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Ivan Lynch
Jack the Ripper
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jack "The Ripper"
  2. Mental
    Ivan is cold, ruthless, and remorseless when it comes to most people. But to his group, the people he cares about? He is loyal to the core. There is no limit to what he'd do for them.
  3. Morale
    Good and Evil are moral concepts that mean little to Ivan. The only thing that matters to him is keeping the people close to him safe, alive, well. If that means making the hard decisions, the messy decisions, then so be it.
  4. Date of birth
    1975-04-19 (43 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Christchurch, New Zealand
  6. Nationality
    New Zealander
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Alex Sommers
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Athletic, Fit, Lean
  4. Hair
    Black Brown, long.
  5. Eyes
    Hard, Cold, Green
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features


    * Control over himself and others
    * Drugs (Morphine, Artificial Adrenaline, Weed, Cocaine)
    * Pussy
    * Christmas
    * Danger/Thrill
    * Freedom to do and say what he wants
    * Punishing those who have it coming
    * Strength


    * Stupidity
    * Sexual abuse
    * Human trafficking
    * High population zones
    * Obnoxiously loud people
    * Submission
    * Liars
    * Serial Killers
    * Weakness


    * A messy, twisted cut runs from the right corner of Ivan's mouth, to just below his right ear. It is stitched together.
    * His left ring finger has been cut off, leaving only a cauterized stump in its place.
    * Various scars across his chest, stomach and back: Gunshot and knife wounds, including a faded gunshot scar across his throat.
    * Treated gunshot wound just above his heart.
    * A deep gash in his left bicep from where a bullet grazed him.
    * A gash on the side of his head from a bullet barely missing his skull.
    * A recent scarring gunshot wound in his leg.
    * A recently treated gunshot wound in the lower right abdomen.
    * A poorly treated gunshot wound in his left forearm.
    * Treated Wolf claw wound in his lower left side.
    * Several scars upon his chest and neck, caused by shrapnel.
    * Recently stitched gunshot wound to the side.
    * Bullet graze on outer thigh.

  8. Equipment


    * Black jeans
    * Black leather jacket
    * Leather chest holster
    * Dark steel capped boots
    * Dark leather gloves
    * Black beanie
    * Black bandanna across his face.


    * A high powered assault rifle or sub-machine gun
    * .45 pistol
    * A very sharp, serrated combat knife.
    * A nailed baseball bat. His Mercy.


    * A radio
    * A tape recorder
    * A bag of high quality marijuana
    * A bottle-cap collection

  9. Occupation
    Former Criminal
  10. Affiliation
    The Damned
  11. Role
    Former Leader



"I was born and bred in New Zealand, lived there for 19 years. Eventually though, I was forced to flee from the law after a series of incidents regarding gang murder, vengeance, and a lot of drugs took place. I was never the type you'd peg for a killer, never wanted to hurt nobody, never wanted to kill nobody, but it's life: shit happens. I s'pose then, it doesn't make a lot of sense why this all happened. Let me rewind a bit and explain it all from the beginning, y'know, give the story a bit of fuckin' context."



Ever since he was a kid, Ivan wanted to be a police officer like his old man. He'd always be ears when his dad got home and had an exciting story to tell, which wasn't too often, but often enough to keep Ivan's interest. When he was 13, his dad got involved in a case regarding the local chapter of the Mongrel Mob, which took up a lot of his time. He'd often return home late, too tired to talk, or see his family. Some nights, he wouldn't come home at all. Eventually, he come home early one day with a smile. He told his family that they were close to closing the case once and for all. Ivan was so proud of his father, and imagined going to see him up on stage afterward, with all the other officers receiving awards for their hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Two days later, there was a knock at the door, and Ivan ran to answer. His fathers supervisor was on the doorstep, hat in hands, a look of sorrow on his face. During the drug bust on the Mongrel Mob HQ, that had been planned for several weeks now, a shootout erupted, and three officers were killed. One of the casualties, was Ivan's father. His mother held him as he cried, refusing the believe what he was hearing. "It not true! It can't be true!" He yelled, his mother holding him tight, trying to stay strong for her son. His fathers funeral was held a week later, and the turnout, at least, was heartwarming to see. Still, Ivan could not believe that his father was gone. The man he looked up to, the role model he aspired to be like one day, was gone.

