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Hana Pechova
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Hana is wary of everyone she comes across and will chose to hide before approaching people she does not know.
  3. Morale
    Beaten down, weary and scared. Though she find strength in the people she is with and almost always tried to see the positive in people and things.
  4. Date of birth
    1997-06-28 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Czech Republic
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Polish (IC only), Czech (IC only)
  9. Relationship
    Fiancé - Jonathan Mathews
  10. Family
    None, deceased
  11. Religion
    She gave up on it.


  1. Height
    162 cm
  2. Weight
    60 kg
  3. Build
    Lean build
  4. Hair
    Long Blonde hair, often pulled back and messy
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Hana has a self done tattoo of an arrow on her left ankle. It's not the best, but you can tell what it is should you see it.

    Gun shot wound to her left calf
  7. Equipment
    Hana is prone to carrying large pack as she spends much of her time scavenging for the Commune she lives in. She usually has at least one small hand gun and maybe a small semi auto or automatic rifle, though she rarely uses them. She almost always carries ample medical supplies, a compass, map and enough food for three days.
  8. Occupation
  9. Role
    Scavenger, Farmer.. (Indoor for now, till the snow melts.)


divider-line.png.abdcd87e9407c92cde1195f7475c30bd.pngHer Past divider-line-r.png.57583fc9c04e967a00c3d324646be8f1.png



Hana lived a simple life, raised in the town of Trinec on the Czech / Polish border, she learned both languages as well as English as she grew up. As the only child of progressive farmers, she was taught much about soil, crops, growing conditions, and ecology. The small family moved to the states for a short time for a federal program to boost international cooperation and agriculture. She spent three years in New Jersy living in a commune with farmers from four other counties. After, they were paid to relocate to the war-torn areas of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

The Pechová’s had ties in Georgia, old friends who petitioned for assistance from the program. With it granted, they moved to Georgia, and her family set up in an abandoned farm outside Kari in the Northern parts of the country to start producing high yield crops. It is where they were when the world ended.

At first, they seemed unaffected, they appeared to have been far enough away from the populous to have avoided the infection. It appeared...

... they were wrong.


Barely an adult when her parents succumbed to the disease that ravaged the world, the infection came on swiftly when it reached them, though somehow avoiding Hana. They warned her as she tried desperately to make them well again. “Run, girl... run far away.” But eventually, they turned on her, forcing her to kill her mother before fleeing to the wilderness. To this day, it is something she can not speak of other than generalizations of how she ended up alone.

She ran for a very long time. Stopping only in small towns to grab what she needed to survive. Heading North, she thought to go back to Czechia, to familiar surroundings and people. Eventually, she came across an abandoned house, though unsure of where she was, she decided she needed to rest for a while. Having traveled for 5 days with no sign of civilization and she was tired, hoping to find some town somewhere near, she settled in the small house and learned the area. She found the closest city to keep her stocked and alive as she hid in the woods from whatever end the world had come to.

Time went by... everything was routine, and it felt like months since Hana had last spoken to anyone. Having been in solitude for so long, she feared she was one of the very few people left. That was not the case, however. Eventually, the world would find Hana along with the little sanctuary she had thrived in. 

They came in the night, as though they were waiting for her to be most vulnerable. Hana had not encountered anyone; thus, she never had a reason to think of defenses or any safety. They attacked, and much of what she had was destroyed or taken, and she was injured during the raid. The spoke foul things to the young woman and decided to take her for themselves. They made sport of grabbing at the woman and threatening of selling her to some slave organization or another. The man who held her licked at her ears, whispering threats as he groped at her chest and squeezed her throat. Luckily there was a screwdriver on a shelf just within reach of her hand that was less restrained. Taking it she managed to stab the man in the leg forcing him to let her go, it was all she needed... she darted out of the house.

Grabbing the pack by her door as she bolted out, she sprinted into the woods in hopes of losing the bandits. Branches struck her cheeks, the sticks of the forest floor cut up her feet as she ran, but she felt none of it as she raced for her life. The sounds of the bandits were gone as she finally stopped to breathe. Leaning against an ancient fir, she let loose the emotion that had been on hold as she ran... Doubling over, she cried, letting loose everything. 

The sound of yelling men broke her free from the sobbing. She had to move, and she had to move that minute. Barefoot, torn clothes and only a water bottle and provisions enough for a day trip to the town she lived near, she made her way through the forest, unsure which way she was going.

