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Bobby Moretti
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1976-07-13 (42 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Brooklyn, New-York
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English and some Italian
  8. Relationship
    Lola Ramponi
  9. Family
    Tony Moretti (Brother-Alive) - Madiana Moretti (Mother - Dead) - Alfonzo Moretti (Father - Unknown Status)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short, light brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Has a tattoo on his right arm, of an Eagle overlapping the Italian flag. A small scar on the bottom right side of his mouth from a bad split lip. A thin scar running down from his cheek to his jaw. Various hole, and cut scars on his left arm.
  8. Equipment
    Flat cap, gotta have style. Pretty much whatever else he can get his hands on.
  9. Occupation
    Pre-Outbreak: Soldado (Soldier in the New-York Mob)


41-year-old, Bobby Moretti from Brooklyn New-York was in the Italian Mafia back home, as a simple Soldado (Soldier). Bobby was a simple kid, what he lacked in his brother's determination he made up for in his own stubborn attitude. Bobby always seemed to look up to his older brother Tony, although he wouldn't dare utter how much he admired Tony's drive to get things done. Him and Tony ended up doing the dirtiest of jobs, such as cleaning up dead bodies and taking care of any business that was rather unpleasant. The stuff nobody wanted to do. Bobby didn't really have the stomach for it at first, but inevitably he became dulled to the sight, if only to grit his teeth and do his job. They both were part of the Family simply because of their father, Alonzo Moretti, was the Consigliere (Adviser) for over 15 years working for the very same Don. Don Fiore only accepted the boys due to the huge amount of respect owed to their father. This didn't stop Don Fiore from treating them like they were worth next to nothing. The Italian Mafia had their hands in many things. One of the most important parts of their business was dealing in guns. This was, of course, aside from drugs, gambling, favors and "protection" services. June 2nd 2017, Don arranged a meeting with the Chernarussian Mafia for a deal on a few crates of AK type weapons. The Chernarussian Mafia refused to leave the country, forcing the Italian Mafia to fly to Chernarus to complete the deal. Don Fiore suspected foul play, he understood this may be a direct attack on the Italian Family for some sour deal over 10 years ago. He was sure everything was settled between the two Families. But this just didn't sit right with the Don. Bobby felt uneasy about getting himself and Tony into such a potentially risky situation, but he put that aside hoping everything would go according to plan, so Tony and him could finally score it big. Fiore exploited them by sending Bobby and his brother Tony Moretti alongside 4 other Soldados to take place for this deal. If it was going to backfire, at least the Don would be safe. In very early July of 2017, the crew finally arrived in Chernarus. The deal was not happening for another day, so the boys stayed at the nearby Motel in Berezino and slowly got settled. Bobby ended up with a cheap bottle of whiskey to try and calm his nerves, taking long careful drags on his cigarettes that night, wishing he could have lucked out with some beautiful woman. Bobby and his brother were both pretty excited to go through their first deal. This would surely show the Don just how useful they are, and who knows? If they did real good, they might get a pretty bonus. Buying some broads and having a party with his brother sounded like the perfect way for Bobby to celebrate after this was done. The next day, the crew heads to what is known as Klen Hill where the deal was going to happen. It was at 7:00 PM that everyone met on that same hill. Everything seems to be going well. Since Tony was running the show, Bobby was more keen on keeping an eye out for his brother's back than actively listening in on the conversation. "Your weapons are all in truck friend, you give money and I let you go see yes?". he continues to smile saying "As you said, Mr. Moretti, trust is earned so now is your turn to show me trust". Tony looks at Bobby with a questionable look in his eyes as Bobby nods to go through with it. So Tony then hands over the case of money. The Don immediately passes the case to his Underboss and turn to Tony while attempting to shake his hand and says, "Thank you for trust friend, now I know we can deal again... Go to truck, all is yours, yes". Tony sent 2 of the Soldados to the Truck to have a look and make sure everything is in order before they take it and leave. Tony, Bobby, and 2 others Soldados stay behind while the Don heads to his private car. The Don shuts the door and the 2 Soldados open the back of the truck to views its content. To their surprise, the cargo was composed of 3 Chernarussian Mafia soldiers armed and ready to shoot. Instantly the 2 Soldados got shot down and being surprised, more coming from out of the bushes nearby and other hidden areas. They quickly feel surrounded and start to slowly step backward while shooting at the soldiers. The 2 other Soldados get shot down and only Tony and Bobby are left. The boys start running down the immense hill trying to find safety as bullets fly by them. In a panic, Bobby turned to shoot back as they run while Tony insists he stop and keep running. When Bobby turned to continue running, he presumed his brother had gone off into the thick of the woods and tried to catch up to him. Bobby ran as fast as he could, but couldn't seem to catch up to wherever his brother was. Having to stop and rest against a tree, Bobby wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to get a better look at his surroundings...nothing but trees all around. He quickly grew disorientated, and ended up practically doubling back trying to figure out where his brother Tony had gone. A few of the Chernarussian Mafia that were hunting them stumbled onto Bobby and grabbed him up, apparently wanting both him and Tony to make sure there were no loose ends. They worked Bobby over pretty good, beating the hell out of him while questioning where Tony had gone. Bobby didn't know, but even if he did he'd like to believe he would never give his brother up to these bastards. Hands tied behind his back, mouth taped over, Bobby was thrown into the trunk of an old hatchback. They started driving through the bumpy dirt roads, apparently taking Bobby somewhere, probably a hole in the ground or a ditch to dump his body. Bobby wasn't quite sure what was going on when they stopped, and he heard shouting in what he presumed to be Chernarussian. There was an abrupt shootout that took place, and Bobby used his feet to stomp on the window of the old hatchback. Smashing out the glass, he threw himself out of the car and tried to make his way back into the woods for safety. After cutting his hands free with the side of a tree, and peeling the tape from his mouth. Bobby eventually found his way to some town, somewhere, only to discover there was some revolution...or anarchy going on. Looting, killing, panic abound. It took him another day or two to finally understand what was actually going on around him...seemed like the world was coming to an end.





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Don't start wit me Bobby, don't start wit me!!! :P

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Finally read your background. Nice man I love how we combined stories there and it blended so well :) Love your piece there after we separated. Just awesome!

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