The next few years were tough on Ivan. He sank into a low depression, and required extensive counselling, but it helped little. Ivan slowly became bitter and short tempered. He'd often argue with his mother, and would constantly get into fights at school. Soon, his principle decided that it would be best for Ivan to be sent to an institution that helped young teenagers like him to recover, and form better relationships with their peers. Ivan's mother reluctantly agreed, and Ivan was sent away for the next year. However, Ivan was stubborn, a lot like his father, and refused to bend over and accept his fate so easily. He constantly misbehaved, and his schoolyard fights soon become the least of his issues. He got involved in a gang of troublemakers, that went around smashing car windows, shoplifting, and strong-arming smaller kids out of their lunch-money. When his mother learned of his actions, she broke down, and tearfully told Ivan how disappointed his father would be to see him now. Ivan stopped, and looked back at the past few years, he felt ashamed of the kind of person he'd become, and promised to his mother, there and then they he would become better.

When he reach 18, his attitude and behavior had improved significantly. He was put back into normal school, and started earning high grades in most of his subjects. He joined the school rugby team, and although he wasn't particularly good, he made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun. Things seemed to be looking up. In 1994, when he reached the age of 19, his mother was critically injured in a car accident and put in hospital. The doctors said she would recover, but would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life, and confined to a wheelchair. Ivan was devastated, but knew he had to stay strong. His despair turned to grief when he receive a call one day. The doctors told him that his mother had succumbed to severe internal bleeding due to a broken rib, and had passed away in the night. Ivan screamed into the phone, "You told he she would recover, you promised me she would be all right!" He didn't know what to do. His parents were both gone, taken before their time, and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.

That's when he snapped. This all started because of that drug bust in 88. The raid that killed his father, that sent him spiraling out of control, that made his mother send him away, that made him into a crook, that made his mother help him see the error of his ways, that lead to his recovery, that lead to his joining the rugby team, that lead to his mother getting into that car to pick him, up that lead to fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK IT ALL!!!! Ivan picked up the phone and made a call. One of the friends he had made when he joined the small gang in his youth. Joey, his name was, was about the only contact he had left from those days. He told him that he wanted to meet. Ivan.... wasn't himself at this point. He was so emotionally distraught, so broken, such an undeniable mess of anger, grief, bitterness and confusion, that his consciousness, seemed to shut down. And what replaced it.... was something else entirely.



Ivan met Joey in the park, just as it was starting to get dark. They exchanged greetings, and Jamie told him how sorry he was to hear about his mother. After a brief conversation, Ivan finally told Joey the reason he wanted to meet. "Joey, I want you to get me a gun." Ivan knew Joey's dad was in an outlaw motorcycle gang that had bitter relations with the Mob, and knew that he had access to a variety of firearms. Joey seemed shocked at Ivan's request, and asked him why he wanted a gun. Ivan told him bluntly: "I'm going to the Mob HQ, and I'm going to shoot the place to hell." Joey tried to talk him out of it, tried to reason with Ivan, but he was having none of it. "Joey, if you don't help me, I'll find some other way. Things are so fucked up right now, I have nowhere left to turn. Just.... do me this one favor. Let me have some fucking closure. That's all I want; Some fucking closure!"

Reluctantly, Joey agreed, and told Ivan to meet him down the road from his place at midnight, in one of the local playgrounds. Ivan waited, and ten minutes after midnight, Joey arrived with a backpack. They sat at one of the benches and Joey showed Ivan the contents of the bag. A small, sub-machine pistol, a larger sawed-off semi-auto shotgun, and a pack of matches in case he needed to burn any evidence. He also handed Ivan a small packet containing white powder, telling him that it would calm his nerves and make the job easier. Ivan gratefully accepted the supplies, and left the playground. That would be the last time he would see Joey.

