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Quinn Gray
Character information
  1. Alias
    Queen of Severograd
  2. Date of birth
    1999-10-05 (19 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    United States, West Virginia
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship


  1. Height
    158 cm
  2. Weight
    45 kg


188308832_skytree.one(4).png.dbcdb0da2eae464957f6e289d56b8d04.png two-hearts_1f495.png.5b84c9755a37b2975e492a41e15af18d.png


Quinn Gray is beautiful, kind and considerate to those around her, growing up alone without a family of her own, the day she was born she was placed in foster care. Quinn grew up with manners, grateful to be alive her mission was to find happiness and to find a family of her own someday, believing one day she could be wanted. Quinn grew up in the United States, West Virginia Quinn never left the state, she grew up as a farm girl working hard every day while being in foster care. Whenever families had come along to pick their ideal child, she was never what couples had wanted for a daughter, having a personality like Dory from Finding Nemo, she was never wanted.

When Quinn was in school, maths was never for forte, but she did enjoy history, she could sit for hours just learning about the subject, she lacked in education due to her memory, it can be bad if it isn't post-traumatic. At the age of sixteen, Quinn moved away from the farm life and rented a cheap small place near the city, she worked at a local vegetable shop. Quinn worked hard to pay her rent, she struggled but she managed, she never had friends or anyone for that matter, she was content and used to not having anyone until-

Quinn served her first customer of the morning, he looked to be in his early twenties, after Quinn had served him, he wanted to take her out for coffee, they exchanged names and numbers. Since then they became very close with one another, they became boyfriend and girlfriend after multiple dates. It was love at first sight for Joe when he had first laid his eyes on Quinn, he had a newborn daughter called Amberleigh, he was a single father when he had met Quinn for the first time, but Quinn adored the little girl as if she was her own, the birth mother abandoned them both the day she had given birth, he had to get to know Quinn even if his ex-girlfriend had abandoned them not so long ago. After two years Quinn and Joe married, they were very happy in love, a perfect family.



Quinn was working late at night, Joe and Amberleigh were at home waiting, but when Quinn had finished work she had seen nothing but flames and smoke, there were multiple fire engines, along with police cars and ambulances. Tragically Joe and their daughter died in a house fire, their home and her family were destroyed and gone from this earth. This placed Quinn in depression, along with mental health issues such as PTSD. Quinn didn't care if she were to die at any moment in time, she had lost her family, her happiness.

After finding a cheap place to rent, one night while doing night-shift at work, two men had come into the shop with masks on, they demanded money. Quinn had looked at the men with no emotion, she questioned the men, asking why they were doing what they were doing, one man was pointing his weapon in her general direction, but she wasn't phased. The men had told her to hurry up, to hand over the money, but she wasn't doing as they demanded, he then placed his weapon against the temple of her forehead, Quinn smiled, the men were flabbergasted at how she perceived herself. The men had run off when the police had shown up. Soon after she had gotten a letter with tickets through the door, the letter had pictures attached to it. Apparently, she had family at Chernarus, she started thinking about it for a few weeks, then decided to go                                   


Quinn found her long-lost relatives and stayed with them for a while. It was what she needed. Quinn went to the shop to buy food for everyone, on her way back things seemed a little strange, but she was too oblivious to even realize it. When she got back, she was putting food away, on her left was one of the relatives limping towards her acting totally off. He tried to attack her so she backed off and ran away. They had been taken over by the virus, she now needs to survive in Chernarus on her own.




Joeseph Carter e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif     

Amberleigh Carter e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif

    Ruskikh Ivanovich e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif       

     Katina Ivanovich e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif          

Niall MacNeil e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif           

Ken Mendenhall CxNOp1RE4ocPeRFmu7obUIHBFEd1BRPb9UkKrbX434zmABOE5i301Pngr-J7GCddepERwJqpYSgpEsLHMvxme1UfS5QwkPuK3QLHKK4POE17DZR0lUbmMx2SShPTVs8RU9sRo6Rc    

Dean Mendenhall e68a80b57b1d1ba802ae58fe11f0ff3d-d6rawa3.gif.908a8f28bfb7b988b978ae652dc90e40.gif 