Forced from her home, nothing to her name, she runs, the bandits who razed her hideout hot on her trail. Their egos were hurt after she managed to skewer one with a screwdriver. Desperate to find allies or another place to hide and heal, she does not stop for too long in any one place, as the bandits seem to have made sport of hunting the young woman.

Again she was on the run. Leaving everything behind save for the screwdriver, she drove into the man’s leg and a pack she had not replenished since her last trip into town... still, she ran.


divider-line.png.abdcd87e9407c92cde1195f7475c30bd.pngHer Presentdivider-line-r.png.57583fc9c04e967a00c3d324646be8f1.png


Hana had found Chernarus, though everywhere she went, there was infected. It so happens she had wandered first to Gorka; it was a busy place, and she hid from people. But when she went to the water pump for some much needed fresh water, she ran into the first people she had seen since the attack on her small house in the forest. Hana was like deer in headlights, barely able to utter a word when she met Jack, Emika, and one or maybe two others there by the watering pump. As soon as they left, she was running from the town, afraid of the next person she might meet. Following a little stream, she ended up in Dolina. Here too, were infected, but she had nothing... “Honvo.” She whispered to herself as she looked on to the numerous houses and the many infected wandering around. 

She took some time to watch, and as they seemed to wander around, a path cleared. Off she went, darting in and out of houses, the small woman quickly looking for supplies she could take with her back into the wilderness. It would be her luck that the things ended up closing in around her, and before she knew it, there were nine wandering the immediate area. She could not take them, she knew it... so she tried to lure them one by one around a corner. It worked for the first three, she was no fighter, but she was much more nimble than them and was able to dodge most of their attacks, though a bunch had heard the noise and came for her. Making a mad dash to a large building nearby, she was able to close the doors and keep them out, but now she was trapped...

That is when she met Nick and Wes. They first saw the swarm, then her as she looked down from the roof of the police station and set to help her. That act won her trust quite quickly. At their own risk, they took out the remaining six as well as any others that had wandered near. After a brief conversation and some exchange of supplies, Hana joined with the two men who were traveling to meet a unit called the Praetorian Guard.

Oddly enough, she met Jack and Emika once again when they arrived. A little ashamed of her earlier behavior, she kept quiet and let Nick do all the talking.

For a time, it seemed they would join up with the Guard, but the news of war and hostiles frightened her. So she asked to leave, Nick escorting her to a quiet town where he had a vision of a community living in some small capacity as they did before the world ended.

She is now a part of a little group known as the commune, she grows food for them and does a lot of scavenging.


divider-line.png.abdcd87e9407c92cde1195f7475c30bd.pngIC INFO, ONLY KNOWN IF JOURNAL IS READ divider-line-r.png.57583fc9c04e967a00c3d324646be8f1.png

These can be used IC if the journal is found. DM me precise location, and if it is correct your name will be put next to the journal as the one in possession of it.

Journal 1, Last seen in Tulga 

Entry 1...  12.29.2019


After reading Johnny’s journal, she thought it a good idea and began keeping one of her own.


In the low-lit room, Hana sits down with a tattered book, binding frayed and the pages yellowed. But it was a find that she could not pass up. Using a makeshift pencil to write, putting charcoal to paper and begins to pen some of her thoughts and experiences. Her lips move as the charcoal scratches letters down the page of the book, almost whispering as she wrote, but only the wisps of words heard.

“It seemed such a good idea. Who would even bother to mess with a community that had little beyond the basic staples of life and a few things to defend themselves from the infected?

Some people passed through Tulga; we extended our hand in friendship to those we met. Some people were met as we set out to find supplies. Because of that, we grew. It started with Nick, then Em, Wes and Jonathan, then I joined. And it was four of us in Tulga for a little bit, but then some of our friends with the Praetorian Guard found it was a place to come to for rest from hostile life that followed the guard in their efforts to bring order to the chaos of Chernarus.

Valery and Robo joined us, both kind and helpful. Though they often go back to the guard, they have a place of peace to return to, and I am glad they have found a home with us. Then we stumbled on Chris when Nick and I were driving around the countryside looking for new places to find unique supplies. And finally, Wynne, a woman that I have begun to grow quite close to. The family grew, and things were looking positively perfect, for a short time, anyhow.

Nick – I don’t know where to start. I’ve never felt for anyone like I do for him. He has been steadfast in his actions to try and protect us, and I have grown to quite fond of him. I cannot imagine life here in Chernarus without him. I would follow him anywhere. There is so much about Nick that I find comfort in, he is everything I need, he is a man who tries only to do the right thing... for us, for me. I need him in ways I never knew existed.