Outside the Mob HQ, and high on cocaine, Ivan checked both of his weapons, ensuring they were loaded, and the safety was off. He thought the cocaine would calm him, but his heart was racing at a hundred miles, and he could feel the adrenaline in his system. He slowly approached the door of the HQ, and could hear the deep pumping of a stereo bass. He stopped in front of the door and pressed down on the doorbell. He could hear voices inside. Was he really about to do this? Could he even do this? What if they had guns too? What if he got shot? What if he got away and the police caught him? Maybe he should just go- the door opened, and Ivan squeezed the trigger of his auto-pistol, spraying into the doorway and down the hall. It lasted less than two seconds, before he heard the click of his empty weapon. He saw at least three bodies fall, heard voices yelling, and felt the adrenaline hit it's peak, before he turned and ran as fast as his feet would carry him.



So that's how Ivan ended up fleeing his home country, and moving to the states. It was before the 9-11 disaster, so air travel was a lot easier, with a lot less security. Ivan had buried or otherwise disposed of all evidence linking him to his triple homicide, and booked a flight to America within the week. Starting off in a new country was, well, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as he expected it to be. He moved to Brooklyn, New York, and got a job as a cleaner at one of the local restaurants. It wasn't a great job, but he was able to at least pay his rent and keep himself fed. He lived in a small, 1 room apartment that smelt like shit. The only things he owned himself, were a few items of clothing, a small radio walk-man, an alarm clock, and a 4-inch knife that he kept on his person at all times, for self-defense of course. Life basically remained this way for the next 5 years, and despite it all, he kind of enjoyed it. Eventually Ivan got a new job working as a waiter at a fancy pizza place. The pay was better, and he would occasionally get decent tips from customers. He managed to get himself a better apartment, and start up a small savings account.

In 1999, Ivan had started doing a little business on the side for a friend of a friend. He was taught how to pick a lock on car doors, and how to hot-wire the engine. He would steal cars, and hide them in a lockup where they would be reworked and sold off for a profit. Ivan made a decent amount of cash this way, and eventually save up enough to put a deposit down on a house. Finally, he wouldn't have to live in someone else's apartment. He kept working, earning money and slowly paying off his mortgage. He learned a few more things about lock-picking, and eventually starting doing more research in the topic of opening up things that weren't s'posed to be opened. In the early year 2000 he was contacted by the boss of the man he was working for, Anthony Santoro, head of the Santoro crime family. He was offered a place on a team that were taking a major score. He was to be the safe-cracker, and they would be hitting a bank on the other side of New York. Ivan was nervous about the job, but after everything he had done the past few years, the thrill of danger somewhat excited him. The heist went off without a hitch, and he and his crew earned a hefty paycheck for a job well done.



After that, Ivan was getting job offers more and more regularly, and made some serious cash. It only took a month for him to be able to pay off his house fully, but he knew that doing so may arouse suspicion. He put his waiter earnings into his main bank account, and half of his his "job" earnings into a private account. The other half he kept in cash in a highly secure floor safe in his basement. His sudden financial influx did not come without cost however. There would always be a job that didn't go entirely according to plan, and twice Ivan found himself involved in shootouts with the police. At first, he would always feel a sudden pang of guilt whenever he was forced to fire his gun, as he was reminded that his father would have once been on the other side of the fight. Despite these incidents however, he always made it through in one piece.

In 2001, he met somebody that would change is life forever. A woman by the name of Allison met Ivan while he was working his job at the restaurant, took a liking to him and his charming attitude, She caught him out back when he was on his break, and gave him her number with a sly wink. The next few months were among some of the happiest of Ivan's life. He spent a lot of time with Allison, and met her 11, almost 12 year old son Jamie. They hit it off well. Jamie didn't know his father too well, he'd left when the boy was only a few weeks old, and never come back. Ivan become somewhat of a father to him. Allison, of course, knew about his criminal background, knew that he did more that just wait tables at a pizza restaurant. It didn't matter to her. All that mattered.... was him, the man he was. She loved him, and he loved her, and a year later, after Jamie had turned 13, Ivan asked Allison to marry him.

Their engagement was.... short lived.



Santoro sent Ivan on a job to take another bank, only this time, they were to clean it out entirely. Take what they could make off with, and burn the rest. Though the job seemed strange, and he and his crew weren't given any explicit details as to the background of the bank, they took on the job anyway. Resistance was.... a lot more than Ivan was used to dealing with. The bank had a lot larger security team that usual, and they were outfitted with a lot more dangerous weaponry. Police response was also a lot more brutal, but despite it all, Ivan and his team kept cool heads, and they made off with well over 100 million dollars.

