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Marshall Whitman
Character information
  1. Date of birth
  2. Nationality
  3. Ethnicity


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Good


My character is Marshall Whitman. Always been more of a smart kind of guy rather than tough. But the army straightened him out in that regard. Due to his outstanding performance on the field, he was assigned to a special ops squad that was constantly being sent off to different regions of the world to deal with specific targets or extract certain people. He's visited regions such as Russia and South America, and in theory Chernarus shouldn't have been much different. Despite the rough state of civility in the area and the fear of another civil war, many of the other countries he has visited weren't much better off anyway. He was deployed on July 17th, with the other NATO troops that were sent to bolster the frontline against the infection. But the infection was a second thought in his mind, as Whitman and his squad were given a different mission. He was to head deeper into Chernarus to extract an important ally. His squad had been 2 days into locating their target when news got out that the front line of the United States military had broke. Whitman and his squad needed to make their way back south to make sure they still had troops and a secure way out of Chernarus. However, the bombings being done had driven the infected Northward towards them, making progress very slow. Then the large storm rolled in, and again they had to come to a halt. Eventually, the squad had made it but it was clearly too late. The rest of his forces had been scattered or killed. He became aware that his squad had no clear way out of the country. Him and his squad would have to survive here in Chernarus.

After a few days of survival, Whitman and his squad had encountered a raiding party. And at this point, being undersupplied, his squad was swiftly taken prisoner. After some time, in the midst of some chaos that was going on between the raiding party, Whitman and the rest of his squad made their escape. Due to the chaos however, Whitman got split up. From here, Whitman had minimal supplies left, and his only goal was to find those of his squad who survived.


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