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Lazlo Novikov
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doc Lazlo
  2. Mental
    Moderately insane, holding full conversations with his shadow, and the entities only he can see.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1990-11-17 (32 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Houston, TX
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English (Native), Spanish (Basic)
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Stocky, with broad shoulders and in reasonably good shape.
  4. Hair
    Shaved on top, with a thick, bushy brown beard.
  5. Eyes
    Heterochromia resulting in one blue eye and one green eye
  6. Features
    Lazlo has a thick keloid scar on the left side of his face, tracing down his jawline. His eyes dart around, spotting things unseen. He favors his left leg, having broken it recently.
  7. Equipment
    A well-worn fishing pole, a compass, and an old camp knife.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Lazlo lived a fairly unremarkable life before the outbreak. He made his living by running an illegal doctor's office in the slums of Houston, treating and caring for those the world had been harshest to. That all changed after the outbreak, when a gang of survivors burst into his clinic. The surviving members of what was the Cartel, as they later introduced themselves, held him at gunpoint as he treated one of their own who had been shot. After hours of surgery, Lazlo could say that the man would recover.

After a few minutes of back and forth chat, Lazlo learned that this man's name was Arlo, and that he was leading the survivors he had picked up to the coast. He had heard word of a FEMA stockpile sitting in a freighter docked at the port, enough to keep everyone going for years. Lazlo volunteered to help him with this task, and after clearing out the few infected remaining on the ship, they departed. Lazlo was free and clear, ready (or so he thought) for whatever the world had to throw at him. Almost a month into the journey, Lazlo awoke one night to the sounds of violence and chaos. The survivors on the ship had turned on one another, for a reason Lazlo never had a chance to find out. He made his way as quickly as he could to the nearest lifeboat, just as an explosion ripped through the deck he had been standing on moments before. A large fragment of metal slammed into his face, knocking him out. He and the lifeboat were blown clear of the ship that continued to burn as it moved onward without him, sounding like Hell incarnate until it faded into the distance. For weeks, Lazlo drifted. It is unclear what happened to him on his time on the lifeboat, as his own recollection was muddled by vivid and horrible hallucinations, where the line between the real and imaginary became blurred. What can be positively asserted, however, is that he was left with a tinge of madness, and a serenity about him that unnerves.

When Lazlo finally reached land, he found himself in a strange land as a stranger man. His first encounter with the denizens of this land was tense and ethereal, survivors only making themselves known by brief bouts of gunfire and explosions in the distance. Thankfully, his first encounter face to face ended amicably. He had made a friend in the man that called himself Fisher. Lazlo then spent his time scavenging the materials necessary to fortify and stock a free clinic in a cabin. He encountered a mute that called herself Rose, who communicated only through writing. From her, and another traveller, he learned of Dead city. He explored the city cautiously at first, then with vigorous curiosity, learning the story that the city had told him, and purpose bloomed within him. With his life's goal laid out before him, he expanded his search to the military airfield in hopes of finding medication, supplies, and most importantly, research documentation. With it, he hoped that he could develop a cure to the plague that felled the world.

A day later, a man and his guard approached Lazlo with a proposition. The man wore a white suit, and carried a gold-plated desert eagle in a holster on his chest, exuding an air of command. He brought with him a contract. Lazlo was to aid and rescue one of his men, trapped by wolves. Lazlo initially offered to do the contract for free, as he had an acquired hatred for wolves in particular. He quickly settled for two boxes of nails and a pack of smokes. Lazlo gathered his supplies, and rushed through the forest, arriving at a cabin deep in the wilderness. Upon arriving, Lazlo slew the wolves that had surrounded the cabin, broke down the door, and checked his patient.

Before he could do anything of use, a Nomad scout started shooting at the cabin. After a brief hostage situation, Lazlo and the injured man ran back to his clinic, dodging .357 rounds all the while. Bullets impacted centimeters from Lazlo's head. Thinking quickly, he broke line of sight with the shooter and dropped down. He only had one chance to do this correctly. He dropped to the ground, pulling his shotgun from his pack. He usually only carried it for bears, but had no intention of killing the man trying to kill him. He waited, listening for the man's footsteps over the pounding of his heart in his ears. The scout came out past the trees, lookiing around confused. Lazlo sprang up, leveling the shotgun in the scout's general direction. The scout lookied dumbfounded for a moment, before uttering "Oh, SHIT", and running for his life. Lazlo fire off a few shots at the trees around the man, spooking him. In the ensuing confusion, Lazlo and the injured man subdued and tied the man.

