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Flare Hastings
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1998-07-18 (21 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


Name: Charles Hartwell Place of Origin: England Background information on character: Charles is a gentleman from the rich country hills of England, he has been brought up with luxuries and the worlds full attention and as an only child was spoilt with the most expensive clothes, Luxurious food and an extravagant lifestyle. He was then orphaned by the age of 19 due to an extreme boat trip where the vessel capsized drowning all on board, left with all the riches of the family he retreated to his estate only venturing as far as the nearest town. this was the moment he meet the woman of his dreams, molly, an young woman staying in the local inn ... life went on they became happy together. he would do anything in the world for her. Involvement in the crisis: The couple decided to adventure into a 2 week holiday to chernerus, all began fine until the day they closed the boarders, the couple were staying in the small cabins just west of khelm which was a secluded resort only available to the richest of travellers and were clueless to the devastation taking place in the surrounding towns and city's so there holiday remained peaceful, on the final day the couple attempted to reach the International Airport however once heading west they picked up an unusual radio transmition from the United Nations Agency alerting the couple of the closures and current situation, Stopping in heavy traffic they tried to push on however the citizens had already formed groups and they encountered a group of small time ex convict raiders, Charles put up a fight but was held forcefully to watch is beloved molly be taken into the back of a van, Charles was left tied to a cross surrounded by corpses of there victims this was the gangs devilish punishment in retaliation to his resilient personality. Charles now lingers the apocalyptic land in search for molly and although seems to be friendly to the average survivor is always cautious as he find new leads on the kidnapping of his molly. Charles has begun to help out people by providing favours in return for information on the clans that may have taken his wife. Skills: Hunting - Brought up in a wealthy lifestyle Charles hunted game and many other animals for sport, he soon learnt how to work around the forest and stay were no one could see him. Charisma - As a former upper-class citizen Charles has a way with words and is good at negotiating. Survival - Hunting always fascinated Charles and so he soon sprung on to survival, working with common materials and making the most out of what he has got, he soon learnt the basics of farming and cooking the game he had shot --------- Some basic adjectives: Open minded, dedicated, persuasive, concealed, shadow, well spoken


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