Luke Krey 77.gif.12c364e31f23ec55a5731ce3cd463abb.gif               

Brodie Kearns 77.gif.12c364e31f23ec55a5731ce3cd463abb.gif       




The short time Quinn had spent with Jacob, she believed him to be a good boy and that he meant well and had a good heart. She believed Jacob to be very secretive, very sensitive, considering he cried a lot, she avoided asking him personal questions as she didn't want himself or others to do the same towards her. Quinn finds it hard to trust Jacob, so there isn't anything there yet, but there is potential, considering she trusted others previously to be left for dead when she would have given her life for their safety. Quinn wanted to see Jacob smile more so she is currently working on showing him the positive side of life. She didn't want to get ahead of herself, the last thing she wanted was to get Jacob hurt, with recent events, Quinn is currently unsure if she wants Jacob or anyone for that matter to remain by her side, being alone is for the best, regarding her current circumstances with Hondo.


The short time Quinn had spent with Paul, she had learned how serious he had taken his work as a former police officer. She was surprised to see how dedicated he was, Quinn recognized his face, she couldn't place her finger on where she had seen his face before, but little did Quinn know, he was the very first person she had met in Chernarus! Quinn felt as though she could potentially trust Paul, she didn't feel that way with the others, trusting was not something Quinn did so easily, all for good reasons! Quinn believed Paul to be wise, maybe a little gullible because he could get killed for knowing her, or even helping her. He had shown care for others, Quinn believed they both shared that in common with one another, Quinn felt secure around him, felt as though he would probably, maybe, take a bullet to save another life. 


The short time Quinn had spent with Alistair, Quinn felt as though he was the only one who would stand up for her, to face danger in the eyes for her. Although she disliked anyone doing such thing, placing their life in danger just for her, it was strange and rare seeing such behavior, he fought to have her around, in Severograd, in Chernarus, she disliked the idea of having others risk their lives because of her existence. Quinn somewhat looked up to him, she would no doubt feel a great deal of loneliness to some extent if she were to ever find out that Alistair was no longer living. Quinn had seen a lot of traits in Alistair that she had once seen in her deceased father, being a leader and wanting to protect those that meant anything and everything. Quinn hoped to one day get closer with Alistair, she believed he hid many things, how he felt and how he perceived himself to others, she had found him very mysterious, she hoped to one day know him more, help him as he helped her.




Now that I have returned to RP, I would like to see it as a fresh start, I only added the people who Quinn had spent the most time with in-game recently since coming back. If you spend more time with Quinn I will be adding you to the relationships, if the relationship fades, I will remove you because I can't fit much on my character page. ?



cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifTruthful at all times cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifTerrible at cooking cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifFinds it hard to trust cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifComes across as innocent

       cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifInitiative cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifAppreciative cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifAllergic to seafood

     cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifWorrier cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifCaring     



9YrJgqf9zioPhhH68sSYo0qfiUsnmbDG8nxAIEDcvKkthMmDwZcdufGPzs9kb6NQZivmMF8uNA6-yPKvu838v7prpHoxaZnQtTOhMaeC5uAn__KXvvG--NRKWu9HO6MulJlo5Tw9 Martina McBride - How Far

WpSS2a2IlDUWTNdTDof7WQAN4TpyPAz0AiqrQVpI7l4HqN3cZLdbS1NkSj-_DBml2k9ZwqJQ9ZZM8Xrm5d8sRSqYLC-IMI1HqPWv7UbS1RsrIfsW9T7p-Gb9qzA1LIcyJKqX1EWr Randy Van Warmer - Just When I Needed You Most

qhMjT-5cFUdMeTgjDHyzXjD800OjNQQ1eg4kgze5udcRkE203vlTt_Xf_lxKMFcX8Y9ynF5vxk-aefbiih0XPklOynZnOf7YoqBOpxfjeOYeYsnA3Z-mUXHNT3o6mVbsA2Jo9Vxr Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You

mCWT6KpiXtLTN6hYbP9_ahOi43kjo9Pk_wlnfBxYUc3vUOcf4GNBH8-LbG38KEAhi5-dnyyP4TNOQdIOQdNTnpdwTfRJ1pZ2vaoQEbyeIFZxPZm1vp_Xto74kaBtxvl1xjSDTf_0 Brian McFadden featuring Delta Goodrem - Almost Here

