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Wolfgang Winter
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1990-01-11 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    London England
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
    German , English


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  4. Equipment
    -Tied back camo bandanna
  5. Occupation
    Sea Marshal





The Winter family became a thing in 1940s, when a retired German soldier by the name of Ben Winter moved to the UK due to the constant hate towards the German soldiers that fought during the war, and Ben felt responsible for that.

Once Ben moved to the UK he had to be homeless due to converting the money from Reichsmark to pounds was very risky during those times. Ben was homeless for about 3 years until he met a Woman who changed his life , she fed him , bathed him and later became his wife. And the carrier of his child ,  Wolfgang Winter senior .

This family was built and molded by survival... and it was not going to stop there!



Wolfgang (or has his friends called him “Wolf”) is a 27 year old who has endured alot throughout his life, from being a huntsman with his father to a professional sea marshal aboard the riptide to prevent the series of terrorist attacks that have been happening in Turkey.


The hunting part of Wolfgang’s life all started when he was a 15 year old , when he went with his father to the black forest in Germany to legally hunt animal’s like deer and other animals that where found.

His father was very professional at hunting after he retired from the army , so he taught Wolfgang all the essentials , Stealth , Crossbow shooting and tracking , which he did not know at the time would be very useful at the peak of his life.

Wolfgang stopped hunting after 2 years and began training for his future job of being an anti terrorist solider.  

The rest of his life

Wolfgang had a strong ambition to become a member of the Anti terrorist squad , as he really wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and he did not really want to join the army as that would be too boring in his family history.

Throughout his journey he met this girl named , Constantine. He dated her for a while and later proposed to her 2 years in his training. Everything was going amazing.

Until in 2016 his Father (who he was named after) , died in a car crash . This made Wolfgang very depressed and angry. This event effected his relationship with his girlfriend and his job.

At this time Wolfgang was very good at his job and this event made a huge impact on his work effort, the higher up noticed this and decided to appoint Wolfgang in a job in Istanbul Turkey as a “sea marshal” , who was there to prevent any terrorist attack that would be deemed to happen on a boat where the terrorist attacks are high.

Wolfgang accepted the job , in order to get a break from the depression and stress. So what is better than spending time with drunken assholes?


Once he boarded the riptide he was greeted by the captain of the boat Nail Macneil , he was a Scottish fellow and was very fond of his boat. He was the only one on the boat who knew who he was ,as for the most part undetected and was recognized as one of the celebs among the boat.

Whilst he was on the boat he was constantly pushed into by the dancing , so for the most part he was leaning on the balcony looking at the ocean side, whilst chewing the 5 packs of gum he brought with him during this endeavor.

After being on the boat for a while he noticed the constant theme of sicknesses throughout some of the passengers among the boat , he just ignored it for the most part as alcohol and the sea do not mix.

This was until ... you know they tried to rip people’s faces off! This is when Wolfgang quickly pulled out his revolver and started to clear out the boat of the crazy people aboard, by ether kicking them off the side or shooting them in the head.

The last survivors of the riptide banded together and set up a plan for how we can survive. It looked like the orders where organised by a guy named “Garret” , a self proclaimed superstar too big for his boots.  Anyway the discussions got interrupted by the distant explosions that where close to the land known as “south zagoria”. Wolfgang knew of this place and the civil war that was taking place.

Once the riptide arrived on the island , it created a loud noise that dragged the attention of the other crazy people on the island. By the time we arrived at the shore they were practically surrounded by them , Wolfgang stayed behind with other survivors to fight off the infected on the beach killing them one by one with his pistol , but it just created more of them to come over. Wolfgang was next to a rapper and a bartender , the bartender was not fighting and got tackled by an infected where the rapper saved him but recently got killed by the same infected. There was so much in the way that he could not even see if they survived and by the look of it he was running very low on ammo. So the best thing to do was run west , separating from the rest of the group. He would have contacted them via radio , but he refused to take it as he did not want to carry that thing around with him and he also just thought nothing bad would have happened.



Once he arrived west , he arrived at a military checkpoint occupied via military . The military aimed a gun at wolf and began firing , mistaking him for an infected . But i doubt he would have run back to ask. Wolfgang spent most of his time in the wilderness , feeding on animals and other predatory things. Whilst he was in the wilderness he was trying to find the rest of the crew , but that was going know here due to lack of communication ... so another plan will have to be in order...















Season 1 Goals - "Preparation"
Get a job in this world [Mercenary]
Get 500 pieces of food for the winter (300/500)
Find a suitable place to stay 
Find the riptide survivors 

Find out about the infection via UN
Get someone to teach how to farm
Look for potential buyers of the services that you offer
Find suitable clothes for the winter
Build a furnace
Get taught how to craft clothes
Get tents to sleep in


Perma Death after , 150 hours.

Get a car
Make a bow
Help out riptide survivors
Have a some kind of life


Season 2 - "Retirement" [Not until .63]





Season 2 - New me








Maybe just a little bit stereotypical but hey, story is ok and graphics look cool! 

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3 hours ago, Ninja said:

Maybe just a little bit stereotypical 

How so?

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As soon as I see the word "Hunter", seen the same kind of character backstory lot's of times, up to you but maybe you could find another word for hunter, just so it is harder to identify and looks unique.

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