Lazlo offered him treatment, but the man broke free. Lazlo gave chase, having loaded his shotgun with rubber slugs to subdue the man. He kept pace easily, with a shotgun leveled to the man's back. "Uh... I have a shotgun and I'm right behind you." The man stopped for a brief moment, before his head snapped forward as he began to turn around. Lazlo's ears rang as he turned his head to find that the injured man had shot the scout. Returning to the clinic, Lazlo did everything he could to save the dying man while the man in white watched over intently. He tried everything he could, but the man was too far gone. The plague had taken too deep a root within. He had tried to kill himself, but his boss slapped the gun out of his face. After a brief discussion, the man accepted his fate. He walked to the side of Lazlo's clinic, fighting the infection within him. Lazlo offered to end his suffering. He accepted, and before dying, was given the wonderful sight of the sun rising over the forest.

The deed, done, Lazlo gave the nameless man a proper burial. Lazlo returned inside to collect his payment. He and the Boss drank in the man's honor, before the man departed as quickly as he appeared. With a solemn demeanor, Lazlo returned to the forest where the scout still lay. He buried him as well, planting a cross and leaving the scout's repeater under it. He would visit their graves from time to time, remembering that dark day. He refused to let their deaths be in vain. With renewed vigor, Lazlo dove into his research again. The research he did manage to gather was worthless. He had heard a traveller mention a camp of doctors and scientists in a town near Dead City that were working on a cure. Lazlo knew where he was going next.

He packed up his makeshift clinic, looked back to his home one last time, and set off to find the scientists and doctors he had heard of. He walked through city after city, hiding and scavenging what he could to survive. A stroke of luck landed him in the presence of not only the correct people he was looking for, but their leader, a charming woman named Cheryl. He followed them back to their camp, with who he later learned to be Security Chief Vaughn, a no-nonsense man with a sharp eye and an even temperament. After settling in, Lazlo wandered off for a good while, needing to clear his head. He was glad to be in good company, but something had been nagging at him. He found himself blacking out, and coming to in places he had no recollection of journeying to. He found himself in the middle of conversations he had no idea he had started. As time went on, Lazlo's psyche began to fracture and fragment.

He returned to the doctors of the NHR, still determined to help despite his worsening condition. He assisted with various busy work around the camp, occasionally helping those who would ask it of him. As he felt himself slipping further and further into madnes, he refused the title of "Doctor" that he had earned in all but academia. He himself knew that he was becoming unstable, too much so to provide competent medical care. After a time, he began calling the gaps in his memory "void", nonexistent. He began seeing a version of himself he'd rather forget, following quite literally in his shadow. When he began to hold conversations with the voices in his head, he decided to embrace them. He did so in hopes of becoming whole one day, fearful of the alternative. He would acknowledge them, and they would offer their (often poor, but occasionally brilliant) advice, and he would decide.

Wanting to do more, he listened to the advice the voices gave him, and decided to look for any information he could that would lead him towards a cure. This decision lead him to Pete's Paradise, lead and run by a delightful Irish man named Pete. He looked to trade for information, and, accompanied by Vaughn, encountered a german woman named Anabelle. She had in her posession a journal belonging to one J. Cooter, a higher up researcher for PLIKT. All she requested was an old PLIKT uniform in exchange for the journal, which Lazlo quickly accepted. With Vaughn's assistance, they began their search. Not long after the fruitless search, they heard a radio brodcast announcing that a man named Darryl was handing out contracts in Jimmy's stead. They made their way to the outskirts of Dead City, find Darryl and his employees waiting by a helicopter. They were in search of volunteers to explore the source of strange, mist-like spores coming from a town on one of the easter peninsulas. Lazlo immediately volunteered, and with three others, set off.