After that? Ivan was taken. He was attacked in his home and knocked out, only to wake up again in a dark room, his wife and son knelt in front of them with bags over their heads. The bank was owned by an infamous and extremely shady businessman named Jackie Marco. Santoro had done dealings with him in the past, but had grown too ambitious and attempted to take Marco out of commission, and take over all of his stocks. Marco had a lot more influence than Santoro however, and it was not hard for him to track the crew responsible for robbing and burning one of his banks. In order to dissuade Santoro from crossing him again, he decided to send a harsh message, by breaking one of his best men and sending him back alive to deliver it for him.... and what better way to break a man, than to kill his family in front of him. Suffice it to say that it worked, and Ivan lost the two most important people in him world.... yet again.



However, it may not have had the most desired effect. As aptly demonstrated in the past, Ivan had a proven the old saying, that it was unwise to make an enemy of someone who has nothing left to lose. With Santoro backing him, Ivan led a campaign against Marco, slowly destroying his business piece by painful piece, leaving burning wreckage and piles of corpses in his wake. During this time, Ivan did unspeakable things to people that got in his way, destroying lives, ruining families, killing people that perhaps, did not deserve to die. But it mattered not to him. He didn't care if he had to tear the whole city apart. All that mattered to him, was making Marco watch as his empire crumbled, before putting a bullet in his head himself. He grew colder and colder with each atrocity he committed,  and each time he killed, each time he made someone scream in agony, it became easier and easier. It almost as if someone else was in control, and Ivan was just a passenger in his own body. He never got caught, not once, not outright. He'd been brought in for questioning a few times, but released due to insufficient evidence and his ability to lie convincingly. It was due to this, and his violent nature, that his enemies, and even some of his allies gave him his nickname: Jack the Ripper.

When Ivan eventually cornered Marco, everything that the businessman had aspired to, everything he had built, was nothing more than a smoldering, stinking pile of corpses and burnt and bloodied banknotes. Ivan fought Marco in a one on one knife fight, cutting him to pieces, before shooting him in the head. However, his victory was bittersweet. Now, without a goal to guide him, Ivan become lost. He had spent the last 10 years trying to destroy Jackie Marcos business, and he had lost the ability to feel emotion a long time ago. What did he do now?..... I guess he just kept on doing what he did, working for Santoro, and see where the road took him.



Skip forward to 2017. At this point in his life, Ivan had made it far in the criminal underworld. He had risen to one of Santoro’s most valued assets. He wasn't an official member of the family, but he was trusted and respected enough to assisted in gun running jobs, handling deals, and killing certain people that Santoro wanted killed. However, though Ivan was content to do any dirty work Santoro threw his way, he actively avoided the darker underbelly of what the family got up to. He knew that the Santoro's were starting up business in human trafficking, and that they were actively trying to expand their operation overseas, but he himself was not involved with that sort of activity. The concept of kidnapping and selling human beings, often young women, disgusted him, and he made Santoro aware that he would refuse any jobs affiliated with that section of business.

When Anthony Santoro asked Ivan to lead an operation in Chenarus that would kick-start their businesses on an international level, Ivan was shocked. Tough he was trusted and respected, he was not a member of the Santoro family, and to leave such a task to who was essentially an outsider, was a deep display of trust on Santoro's part. Ivan accepted the job, and he and a small crew made for Chenarus. They were, of course, caught in the middle of the outbreak, and most of the crew Ivan was sent with were either scattered or killed. Soon enough, Ivan found himself alone. The last survivor. He traveled the wastes by himself for the longest time, occasionally bumping into a traveler, talking with a stranger, never really staying for too long. He didn't care for attachment, didn't care for relying on others or have others rely on him. All that mattered was staying alive, outlasting the end of the world, and getting back to America, back to business as usual. Nothing else mattered..... until he met her. The girl with the scorpion tattoo, Evelyn. And soon enough? She was all that mattered. For the first time since Allison and Jamie's deaths, he felt something in his heart, felt someone other than cold indifference. He loved her, she loved him. He swore that he would tear the world apart if it ever tried to hurt her, and for a time, they were happy.