Life in the Commune was quiet; it was what we had hoped, but only for a couple of short weeks. Until the unsavory group called the Russo Syndicate moved in our town… Why?

The Russo’s… they made their camp right in Tulga. Most seemed distracted children, playing with the shiniest new toy they could find, I even saw them running around with the rifles and guns, one wearing a skirt they found in one of the houses… reminded me of children in the schoolyard. There were a few that seemed mostly respectable. Still, they seemed to think that our town is where they belong and treat us as though they have a right to be there and we are the guests.

They brought with them the parts of the world we all wanted to leave behind. Conflict, violence… uncertainty. Even if that was not their intent, how could they expect anything less… given who they are.

First there was Jacob, demanding and quite the presence. I avoided him at first, but with his interest in Wynne it was not hard to do. Then the man in charge at the camp showed up, Johnny Matthews… at first, a frightening man with a voice that seemed to sooth even as he tried to seemingly bully away Robo when he first came to Tulga due to his affiliation with the Praetorian Guard.”

The page turns, and she stares out the window for a few minutes before looking to the door in front of her, cracked open just a bit, and to the bed where Johnny lay sleeping. She watched him, listening to the rhythmic sound of his breath as he slept in a drug-induced sleep. Eventually, the scratching of the charcoal to paper would start again.

“Johnny Matthews… A man I tried to dislike, a man I tried to stay away from. How he ended up here with me right now… it’s been a whirlwind. He is the sort I had always been warned to stay away from. My father would shake sense into me if he knew the kind of man that was in my bed. Nothing has happened with him, I hesitate, the first cause of my feelings for Nick and second, I know the man he is. I know what he is capable of, and I hear the whispers of my father in the back of my mind… he tells me to run away, get to safety…

… but I cannot. There is something about Johnny that makes me want to be with him. Maybe it is the courage he shows in trying to change his life to be a better man in light of all the danger he faces every day. Perhaps it is his oddly hypnotic voice I find so easy to listen to. Maybe it is that a simple game of 21 questions while walking about the frozen lands is enough to paint a smile on my face and keep it there for some time. I don’t know…”

Closing the book with a sigh, she let her fingers run over the worn leather binding as she sat in thought. Moments passed before heading back to the other room and lying down next to the injured man she was taking care of.



Entry 2... 01.01.2020



Days pass and life had returned to a bit of normalcy… at least what one could consider as such in these times. It was during this time she had found a moment to again sit down and write in the old tattered journal she had found…

"I have a family."

Were her first words of this entry.

"I have a family that I would do anything for. They are not like what I had before the world ended. But the bonds we share are stronger in most ways. Sometimes I feel like the weak link, the one everyone feels like they need to stand in front of and protect. It is true, I am not a strong fighter. I can take out the zeds here and there that I can handle myself when scavenging, but… with the recent troubles, I feel like more a liability.

But they do not think so… At least I hope so.

One of the ex-syndicate men who became a part of our commune… he takes it upon himself to see to our safety with a fierceness I had not expected to see; it is humbling at times. Jacob Antone… he makes me feel like that little sister that he would stand in front of a loaded gun for. In fact, I have seen it. He does everything to keep me out of harm's way when it comes to us. I did not expect it. He is more selfless than I gave him credit for when I first met him, and he has taken a piece of my heart, and like Johnny, he too yearns for a life of peace, where he is not hurting people on the whim of others. It seems more natural for him, but then… I never saw him when he acted like a criminal. I only have his stories to go by, and some of them are horrific."

Looking up from the book towards the door to her bedroom, she grins as she chews on the end of the makeshift charcoal pencil.

"Things have become more serious between Johnny and me. It was first a fascination and admiration for him. He has done so much, hurt so many, and to want to change so drastically... There is much stacked against him, but I see the man he is, even when he lets glimpses of who he was come through. I believe he will succeed. Like Jacob, I feel like being a good man, is more natural for him. He falls into the role so easily. He has become a partner, our time together is filled with laughter, dreams and adventure. He is also teaching me to be a bit more proficient with firearms, a necessity to thrive in the land we live in, though I never plan to shoot anyone, hell… I am not sure if I could."


