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Sasha Vinogradov
Character information
  1. Alias
    - "Z"
  2. Date of birth
    2003-05-05 (19 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    - Vorkuta, Namalsk
  4. Nationality
    - Russian
  5. Ethnicity
    - Caucasian
  6. Languages
    - Russian, English and very little German
  7. Family
    - None, not anymore
  8. Religion
    - "If you have a god, then he has deserted you."


  1. Build
    - Athletic, Slightly Muscular
  2. Hair
    - Long, Blonde
  3. Eyes
    - Heterochromatic Green and Blue
  4. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  5. Features
    - Missing left pinkie toe
    - Scars all over his body from a nearly fatal wolf attack
    - GSW scars everywhere
    - Mutilated right leg
    - Decently sized scar under his left ear
    - Missing left ring finger
  6. Equipment
    - SPAS-12 without a buttstock
    - FK BRNO
    - Nailed baseball bat
    - His favorite yellow motorbike helmet
    - Cracked yellow tinted aviators
    - Black plate carrier with a skull patch, and a ton of bullet holes
    - Raggedy, torn up black biker jacket
    - Tactical gloves that have dried-up blood stains on the knuckle covers
    - Slim black ripped jeans
    - Off-white sneakers with yellow shoelaces
  7. Occupation
    - Nomad


  Sasha "Z" Vinogradov  

Sasha Vinogradov, who would later get the nickname "Z", was born on the beautiful yet unforgiving island of Namalsk. His father Anatoli, who was a worker in Vorkuta, raised him throughout most of his younger years. Unfortunately, his father was diagnosed with advanced Leukemia, and decided to pass Sasha to his grandmother. Life was pretty boring, being on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea with not much connection to the rest of the world, combined with the strict lifestyle that his grandmother forced him into. School wasn't much different, however Sasha found himself a friend group that he stuck with for a while, the same friend group that gave him his nickname. As he grew older, he started caring less and less for education, eventually deciding to drop out at 16, to become a Vorkuta worker much like his father. Life for him continued as normal, although he began hearing rumors of government experiments and the supernatural plaguing the island. He had heard these rumors before, but was too young to ever care, but now it had piqued his interest. He began listening in on conversations, gathering as much information as he could. However in late 2019 that would change, as the world, including Namalsk, was sent into lockdown due to the newly discovered virus. The island wasn't tremendously affected by the virus, but it managed to make its way to Sasha's grandmother, becoming one of the few cases that we're recorded on the island. Sasha left the rumors and conspiracies be, and redirected his time and effort towards taking care of his grandmother. She would later pass from the illness, leaving Sasha to live in the cold and depressing apartments alone for the next couple of years. Then sometime in very late September of 2021, Sasha was on his way back home from work when he saw an abnormally increased military presence within the city. Namalsk was notorious for its mysterious nature, Russian government sending in unreasonable amounts of military hardware and troops during and after the Cold War, so this was normal to the people who lived there. Sasha on the other hand felt different this time, an irresistible gut feeling that something was not right. He made his way back home, packed his belongings, and waited until midnight. Without having much to lose and out of impulsivity, he made the risky decision to make his way to Tara harbor and sneak aboard one of the military cargo ships. The night was a particularly stormy one, making it easier for him to make his way past any guards or workers. On the way to the harbor, Sasha felt something off about this storm. It seemed to emanate an eerie, droning sound that felt as if it was following him. Although it was quite peculiar, he ignored it, and continued on his path through the forests and shores. Along the way he was able to hear his own past, things that he couldn't remember until then, even things that he didn't even know he had memory of. But he was too focused on his objective, brushing it off thinking it was just him already starting to miss home. Once at the harbor, he carefully snuck his way around bunches of containers, successfully boarding a ship and hiding within its cargo hold, hoping he wouldn't get lost. The storm seemed to be only getting considerably stronger, the droning becoming louder by the minute. While waiting for the departure, he began hearing whispers from what seemed like everywhere, unable to tell if he was going crazy or if there was somebody else with him. The ship began its departure towards mainland Russia as the storm was starting to become violent, lightning striking dangerously close, followed by what could only be described as loud thumping, an earthquake perhaps? Whatever it was, it was getting uncontrollable. Sasha braced himself as the thumping rolled over them, knocking him out in the process.


  Some time later...  

After what only felt like a few hours to him, he woke up, washed up on a shoreline dazed and confused with the majority of his things missing aside from a few supplies and family mementos that washed up alongside him. He couldn't remember anything that happened prior, nor had any idea where he was. He got up and began looking for the nearest settlement, eventually stumbling upon a road. With really no other choice, he followed the road, revealing a town in the distance, and a road sign that had 'Rodal' written on it. He continued along the road into the town, expecting to find a thriving little bit of civilization that would point him in the right direction. Instead, there was no one to be found. He kept looking around, seeing abandoned cars and trash littering the streets with no sign of life. After scoping out the town, he decided to break into one of the houses in search of supplies. Inside he found an old, dried-up blood trail that led up to the second floor. He reluctantly followed the trail upstairs to find that it leads into a room. He carefully peaked through the door to see a person hunched over, staring blankly at the floor. He called out to them, but they didn't react. He tried yelling out to them instead, successfully getting their attention. They turned to face him, revealing their horrifying expression and blood-soaked clothes. They charged toward Sasha with no warning screaming in pain, tackling him to the ground. With just enough strength he struggled out of their grasp, grabbed a fire extinguisher that was laying right beside him, and bashed the persons head in. He couldn't believe what just happened, he didn't want to believe it. But he very well understood what was going on. He checked inside of the room that the infected attacked him from, which had a few things to get him started. He stepped outside, both mentally and physically prepared for what would come next.


  Relations Memories  

Dimitorou Natalya | Milo Cheryl Niki | Walker Jake "Wild" Jack "Archie" Alexej "Dandy" Dimitri "Rose" "Dimes" "Strixs" "Crow" Richi Adam Dean Ceilidh Joe "Poshuk" Elroy Rae Marek Joleen Sofiya 

Imrich Havel Winter | Logan "Koala" Ezra Petrov Misha Kasper "Rook" Kveta "Birdie" Nikolai Niya Ryan Peter Sean Sammy Anatoly Penelope Buck "Greaser" Frankie Nina "Woody" Augustin "El Diablo"




Dxrk - Rave | Hensonn - Sahara | Noisia - Machine Gun (16bit Remix)

Gesaffelstein - Opr | After Dark x Sweater Weather | TOOL - The Pot

Metallica - Murder One | Motorhead - Stay Out of Jail | Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop


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