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Andrew Smallfoot
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1985-02-01 (34 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Newcastle UK
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
    White Latino
  6. Languages


  1. Equipment
    Prefers comfortable clothing like hoodies, tracksuits to military clothing. Has a soft spot for sneakers.


Andrew grew up in Newcastle, North England. His mother got pregnant at young age while on a trip to Benidorm in the late 1980’s. She ‘fell in love’ with a Spanish Bar man and they were going to get married etc etc. Clearly he was also going to get married to the next girl he saw the following week while she was on holiday. His mum was only 18 when she had Andrew. He didn’t know his dads name and his mother couldn’t even remember it either. Her parents were extremely strict Catholics and the pregnancy was bringing shame on the family. So Andrew was put forward for adoption as soon as he was born. That was the last he saw of his real family and he cant remember anything about them.

He never actually got adopted but went from foster care to foster care all through his pre and early teen years. He wasn’t a bad lad but having such an unstable upbringing clearly had an impact on his respect for rules and authority. He never committed any serious 'physical' crimes but will admit to some odd shoplifting and petty stealing until he got involved in stealing cars for a car theft gang. They gave him money to rent a place and buy vodka and weed and he stole the cars to order. He was never caught by the police but did get a few beatings by the gang if the car was damaged too much or the wrong spec. After a beating went too far and his arm got broken he decided enough was enough and he wanted out. You simply dont just walk away from these situations so he had to leave quickly and without anyone knowing so moved south.

After a brief spell looking for work in London, he eventually decided to leave the UK and lack of prospects and travel the world to see what he could find there, catching lifts with lorry drivers where he could. He headed east through France and Germany and into Poland with a Polish HGV driver returning home.

He arrived in Livonia and managed to get a bit of work cleaning in factories, on the odd farm as a farm hand, Building work, even a bit of security on club doors. He bummed around for a while before meeting another guy he struck a bond with and they swapped stories. He was also a victim of the foster care system but in his own country, Ukraine.

When news of the outbreak happened, no one was quite sure what was happening. Was it chemical attack, a plague? No one knew and foreign citizens were not the priority in communication. As such tensions rose and riots started. Panic set in and with the increase in military activity, along with the arrival of disease control people, people started fleeing where they could. Andrew and his new friend headed south into the forests. They found a small house in the woods and stayed there for quite a while before moving on to a new spot. They would find food in abandoned houses and learnt to kill and butcher the loose domestic animals they found roaming around before returning back to the safety of the forests. No idea how they managed to stay alive and not die of food poisoning. They met a few other travelers on the roads, some of which would help them and share belongings willingly, others not so willingly but it was always in the interests of survival.

With the growing increase in the infected, who roamed the streets like brain dead zombies, full of rage and aggression, they learnt to defend themselves in nothing more than brawling terms  and learnt to operate guns in a basic fashion but nothing  beyond loading ammo clips and the odd attachment. As soon as the gun jammed or stopped working, they were thrown away and they looked for the next one.

It was a pretty basic existence. No goals to achieve, no places to be, just continued survival. A rucksack, Gun, few tins of food and a bottle of vodka, doing what he can, working where he can and this continues on to this day


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