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Dan Scully
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1988-02-14 (32 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Good


Dan was a stonemason by trade in the UK and amongst his hobbies such as watching tv and going to the pub with his mates, was an avid paint baller.

Tom, Dan’s youngest brother, wanted to explore more of the world than their sleepy, Northern village and so concocted a plan for the three of them to travel all across Europe, starting in Bucharest and ending back in their quiet, little village.

The trio had already successfully travelled through Romania, from their Bucharest starting point, through Bulgaria and in to Turkey, ending up at Samsun before the news of the outbreak reached them. Samsun is the last place Dan saw his two kid brothers, as they were forced on to a ship and he watched helplessly as it sailed away.

Distraught, but unable to get any information on the ship from Turkish locals or officials, Dan continued on his mission to find and protect his brothers. He had just passed through the border from Turkey to Georgia on his expedition to check every dock and port along the coast, comparing every ship to the details burned in to his memory; rusty white with yellow cranes and what looked like red under the tide, but none of them matched.

After months of danger and hard travel along the coast of the Green Sea, not long after passing into Russia, Dan received some information from some other survivors of a ship wreck in a country to the west, named Chernarus.

After trading some supplies with the survivors in exchange for this knowledge, Dan continued following the coastline in hopes of eventually making it to this country he had never even heard of until now. Four long days of walking later, Dan came across some unsavoury looking survivors with a small ship. Although Dan didn’t fully trust these men, they seemed friendly enough around the camp fire, and one of them stated that they were heading west to a place called Novigrad in Chernarus. A few more hours around the campfire and Dan convinced the men to let him hitch a ride to Chernarus in return for some tinned goods and some waterproof clothing he had found on his travels.

The small group say they only sail at night to not have too many people see them. While sailing, Dan fought hard not to fall asleep on the journey but inevitably, he did. At some point in the night he is awoken to shouting in a language he didn't understand but what he did understand was that he was in danger, and his kit that would normally never leave his side, was gone!

Knowing he might not have long left, he snuck up to the deck of the ship were he saw the men holding sharp weapons and one of the men wearing what looked like a butchers apron.

Realising this doesn’t look good, he tried to find a weapon of his own but not being very subtle, he only revealed himself to the men, that charge at him! In a panic, he jumped off the ship, wearing only a hoodie and some jeans and sees what looks like a coast line and starts to swim, until the tide starts to take him towards land, where he can only hope to survive until morning.


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