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David Grimm
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1985-03-07 (34 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Aberdeen, Scotland.
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Latin.
  8. Relationship
    Evelyn Grimm
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Very Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Tattoos on left arm.
    Two puncture scars on lower left abdomen
  8. Equipment
    Mix of civilian and light military equipment if attainable.
  9. Occupation
    Oil worker, Ex-Navy.


11th July 2017 "Honey will you get that please?" shouted Evelyn from upstairs. "I'm still drying my hair and it'll probably be for you anyway" "Okay okay" I grab the phone off the receiver with one hand, trying to find something to watch on TV with the other. "Hello?" "Hi there, is this the Grimm residence?" A stern man's voice replies. "Sure is.." I wait patiently. I fucking hated telesales but i loved winding them up. "Right well i must speak with Evelyn Grimm please" he says. "Honey it's for you, i think it's your work!" I shout upstairs "She'll be two secs, i'll put the phone down til she gets it" "Thanks" The voice says. "No problem." I move over to the couch and continue flicking through the channels, TV was so shit nowadays. Ever since i'd left the Navy i'd catch myself getting sucked into everyday life. Tidying up, going to work, going shopping and all that other shit was necessary but jesus it was boring. Flicking through the channels i stop on the news as there seems to be something juicy going on. Evelyn picks up the phone. "Hello, this is Evelyn" she says. From what the news was saying, it seemed like there was something big going on over in one of Russia's border states called Chernarus, in a little part of it called South Zagoria. Russian forces had just bombed a small military storage facility allegedly owned by the them. "Yes, as in today?" I couldn't hear what was being said but she wasn't saying much, mostly listening. It seemed that the Chernarussian Defence Forces retaliated with bombing runs on Russian border posts. Reports of violent attacks through local towns and population centres being evacuated. The world really has gone to shit. "Babe, are you seeing this?" I shout over to her. "Okay, yes, right away" She hangs up. "That was work, there's been an incident involving a possible contagion in South Zagoria and i'm being sent in with Peace Keeping forces right away" "What, right now? Surely they can't just do that!" "In crises when things are bad and they say I've got to go then I've just got to go. You should know what i'm talking about David." "I suppose you're right but how safe will you be? Things are totally fucked there and that's just what they're showing on the news. Them UN boys are pussies as well" "it'll be fine!" She says smiling. "I love it when you worry about me but listen, they won't put me somewhere i would be in danger, and there will be a good few hundred of us with the fleet at our backs" "Alright, alright" I sigh. "Stay in contact, and if things get bad just keep your head down and get out, okay?" "Okay, stop worrying, jeez!" She grabs me close and kisses me. I loved the way our bodies seemed to click together. It always felt like home. "I'll ring you as soon as i can but we'll be running scenarios below deck on a ship, so god knows when" "It's cool i get it don't worry, ask on of the deck crew for time on the sat phone, they've always got one and they'll easy give it up for a lady" I say cheekily to her. "Oh i might just do that!" She winks and as she closes the door says "Goodbye, love you!" "Love you too!" I get back to the sofa and continue to watch the crisis. 19th July 2017 I'd just spent the last week watching the news and only getting emails from Evelyn. Chernarussian Forces and Nato had been trying to get a foothold in the situation but the reports being broadcast and the things Evelyn had been writing to me had started to get me worried. I hadn't heard from her in nearly forty eight hours. The last thing she told me was that she was being deployed to a town called Chapaevsk. The number she had given me to call in emergencies was just a dead tone. Now there was almost a complete news blackout as people started to panic about this thing spreading to other countries. Every nerve in my body was telling me what i wanted, no, needed to do. I grabbed the phone and dialled a number i didn't ever think i'd call again. It still rings. Good. They answer. "Yes?" The voice says. "Alright Mac, it's Dave, i need a favour pal, and it's a big one." "Fuck sake, alright you know where i'm at lad, see you soon" "Cheers pal, see you soon" I hang up the phone and grab my bag. Here we go. 20th July 2017 After a long day of fucking about and sorting stuff out with Mac, i'd finally caught the long flight from Gatwick to Pulkovo Airport in Russia. The in-flight entertainment for me was watching more of the news. It was getting worse. News of other countries borders closing was spreading like wildfire in the event this contagion, virus or whatever it was, started to spread outside of Chernarus. Arriving at the airport it was clear to see the worry on everyones faces. I got a few strange looks at myself. It seemed everybody was trying to get out and here was me trying to get in. I'm not entirely sure what i expected, with this being such a small airport, as I looked at what would be the taxi ranks, there was only empty cars and long lines of busses and coaches, filled with more people trying to get away. There was still calm but it was near boiling point. Amongst the crowds i could see a guy loading up a car with what looked like food and water. He wasn't trying to leave, he was going in country. I approach the man with a forced smile, the man returns it with an expectant look. He was obviously in a hurry. "Hi there, do you speak English at all?" I put my hand out to shake in a friendly manner to try put him at ease. "Yes. What do you want?" He ignores the gesture and continues to look at me. I retract my hand. Fair enough! "well it looks like you and me are the only ones here not trying to run away. Are you going back inland?" "Yes i'm going south to Stavropol, my daughter is at school there and they're going to evacuate everyone soon. I need to get there before she gets mixed up in all that and i can't find her." "Okay perfect, let me help you with this stuff" I start to grab bags and load it into the back of his car. "I'm going to Chernarus and i think Stavropol is pretty close" The man stops loading and looks at me. "You don't want to go there. Are you an idiot? Don't you watch the news? That is where all this started. You go there you will die" He seemed really pissed off about it. I guess he was a decent guy, he clearly didn't want me risking my life. "I understand that mate, but I've got someone down there too, my wife. She's a scientist. She went in to help people and yeah, you're right, I've watched the news. That's why i've gotta go." I plead. He lets out a long sigh and then looks at me. "Right okay. First we get my daughter, then i will take you to the border but know this my friend, i will not go any further than that." He understands and tells me how it will be. "Of course, thank you" I accept. We get in the car and head down strange roads under a falling sky. "I'm coming Evelyn." =WIP=


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