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Vaughn Enfield
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Optimist | Frenzied
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1995-03-11 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Fairbanks, Alaska
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    Brody Elles - Surrogate Brother (Dead), Andrew Williams - Surrogate Brother (Alive)
  10. Religion
    Lutheran Christian


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    67 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Equipment
    Keeps Elles brother's dogtags on his neck, next to his own tags
    Elles Old baseball Cap and Rifle
  8. Occupation
    Infantry Officer/Bush Pilot
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role
    Security Lead


Vaughn Barrett Enfield


"All that are in hell choose it."
- C.S. Lewis




Vaughn Enfield was born an only child to a middle-class family in the town of Fairbanks, Alaska. The earliest thing he was known to do to him was being baptized into the Presbyterian faith. From then, his family moved to the more remote town of Barrow Alaska, a town on the most northern part of Alaska. From there he continued his rather uneventful education but focused on more outdoorsman and church related activities. While living in Barrow he became very fascinated with the Presbyterian minister Dr. Henry Greist, a doctor and aforementioned minister who helped serve the town of Barrow in the early 1900s. This proved to be a role model for the young Vaughn, and he became deeply interested in the way of learning how to help people via faith. His efforts lead him to be able to take part a multitude of missions throughout his life, mostly into the isolated interior of Alaska



IN order to be a good missionary, Vaughn had to learn the culture of those he was attempting to reach. His first step was learning Inupiaq as a second language during high school, and also adopting some Inuit customs. But for him, this was the rather easy part. The hard part was learning how to live in such remote areas. And thus, he learned the important skills of being a survivalist, which included being a thru hiker, living off the land, and being able to craft makeshift resources for him to use. Once he had reached the location he was assigned to, he began his work. Due to his father also being a carpenter by trade, he helped fix any furniture or even whole renovations of the small cabins. During this time, he also learned basic first aid. It was nothing too special, but learning it helped improve his relations with natives. The biggest thing that he got interested in living this frontier life, was how they got resources. The intricate system of resupplying by air was something that caught his eye. And while he was on his missions, he researched on how to become a Bush pilot.



THEREFORE, Vaughn went to further his education, into the University level. He went back to his birth town of Fairbanks, and studied in the major of Wildlife Biology, and with such he was intrigued. His home state was filled with unique flora fauna, but something from the inside urged him to see even more unique specimens. From there he began research on the origin of birds in the country of New Zealand. Vaughn 's life went well after this research, eventually graduating and starting his path to a bachelor's in wildlife biology. But still, deep inside he thirsted to research the most unique specimens of all. But this came with a caveat. Who couldn't really afford the majority of college and found solace in a deal. The United States Army offered him a 4-year full ride scholarship, with the contractual promise of being a commissioned officer for 4 years after college.



LUCKILY Vaughn Enfield was always a duty focused person Between the years of 2014-2020, he just stood for service of ideals that were not his own. He was commissioned into the Officer Corps of the Army. His first deployment was joining one of the 9000 men in Afghanistan, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, and as the typical American Infantry Officer. While not much fighting happened in the country of Afghanistan, aside from the odd Taliban skirmish, he was shown as a competent leader, and was moved to a NATO deployment in Poland, flying Chinooks. But soon his service came to an end at the rank of Captain, and he continued his life's work.



INTERESTED in the European way of life, he decided to spend a few more years in Europe before returning home to the states. He ended up in a country similar to his own state, Norway. He settled in, on his own time he researched the Avian life of the area, but for a more professional job he was just a search and rescue pilot with the Norwegian Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps, making do with the skills he learned in the Army. His temporary visit into Norway however, seemed to be quickly becoming permanent.



BY 2020, the world began to crumble. Consolidation had systematically ruined humanity's immune system. But, Thanks to the skepticism of Vaughn's parents, they were almost unscathed, and now Vaughn had a choice. Isolate more against a disease he knows would never affect him, or to help out with those that didn't have the resistance. He chose the latter. Vaughn decided he would help in the Arctic Circle as he had some ties to the region, as he used the aeronautical resources there to help with his bush piloting escapades. But he was too little, but not too late. He once again fell into the same mindset of helping a few isolated villages, along the Arctic Circle, using the old Alta Airport as a base of operations for himself and a small team of mechanics and suppliers. In which they easily survived the harsh winter, as the airport was made to stay working disconnected from society, stocked with everything they needed for years. But the only issue was with water. So alone, Vaughn Enfield set out, looking for a source of water to send back to his team, and on this Journey, he found himself in Nyheim.