The pilot landed the helicopter outside of the affected area, touching down on the road leading into town. As quickly as they had arrived, they were set upon by a pack of infested wolves, the creatures foaming and raving as they attacked the group of people. This was short-lived, however, as the group unloaded into the wolves before they could react. It was, in Lazlo's opinion, a massacre. He collected a sample of one of the creature's tissue, and tucked it into his bag. The group continued into the town, dispatching the few undead wandering the town. They spread out, searching for the source of the spores. They discovered a cave, sealed off with great care. From under the gaps in the door, a strange fungal mass was found. The group collected air samples and fungal samples from the area, Lazlo tucking one of the fungi into a hermetically sealed bag inside of a teddy bear while nobody was looking.

Completing their mission, the group discarded their NBC suits, unwilling to bring any contamination back. In hindsight, Lazlo realized, he should have brought his clothes with him. Naked as the day he was born, he rode in the helicopter with the others back to Dead City. When they landed, he found all but his pants in the pile of clothes left behind. Unbothered, Lazlo carried on as though nothing was wrong, not acknowledging the uncomfortable stares of those around him. Darryl allowed him to collect a sample of the PO-X antidote, and even offered him a pair of pants out of the kindness of his heart. Lazlo wore the pants for all of thirty seconds, before a man offered to buy them off of him for ten thousand Kroner and a replacement pair of pants. Initially willing to accept for the pants alone, he reconsidered when he clarified the amount of money. He made the deal, and returned to camp with Vaughn.

Upon their return, they encountered Annabelle once more. Vaughn, without Lazlo's knowledge, had acquired a PLIKT uniform from Darryl to hold up their end of the deal with Annabelle. The trade made, Annabelle lead them to a strangely fortified barn, with a heavy metal door behind the plain barn doors. This had been one of PLIKT's experimental research facilities, Annabelle explained, where they had been trying to formulate a cure for the virus that now ravaged the world. What Lazlo saw inside made him shudder. The subjects they had been experimenting on were still in storage, their bodies refusing to decompose. Lazlo had several ideas as to why, but could not say with certainty until he got the samples from the ageless corpses back to the NHR to examine.

After gathering all the information he could, the group then ventured to Nyheim, and the twisting, labyrinthian tunnels beneath the ruined city. They discovered little, the entrance to the old PLIKT facility sealed of at some point in the weeks prior. In those dank, dark tunnels, Lazlo's mind finally snapped under the mental strain of all that he had been through. He went mad, deep in the dark. He reentered the light of day as three distinct entities: the Doctor, Lazlo, and the Other. The three personalities that would constantly wrest control of the body back and forth between each other eventually found a chaotic harmony. They began to work together to achieve the goals of the One, what they referred to as the original consciousness that had borne them, reasoning with each other to surrender control when control was needed.

As time went on, the depths of his madness began to become evident. Lazlo, assuming primary control, would often hold conversations with the other two, resulting in confusion to those around him. He understood what was happening to himself, but, lacking the articulation of a sane man, was unable to convey this to his allies. He ventured for a time, coming accross more people in his travels, including a madman in a tinfoil hat. Lazlo had a measure of respect for the man, as his insanity was founded in logic and reason. The man feared the 5G radio waves and the chemtrails he believed to be the result of Skynet, an artificial super-intellegence that the man believed to have caused the current apocalypse. The Doctor and Lazlo disregarded the man as insane, while the Other listened intently to what the man had to say. His words were not to be taken lightly, in the Other's mind. No-one could say with certainty how this plague started, and the man may very well be correct.

After tidying up and assisting a cyclops named Andreas, Lazlo resigned himself to his room. The One relinquished to the Doctor the code to his door, believing that he posed a risk to the others if he could not get a handle on his mental state. He was not to open the door under any circumstances, infuriating the Other. The Other seized control, refusing to loosen his iron grip over the body. In his rage, he screamed words that chilled the One to his core.


After a long time search, Lazlo had found aripiprazole he needed to hold his mind in place, if only temporarily. While he was of sounder mind, he no longer trusted himself to give aid. He resigned from his position as intern, and now held the title of security. The madness frayed at the edges of his mind, numbing him to his surroundings, oblivious in all but a few lucid moments. His life came to an end at his own hands from another's gun.

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