But despite all his effort, all his precautions and all of his strength.... he could not protect her from this cruel world. He lost her, just as he had lost his first wife: murdered by someone who had no regard for human life at all. He found her body in Stary Sobor. He found her with her arms and legs cut off and cauterized. A smily face had been carved into her cheek, and her head had been twisted 180 degrees, so that it faced the ground. But one glance at the scorpion tattoo on her temple.... and he knew it was her. His world.... unraveled.... again..... just like it had before..... and before that..... and before that..... it was just a viscous, fucking, cycle of violence.... just a sick, twisted, JOKE!

No more. No fucking more. Ivan let his composure slip, let the Ripper come back out. When he was shot at while moving Eve's body from Stary to it's resting place? He made those responsible pay. Rachel Leboria. Nathan Osborne. Hide Ito. Twice he had encountered them before, and twice he had been lenient. Twice he had shown mercy, and all it had gotten him was a bullet in the side. No more mercy, not like that, not anymore. He put Rachel in front of Nathan, her boyfriend, made him watch as he shot her in the head. "This is my Mercy now." He let him drag the body away to bury. He stood by his lovers grave and promised that he would find her killer, and that there would be no mercy for him. He interrogated Hide, made him swear to bring back information on this killer, under the threat of death should he fail.

Weeks were spent, making threats, making deals, interrogating and questioning people. Trying to find every bit of information he could. Eventually, his deal with Hide came through. He learnt the name of Eve's killer through him..... Wes Carter; the man who'd twisted her head. Johnny Robinson; the one who'd carved the smiley face into her cheek. And from another man named Ken, received a third name. Ben; who'd cut off her limbs. He spoke to Wes over the radio, listened as the other man mocked him, and swore that whatever he did to Evelyn, he would repay ten times over. These three man, and all that associated with them, he swore to kill.

After a while he realized that tracking a hideaway serial killer was a near impossible task to do alone, and recruited the help of a man and his people; Tony Moretti and his family. He made a deal with them, delivered them guns and vehicles in exchange for Wes and his associates.... alive. In all actuality, he did not expect the man to pull through.... but he did. Ivan was delivered, Wes Carter and Johnny Robinson. He took them to a house, and he made them both suffer. When Wes claimed to have raped the woman he loved, Ivan bashed his manhood to pieces with a nailed up baseball bat. His 'Mercy'. He tore off the rest with a heated pipe wrench, castrating the man in the most visceral way. After prolonged torture, he eventually stood and aimed his rifle. "There is only one thing wrong with killing you Wes, and that's that I can only do it once. But if by some miracle I die soon, I hope I end up in hell so I can kill you all over again." Those were his last words to Wes, before he emptied his weapon into the mans torso, and cutting off his head with a hatchet.

But it wasn't enough. One of the other men whom Wes Carter had wronged, a man named Kenneth, continually insisted to Ivan that they finish the job then and there. Of course the man hadn't the spine for watching another human being scream and writhe in pain, despite the things that he had done. The reason, the ONLY reason Ivan didn't point a gun at Kenneth and force him to his knees to watch as he dealt with the serial killer in whatever way he saw fit, was because of all the people surrounding their house. All of Kenneth's people. So he reluctantly conformed, and even now holds a grudge against the other man. One day he will take what he was owed though: the blood he feels he was denied. But.....Even so, after all that he felt lost. He had centered the entire reason for his existence around finding Wes, and extracting his vengeance. And now that he was dead? He wasn't sure what to do. The only thing that prevented him from swallowing a bullet, was his group.

The Damned. People he had met slowly over time since the world went to hell. People that he had slowly learned to trust, and yes, even care about. He didn't understand why. He almost couldn't take it. Spending 15 years in a state of total indifference, not giving a shit about anybody or anything, and then waking up one day and realizing that he DID care? That was almost too much to handle. He fought the feeling, even tried to fight them. Tried to push them away, tried to make them see that he was not worth their loyalty and their compassion. But every time he did, every time he aimed a gun at them, or screamed at them, it only seemed to bring them closer, and that strengthened the bond he had with them. He soon grew afraid, knowing his track record for letting people in, usually resulted in their deaths. But at the same time.... he didn't want to let go. Because he DID care for them. He DID want to stick around, to protect them, to help them, to keep them all together. I guess he was damned to care.... I guess they all were.

