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Holiday Otradovska
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1993-10-31 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Novodmitrovsk, Chernarus
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, some Russian, some Spanish
  7. Family
    Pavlička Otradovská (Mother); Sigurd Dahl (Father, deceased)


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    63 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Naturally blonde, frequently died, currently red and black
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Brightly dyed hair that never stays the same color for long, often adorned with various small decorations and styled eccentrically
    - Jewelry and accessories often made from repurposed objects found while traveling, including several facial piercings
    - Tattoos:
    -- Lily blossoms (outside of right calf)
    -- A winking smiley face (right shoulder)
    -- A small heart (right cheek)
    -- A key (left wrist)
    -- A thick black ring circling her left pinky
    -- A bowl of soup with bones in it on her left bicep
  8. Equipment
    - Worn leather jacket
    - Sock and buskin ring (right pinky)
    - Small book of patient notes
    - Carved bone pipe
    - Small jar of white powder
    - Plenty of weed
  9. Occupation



My first therapist liked to tell me to find a calming place. My mind always went to the green that was my home before everything around me became grey and brick-red.
A quiet ridge overlooking what I'd once thought of as a city, before I saw a real one. An outcropping of rocks in the midst of a forested hillside, high enough to look out over the trees and see that little cluster of buildings, just a tiny aberration in the wilderness. The city, though, the real city, was no little cluster of buildings; it was a wilderness of its own.
There was no closing my eyes and pretending it was something else. It had its own sounds, invading any fantasy of peace.

For my own part, I've never been one to tell my patients to look away from their lives or to hide from their pain behind some fabricated imagery.
Pain and struggle, to have value, need to be felt and learned from. To hide from the source of your suffering prevents the confrontation that would release you from the cycle of fear and avoidance.
To hide from the world, or worse, from yourself, is inevitably to fester and rot. Those who hide from reality, who resist change, will find it sweeps them aside without thought or sentiment.

There's little purpose trying to preserve the sentimental materialism of the world we once grew used to. To cling to a life that no longer exists is to do nothing but doom yourself. As a difficult winter has likely shown many of us, we have to adapt: to do things we might not have imagined we would otherwise, to endure things we might never have imagined. The only way forward is to embrace this world with open eyes and to find its benefits where we can. Not to cling to what once was.

And yet the past is also a reference point. It shows where we've been, and if we're willing to let go of it, may hint at a way forward. I'm not sure why I ended up coming here rather than going back home. The valley may be full of the sick, but I'm sure the ridge is still there. And yet it's Nyheim, a place I'd visited exactly twice in my life, that drew me toward it.
What's the point of complete autonomy if you don't follow your whims?

In that sense, the past few months have been refreshing, as much as they've been harrowing. They remind me of my days on the road before I went back to school. No care for law, responsibility, or social mores, no attachment to a particular place, just freedom. Pure and unadulterated. I'll admit that I miss seeing patients, but I don't miss everything that came along with it.
An office is no place for a human being; the road is.

Even as different as it is now, there's a strange familiarity to this place. A haunting sort of peace in the air. I remember walking these streets when we came to visit family when I was young, and again shortly after my father's funeral. I felt that same strangeness then, as though his death had somehow transformed the world into something sinister, just as moving to the place that killed him had. I can't help but wonder if things would have been different if we'd come here instead of Boston, if we might have faced this new world together, but there's no sense dwelling in fantasy.
Nyheim as it is now awaits, its opportunities ready to be taken.


Therapeutic Destruction

Attachment to material objects
Staying in one place too long
Emulating the world as it was
Hierarchical power structures

Follow Marketa's path
Find new patients
Promote autonomy
Encourage others to embrace the new world
Find out if any of Sigurd's family is still alive [I have a family]




"Strong, determined, and wise. She carries with her an echo of my own past, and my family's history.
To find someone like her in a place like this can hardly be anything other than fate."
"Took me in and gave me a home and people I can call family.
If I hadn't met Niya and Marek, I'd probably still be wandering around aimlessly out there."


"As much as I joke about him smelling like Vybor, it's comforting to have someone from home around.
He's brave and he cares about the people close to him. I haven't had long to get to know him, but I suspect he'll prove to be a loyal friend."
"Marek's like the brother I never had. It's fun to bicker with him, and I'd kill for him without a second thought."


"I like Dimes. He carries his experiences and struggles like a badge of honor, and the he's taken strength from the things he's been through.
When I talk to him, I can tell he actually hears me. I feel like as long as I do right by him, I can trust him to have my back."
"Dimes is absolutely solid."


"Not much of a talker, but she seems like a good kid. Maybe a little bit unhinged, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Keeps a cool head in intense situations and acts quickly. Apparently she can fly a helicopter now? Super competent."
"Hell of a shot and loyal to her friends. Seems like the kind of person who can thrive in a world like this."


"Does a good job of looking out for his town. He's reasonable, even principled in his way, but has no problem taking care of business when the time comes.
Not someone you want to piss off, but probably one of the better people to share an enemy with."


"Kind-hearted and caring, with good intentions, though some of the people she hires seem a bit dim.
Still, trying to run a medical facility in times like these is admirable. I hope to get to know her better."
"Has a little bit of fire in her that she seemed to be hiding before. I bet she'd be a lot of fun if she wasn't so busy with the hospital."


"This lady is awesome! I feel like she's in my brain!
I could honestly spend all day just running around getting into dumb shit with Nina."


"Too fucking fun. Already one of my favorite people to be around.
Ivan makes me feel like I'm back home, which is exactly what I need in this place."