Post Outbreak
Most events are recorded here

Every action

WITH Vaughns new position at the Lead of the Security forces, life for him began to shape up. Where his life before the outbreak stripped him of family and made himself lost in his mind, being with NHR left him with picking of the pieces of a shattered mind. He people he could rely on, people he trusted with his life. People like Drew, an almost father to him, a Man who suffered the same problems that Vaughn had, yet he still lived. People like Elles, a true brother, one that filled the void of the ones who had left Vaughn, someone Vaughn knew would by his side no matter what the world threw. Even People like Cheryl, who had given him a place and a purpose in this strange new world, someone who made Vaughn felt like he was finally on the track of doing something right in his life.

Has Its Reaction
Third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This was a curse upon Vaughn. By May, there was news that a sweeping horde would make its way through
Nyhiem. And like the start of the Outbreak, a panic began to set in. Initially, NHR was going to help the people that didn't or couldn't evacuate to some far-off land. Drew left the camp, went south to find more members of his PMC group, Knight Medical, with recovery and fighting the hordes set upon them. A faint hope filled Vaughn's heart, but it was blown away when one day Cheryl just wasn't there. She had run, choosing to preserve her own life. Days later Elles caught a bullet, and while Vaughn did his best to stabilize the wound, there was something internal that got him. And Vaughn sat, with his best friend lifeless in his arms. He swore that if Elles could've gotten better medical help he would've pulled through. After burying the body, he felt his body fill with a rage and grief, reducing his mental state into something of a feral man. 

Pale Horses
later Vaughn found himself being carried out of a ditch. And on a pale horse rode his Savior, a man by the name of Anatoly. A Chernarussian military man, Anatoly and Vaughn began to talk about each other's lives as Vaughn recovered of from his weeks of self-torture. Each other's life story was shared, and for a week they just wandered post-outbreak Norway together. The dynamic had reminded Vaughn of Elles, and as such he told his new friend about the tragedy of Elles. Anatoly was moved to action by his story, and suggested that the two should revisit Nyhiem, to put an end to the Tragedy. And thus, the duo walked forth, back into Vaughns past. 







Completed In-progress Failed

Find something to serve
Be a leader
Become a source of inspiration for someone
Keep your frenzy in check
Don't act on the frenzy
Protect your family, at all costs
See that some part of Nyhiem gets a echo of Stability 
Make it hell





Most of the time Vaughn is a optimistic individual. Defined as a leader, and a intense loyalty for the people he trusts, he feels an intense duty to serve something. A devout Christian, he has a very rigid and defined moral compass, something he lives upon. With this he carries a Charismatic, sarcastic attitude, highlighted with a dry and serious sense of humor. Above all of this, he has a strong commitment to what is Just and Injust, and is very caring towards that natural order.

Due to his upbringing, and not being able to handle the injustices of others well, Vaughn can easily be turned into a frenzied shadow of himself. When he is frenzied, his hands shake, he becomes very irrational, and will do anything to get revenge upon the injustice he witnessed. This anger of towards injustice is always there, but suppressed by a self-hatred and alcohol. But without such targets, there's no telling what the frenzy will drive him to do. 

Mental Status


Current Status: Complacent
- I couldn't prevent it. He died, in my arms, and I was powerless
Fucking figures. She talked about how her team left her to be alone and does me the same
. Had the fucking guts to start the NHR again
- Talking to Wild cleared my mind of this idiotic rage, but the Grief will always be there
- Seeing Drew and Cheryl again, working together, Im starting to feel whole again. Hopefully you learned from your mistakes Cheryl



Brothers Lover Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated 

Drew Williams 
Missing. I think the urge to find you is the only think that makes me walk anymore
God, Am I happy to see you're back. Ain't going to let you go away again, can't bear to lose myself again. Let's do what do best eh?

Brody Elles (Dead)
Avenged you, but only the man that pulled the trigger. Someone put a hit on you, wonder if it's the same people that ransacked your old people you live with. Sorry if I'm not the man you want me to be. 

Wild Thing

Seeing someone from way back when is always great and meeting you again is better. 
Talking philosophy with you and our mentalities, well, has made me find myself again. I appreciate your dedication to Luddism, maybe one day I'll join you

Cheryl Rakoto 
Ain't sure If I can forgive you, especially if you act like the past never happened
You keep your past deep in your heart. Happy to be your humble guard dog once more, anything I can do to help you, helps us all.












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Vaughn Enfield? Like… THE Vaughn Enfield??

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