But there was one person he met, whom he felt would be an exception to that rule. Someone so unlikable, so insufferable and obnoxious and FOUL, that when she started travelling with him, he felt there was no way he could possibly care for her. Perhaps that's why he stuck to her, because she helped balance out that helpless feeling of compassion, with something that was the polar opposite. Alex Sommers. Porn star, drug dealer, and all-round total bitch. Upon first meeting, Ivan felt an immense urge to simply shoot her and leave her for the dead to snack upon. After all, her recklessness had once before almost put a member of his own group at risk, someone he was deeply protective over. Still, something stayed his hand, and for reasons beyond him, he offered her a lift in his car. They had nothing nice to say to each other during the next few days. It was non-stop bickering, moaning, threatening and snide comments. There were times where he almost wished she'd just walk away. Sometimes he'd even push the boundaries to see if she would.

And yet.... she never did. What happened next, happened so quickly, that Ivan simply could not react in any way to stop it, other that sit there in shock as it happened. Throughout their travels, there were moments where the armor around each of them would lift, just for a moment to reveal parts of themselves to each other that they normally wouldn't. What started as simple tolerance for each others presence, turned into mutual respect. There were moments where they laughed together, moments where they helped each other. Even moments where they spoke softly to one another. After a certain incident, where Ivan became mortally wounded, he was stunned where she of all people, chose to stay at his side. And then it all clicked, they realized that it wasn't just tolerance. It wasn't just respect. There was something else, something more. A sort of connection their neither of them could fully understand. Something that frightened him, because he KNEW what it was. And yet every time he looked at her, every time time he looked into those dark, hazel eyes, his heart would swell. Why? Because he deep down he knew, that it belonged to her.





Ivan: is a cold blooded killer that will not hesitate to do what is necessary to get the job done. Life has taught him how to block out emotions such as guilt, empathy and remorse. He knows how to "switch off" his humanity, his compassion. He is not a psychopath though. He doesn't seek out pointless destruction, or kill people without cause. Despite how it may sometimes appear, there is ALWAYS a reason behind his actions. Nothing is pointless. He is extremely loyal to those he respects, or actually does cares about, though he tends to keep his inner-circles very small and tight-knit. He is very protective over those he cares for, and can be rather hot-headed and stubborn when it comes to keeping them safe from people who threaten them. Despite his usual, cold or harsh exterior, Ivan is capable of being extremely polite, calm, even charming when necessary.  Deep down he does have a soft side, but it is something that very, very few people get to see, as he keeps that side of him hidden behind a cold shield of indifference.

Jack: Is a state of mind Ivan enters when he finds himself in situations that put too much stress on his emotions and makes him unstable. He shuts off, enters into a disconnected state of mind, unable to feel anything but the simplest of feelings. Love, grief, sympathy, remorse? He is unable to feel any of these while in this state of mind, and displays high sociopathic tendencies. Unlike Ivan in his usual state of mind, Jack is far more ambitious, far more deranged, and full of malice. He does not care who he has to hurt to achieve his goals, who he has to thrown under the bus or slowly pull apart. He is utterly without mercy. However, despite his violent nature in this state, he is incredibly focused, logical and calculating. His mind is his most lethal weapon, and he has used it on countless occasions to get the job done with deadly efficiency. Ivan slips in and out of this state depending on various circumstance.


--Despite being born and raised in New Zealand, Ivan has an American Accent with a hint of Brooklyn, and a distinct raspy voice due to damaged vocal cords.--




Alex Sommers

The Damned

Elizabeth Smith

Eamon Hanley

Dan Yates

Quinn Grey

Evelyn Windsor (Deceased)

Mr. Ken (Deceased)


Wes Carter (KILLED)

Johnny Robinson (KILLED)

Hide Ito (KILLED)

Rachel Leboria (KILLED)

Anthony Santoro (KILLED)

Ben Khron

The Corporation

The Mountain Men (?)





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this looks really good fam :thumbs up:

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This man's a beast.

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I peed a little <3

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Time to re-create Hajiit.

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such a good character 10/10 clangs would eclipse again. if you got the reference im so sorry for you. ;)

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Guest Wulf_jon


Freaking awesome!

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I just realized that your 3rd picture is called "Negan_Ivan.jpg".


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Hide misses you.. ❤️

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