Walker - Enemy




Pharmaceutical Chef and Distributor

Charismatic Comedian

Singer & Rapper

Woman Seducer


Olympic Sprinter

Olympic Spear Fisher

Olympic Speed Boat Racer

Won South Korea's Got Talent 2009









Bruised Ribs obtained during fight with Han Lee (27/06/2020) - (Healed)

Split lower lip obtained during fight with Han Lee (27/06/2020) - (Healed - Scarred)

Bruised left eye obtained during fight with Han Lee (27/06/2020) - (Healed)

Twisted Ankle obtained from falling off a cliff (06/07/2020) - (Healed)


Split lower lip obtained during fight with Han Lee (27/06/2020)






Uncle Sung knows caramel lives matter. 


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Sung do be turning innocent teens into deliquents.

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Need to add fashionista to his list of skills 

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40 minutes ago, Brayces said:

Need to add fashionista to his list of skills 


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2 minutes ago, Conor said:

No mention of Anya...


Let me wake up and ill do something special

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