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Giovanni Dipero
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doesn't hide behind fake faces.
  2. Mental
    Using his head
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1986-03-18 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Jonny Dipero [Father] | Dominic Green [Bestfriend]
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    > Has a light brown beard that he grew out at sea.
    > Has a recognisable Brooklyn accent.
    > Not afraid to tell people how he feels about situations.
  8. Equipment
    Giovanni will wear whatever civilian attire he sees fit, his outfit depends on how he feels is safe for him to wear and the current season at the time.
  9. Occupation
    Iceberg mover
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Just a guy




"Even though life is a hell of a journey, some people would rather crash to end it then park and enjoy the view"


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Giovanni was born March 8th 1986 in the Cranston Hospital Center downtown, his family were always old fashioned and enjoyed the social aspect of life. From a very young age he was always involved in whatever is mother or father were doing, that lasted up until the age of 16 when Giovanni was given a choice. Continue school to become a more well rounded individual or work for the family business for a real estate business that his father Jonny Dipero owned. Willingly he picked to continue his school and maybe get an interesting job that allows him to see the world through his own eyes  and do something truly amazing.

He was attending his senior years of school, doing well no hunches nearly like things were just going his way, never really hard done by he always respect the stories that his father used to tell him about making your way to the top with hard work and commitment, his father always had money but never really talked about where it all came from, but who is to complain. He applied to a job that was a bit more out of the way, an iceberg mover job. Months away at sea and a pretty good salary. The job was just transporting icebergs from areas where they are melting, to places that need fresh water. he did consider the military after meeting a british medic named Brackett while he was doing a display at his school but it never really interested him.




The weather on boat life was harsh and cold but something about the cold Giovanni always loved, being able to overcome and and sit down with your warm clothes or keep warm he always loved something about it. The Antarctic is the biggest desert in the world with some great views and it was all worth it in Giovanni's head something really worth doing. He met a guy on ship when he first signed up named Dominic Green, really nice fellow and had the same outlook on it all as Giovanni did, something that was a bit rare for a couple guys from Brooklyn.

The ships crews were normally just odd, dodgy people. Especially their captain, he used to take in weird cargo that was unlisted. He made sure it was always warm and hidden, but not hidden enough. After we landed sometimes he'd talk some kind of super model guy in a suit. Things are always dodgy but at least it got the bills payed, Gio talked to the guy a couple of times and he seemed like an alright enough guy. 

Gio was smoking a cigarette when his captain came up to him with his large coat on looking over the midnight sky, he glared at it before talking "Gio, I need to involve you in something and I know you can handle it, we need you as something more than just what you are. It's to hard to look after it by myself" still not ripping his eyes from the sky. "I need you to help you with transport of people" he said calmly while looking at Gio. Gio looked over the sky blowing out smoke "Does it pay well..?" the captain nodded at Gio softly, "The guy in the suits your new boss, he wants to speak to ya" as he throws a small phone at Gio "Welcome" as the same soft voice s waves through as Gio stands up more staight listening intently.

Giovanni was a coming in from 4 months at sea on his tugboat and was met with tears when he got home, his mother was tragically killed in a car accident. It crippled him, he continued to work mindlessly earning his money all while aiding his family with 40% of his earnings to try and fill the gap. Sometimes accidents happen he thought, but he doesn't understand why to all people him. Coming to term with the Devil is hard, let alone fate. Something he never believed in, he never liked the fact his life had no choice. 

For years he worked on the boats, eventually he saved up enough money to buy his own boat and had Dominic agree to come with him on a life of fishing since the sea always mellowed his mind. He was always a honest man that never really needed fast cars or materialistic items, but he knew the dangers of people and always kept a pistol in his house and one on his boat as a just in case. Never had he to use them but that's just sometimes how life works.




Him and Dominic decided to go deep sea fishing to say it has been done, they flew to Istanbul and joined on a american boat out there to fish in the green sea. He loved it, the hot weather and the loving company of the locals women. He continued to fish until the navigation went down on the boats, he felt the water shudder as he watched a distant flash. Giovanni felt a bad gut feeling and looked at the massive wave coming his way, he shouted for everyone to get down. He watched as the wave swallowed the ship, he saw Dominic for a second then he disappeared. Giovanni looked around as panicked as he could be, he called the alarm and set off flares. He looked at the radio and watched the dead chunk of metal lay there dead.

Giovanni floated for days through the sea with the remained of his crew, he had no idea where he was going in this alien land. He beached at a small kind of village next to a alcatraz like island he'd seen before bug ignored it. After he docked he looked around and no one was there, no people no society. Just weird looking signs, that's where he felt things were about to get a lot more complicated.





"Ice is the stalemate of being frozen in time but existing all the same"


Gio got onto his radio and called out into his company's frequency

"Hello..? Is anyone out there..? Does anybody read me..?" while looking around at the winters sky

"Fucking mouthbreathers.." he mumbled under his breath before putting his radio away.

Over the last few months things had been different, the company had gone... nothing was left but emptiness. All the slaves were gone, none of his business associates were around. Probably dead or deserted the cause over time. Gio always knew it would get to that point one day but he didn't think he would live it alone. Wondering the lands breathing fresh air he survived remembering what it was like to have purpose. Lost and lonely was when he knew things couldn't get worse, he wasn't a big social character either being highly aggressive and protective of what he worked for he longed relationships with people but not how he used to have them. Taking and holding had no reason to him, it was pointless. Especially without pay or anything of the kind. A twig snapped in the treeline as Gio turned around and looked at the sound. A small face came out from the tree.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing you stupid fuck" as he charged at the tree.

He pushed himself around the tree and grabbed the little girl and held her by her throat.

"You think you're smart or funny you little shit, you know the things i've done to people like you..?"

"Please I was only watching, I didn't know if you had anything to spare but i've been out here so long"

He gripped her throat harder watching her squirm trying to break his grip. 

"Listen here you little fuck if you want to spy i'll give you something to spy on"

He picked up a rock that fit in his palm and smashed it against her face multiple times, the girl screamed before she stopped moving and went limp in his hands. He watched as life escaped her body at the speed of light. He dropped her on the floor and the rock besides her head. He walked away before packing his thing and throwing his bag against his shoulders. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but it was the only way he could guaranteed he survived.




X Protect himself as #1 until those he can trust come along.

X Ensure himself safe.

X Find his old company members and gain revenge on their abandonment if needs be.

X Escape the hardships of living in a broken world.




X None currently




Stop taking people hostage because you think they're a prick

God dammit, galaxy! :(

5/5 character tho, nice job bby

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On 11/27/2017 at 2:39 AM, Rogério SkyLab said:

Stop taking people hostage because you think they're a prick

God dammit, galaxy! :(

5/5 character tho, nice job bby

Ill take as many hostages as Gio thinks is necessary.

Thanks though :D <3

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Worst character in the group tbh 1 star

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11 hours ago, Elmo said:

Worst character in the group tbh 1 star

Slave lover...

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