nnysnxyrlPmHjQHoHwC4QxQZz6FWPMu9ML5ikbAzXNhlA90ITrdURvpyC5gImg2D0GyHxx6VhujvSXupIsJBuw_iUaMxXl1wqaV_fTHNuzDNDw8xAMwwPQsgpnq8_Jj96nEK6xrz Delta Goodrem - In This Life

cC_iMma6e2SR-quRm_VoTvQM0DIwyNPijK3qi8zSHszLuIdmE2uxmJb5xrIJx36boyzEwtU9RZuzNfwUN2eZrS-uqwGMDfx3bBF_DTDN2wClda1G8IQAeHw0H_vNvUzTCOTjpB8G Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance

31s6mMKlaGK9jGxJSvqK43y_ZGrJFbTBW1Rr9dQfC1KNTIOlfjQdXD6-l7xbxaGmyHUh7WkKGz3PBWrM4kU-ZwZq9b8aH7Q8FoYG3Z9z7bZVvbDKTtgKJjz78Am6q0mUi66X6dJk Brett Young and Carly Pearce - Whiskey Lullaby

mHAqln0t5XdeXv6v5Wkw7MM7HBIiu_PMR_FKN_j-umb1ieFdu079e70YggZRTT4W_HIuxiD9iP_xqtOc-2dyV2n5jQCFiYTV_pcmSTlXuXw18l4khqpv6l17aPinPuL-Qjx-dtVQ Alan Jackson - Remember When


826479962_skytree.one(9).png.d807e37e47b5844ad0f7acdc9c149efa.png            384756354_skytree.one(10).png.d6f5682cddcbad80470c96b034c1182e.png

          cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifHonesty                  cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifLiars                   

cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifWarmth                   cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gifCold          

  cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gif  Candy                    cute_flower_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51rbyx.gif.23d78e924478abf8e5146f46c7fa015c.gif Seafood    













Hide will be there for Quinn, he's going to attempt to keep her morale high!

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Just now, Grimnir said:

Easy there, white knights don't get laid.

Oh my lord what a fucking savage. 

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Interesting backstory (: whats changed in Quinns life so far? 

I see you online alot but have never actually met you ingame! 9_9

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2 hours ago, BLAZZEgg said:

Interesting backstory (: whats changed in Quinns life so far? 

I see you online alot but have never actually met you ingame! 9_9

I'm now the 'Queen' of Severograd, lmfao. Hope we meet!

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Ive been up there a few times the last few days to be honest :D 

havent seen anybody my queen :$ 9_9

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wife made front page

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On 27/09/2017 at 5:27 AM, Macbrine said:

wife made front page

Wife to the King she has to be front page.

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Time to become an amputee soon. That right leg is fucked. 4 deaths in 7 days, crikey Quinn's become a bit of a warrior :^)

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Azael hopes to meet you IG... Isaac... Well, you don't wanna see him, at least not alone.

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1 hour ago, BRK'99 said:

Azael hopes to meet you IG... Isaac... Well, you don't wanna see him, at least not alone.

Good thing she ain't 

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@Eagle Nice :)Cuz even I don't know what will Isaac do. (As I built my character on real life, and Isaac is the... Evil IRL me, and yet I don't really know "him")

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1 hour ago, BRK'99 said:

Azael hopes to meet you IG... Isaac... Well, you don't wanna see him, at least not alone.

Ohhh, Azael and Isaac are you? Different characters? I am interested in meeting you in game. I wonder what would happen. 

I am never alone. :ph34r:

@BRK'99 Quinn is me in real life, she is my personality. I think it makes RP easier.

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As Azael? You'll find a fine, and cute guy, who's tryin' to help on anybody... but nothin' special tho. But Isaac... He's an evil little dude... I recommend you ask for his journal, you'll know hella things from him (forum topic) :)

It totally makes RP easier. But if Isaac that psychopath I wonder If I am IRL :'D

(BTW, what is the music over your profile? I kinda like it)

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3 hours ago, Eagle said:

Good thing she ain't 

Alright Eagle... Settle it down over there.

This whole comments section is just fucking... People need to get out more fuck me. 

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