"Sweet, often confused old man, but seems pretty damn competent when it comes down to it.
I wonder what it would have been like to hang out with Woody when he was my age."


"Some of the shit this guy does puts me at significant risk of death by laughter. Tommy's reliable and entertaining, though I worry for the state of his brain.
Not sure how I feel about the whole plastering the countryside in bible verses thing, but whatever."


"When we first met he shouted at me for shooting infected in the legs. Since then, we've spoken a bit and gotten along pretty well.
He's been a good ally and had our backs, but part of me worries that that initial squeamishness might be trouble later."


"Fun to hang around and shoot the shit with, and she seems to have some good ideas. Honestly don't know a hell of a lot beyond that yet."

"Easily the gentlest person I've met in Nyheim, but he doesn't come off as weak at all.
Hanging out with him at the bus stop reminded me of some of the more serene travelers I used to meet on the road. Just wholesome."


"I'm intrigued."

"James was one of the first people I traveled with in Nyheim. Resourceful, a little cheeky, a hell of a driver, and a decent shot.
I should honestly get to know him better. He seems to know what he's doing."


"Seems to have almost no reaction to anything. It's going to be interesting to see what's going on in that head of his, though it might be hard to get much out of him.
Clearly shows poor decision making, but seems to lack the willful stupidity of his former partner in crime. We'll see, I suppose. At least I have a patient."


"I have yet to even meet this man in person, but my impression is that he's a giant pile of idiot.
Bad enough that he robbed Pete's Paradise, but he also nearly blew Marek to pieces and then had the audacity to talk shit about it.
Payback isn't going to be pleasant for him."


"Completely off his rocker, but honestly pretty pleasant company. His grasp on reality is non-existent. Always thinks I'm Cheryl.
Apparently pulled his gun on the wrong person not five minutes after the last time I saw him and took a bullet to the head for his trouble. Oof."


"Not a fan. Super cagey about what it is she actually believes while being vaguely threatening in a way I'm sure she wants to come off as ominous.
Lazlo called her a fascist and she didn't actually deny it, which is kind of a red flag considering some of the other things she was saying.
I have a feeling I'm going to butt heads with this one."


"Somewhat reasonable to talk to, but shot a guy at random during a situation that barely involved him.
I'd rather mediate things with him than with some of the people following him, but he's unpredictable and that can be dangerous."


"Fisher is in a bad spot. He spends too much time alone and doesn't sleep enough, and his mind is cracking as a result.
Taking him as a patient took some doing, but I think I can help him. I'd rather not have to put him down."


"An odd kid who's had an even stranger upbringing. I get the whole dropping out of society thing, but living in the sewer is on another level.
Some of the stuff he talks about is a bit familiar, which leaves me with all sorts of questions."


"I would love to string this idiot up by his own guts. I don't know if he was drunk or out of his mind or what,
but the level of disrespect this man threw at me completely at random needs an answer sooner or later."


"Usually kind of gruff and comes off as flippant when he talks, but actually pretty empathetic.
Fantastic helicopter pilot."


"Loyal, reliable, and easy to work with. Salt of the earth kind of guy.
Don't share a helicopter with him, though."


"I still don't really know Loki very well. From the times we've met though, I can tell that he cares about his people and that he's smart enough to listen to them
He has a heart, too. Not afraid to hurt someone if he has to, but far from ruthless. Seems to make a decent leader."

"We met a bit awkwardly, but we've run into each other a few times since then and he seems to have taken it in stride.
Good company, fun to be around. Seems pretty smart, definitely more careful than I bother being in some circumstances.
I may have bested him that first time, but he seems like he can handle himself. "


"Thoughtful and caring, maybe a little squeamish, but not judgemental.
Maybe a little too gentle for her own good, but I enjoy her company."





"Walking around here reminds me of my father's funeral. The only people I've met here I never really knew, and they're probably all dead. Guess we'll see."
"Some of the people here seem to have a lot on the ball, others have no god damn sense. Bit of a mixed bag."
"I don't actually mind the cold here. It's more comfortable than I thought it would be.
Even though that eeriness still hangs over everything, it's a beautiful place, even in the places where it's decayed.
Most of the really obnoxious people I've met here are Americans, so I suppose I shouldn't hold that against it."


"I'm going home!!!"



Smoki Loki
"Name's kind of odd, but I keep hearing it in connection with some of the people I've come to consider friends, so they seem pretty alright to me."
"Capable, reliable, and great friends to have. They take care of the people who take care of them, and I trust them."


"Cheryl's great, but I've heard a few iffy things about some of the people she's recruited.
I'd trust them to patch me up but I don't know that I'd put much faith in their decision-making."
"These people really need to get their shit together before another one of them gets themselves killed."
"Cowards sent a man out to bow and scrape to a guy who'd held up half of Nyheim, going from settlement to settlement. Don't trust them."


"Fuck these guys. They've spent entirely too much time fucking with my friends and every single one of them needs to catch a bullet."

Hotel Kyiv
"They seem super fucking dangerous. I'm glad we're lucky enough to benefit from it and I hope it stays that way."

"A bit strange, not sure if they're good for anything, but at least they're not Nomads.
Somebody needs to get all these bikers some fucking bikes."


Rising Star
"Kind of chaotic at times, but some of our sensibilities seem to line up pretty well. Better to have as allies than enemies."
"With Xan gone I'm not sure I trust them. Some of their new members seem like trouble. That display at the hospital was not impressive."





Fresh - Recent - Healing - Scarred
Owl carved above left breast
velesred.png.232924762047e6a7c93dbad2cc5d7f96.pngcarved into both palms





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