"This group called the 5.0.3 has taken an interest in the commune. The leader, a man who thinks entirely too much of himself C-J, seems to think the world owes him something. This makes him dangerous, as I learned when I first crossed his path on the NWAF. I was so new to Chernaurs, I did not know the dangers of going there. I had just wandered up that way with a concussion from a pretty severe car accident. He was violent and vile. Him, Sung Ho, and the Mac guy, I would be none to remiss to never see them again. But then C-J came to Tulga demanding an invitation to our new year's party… which I extended as the man threatened to bring his crew to slaughter us or something if he was not invited.

But… then Johnny told one of the 5.0.3 that we canceled the party, which… well, we were not about to let that group of thugs ruin our celebration, so we just moved it elsewhere. Apparently, we hurt their feelings, I am pretty sure the 5.0.3 raided our town while we were gone. We got back to find doors open, cars missing, and half of our supplies gone. It is funny. It is only a petty person who believes that taking things would truly hurt people like us. We are not about objects. We are about each other. But if stealing our supplies made him feel better, then so be it. Perhaps now he has had his fun and will stay the fuck away from us."

A smirk grew across her face as she set the pencil down. She would not be stupid enough to insult the maniac to his face again. Still, she certainly felt some relief writing her thoughts about the crazy people of the 5.0.3… the smirk disappeared as she looked to the blank page opposite the one she had just filled… picking up the pencil again, she began to write vigorously…

"Then there is Benjamin… a kid. What the hell is he doing with this gang. I feel like the poor kid has not been given the chance to be one. I saw him, first in Tulga, then in Gorka. I could not believe what people let him do. I want to rip him away from the bad influences that he is surrounded by and show him he does not have to do what these evil people do. But then, he seemed to enjoy himself way too much. I spoke with him in Gorka, in fact, it was good to talk to him away from everything. Just that little conversation gave me a small glimpse into the boy he is. He was kind and seemed concerned for my safety, not only that but for Johnny's state of mind. He asked me to take care of Johnny. I invited him to the commune without the accompaniment of his 5.0.3 friends… if you can call them that. I am not sure they really care for the kid; more they find amusement in him."



Entry 3... 01.12.2020


Johnny slept in the room next to her as she wrote in the low light, the young Czech woman writing in a separate book than her previous journal. Most of what she had was left behind when she had to run and hide... again.

“Finally have a place to settle down for a little while. Jesus, it has been insane. Sometimes I regret my decision to stay around people. I think to myself, why didn’t I just thank Nick and Wes for helping me, and set out on my way and find a place to live in solitude again..."

She looks to the other room, listening to the rhythmic sounds of deep sleep, breath that could just barely be heard, before turning back to the tattered pages.

“But then, I would have never met him.”

Staring at the next page, so much flooded her head, she did not know where to start. The pencil was pressed to the paper, but there was no movement. Not that there wasn’t plenty to tell but the events of the previous weeks just ran together in her head. Finally, the scratching of the pencil on paper could be heard.

“Where do I start. I have had to face some things these last few weeks that I had never thought to see. I grew up in a farming community, my parents were farmers, our friends were farmers, I was to take over the someday and run the farm for my family, and have one of my own. That is why were went to America; to see to the future of our farm. But then we went to Georgia, and from there it all changed. I am a simple person, maybe not so much cut out for these times."

I have found people to lean on, people who will protect me… us, the Commune, but is it fair to ask them to do so?

The Praetorian Guard. They have been like guardian angels to the Commune. Nick trusts them explicitly; I trust them with my life. They in fact had my life in their hands for a couple of days and well, I am sitting here if that says anything. Goose, Andy and Wes all saw me to safety as if I were someone important... but I am not. I am simple person with no real impact on the world round me.

Not that I am ungrateful, and with that said... I have never been so frightened… I have never felt so helpless. C-J… the man who runs that gang from the Airfield… the 5.0.3, he is a psychopath, the day I ran, the day I had to leave, go into hiding, he found Johnny and had his fucking gang take him to the airfield. I listened in horror as he made threats and beat the man I love, trying to find out where I was. I could hardly bare to listen, I couldn’t. I wanted to turn myself in just to get them to stop. But that would hurt Johnny even more. So I ran.

He will stand between me and anything. God I love that man, but I wish I was not so weak… I wish he did not feel the need to let himself get hurt to protect me.



Journal 2, Last seen in Lukow. 

Entry 4... 01.13.2020


Sitting with her journal in front of her, Hana picked up the pencil. Next to the journal is a ragged teddy she keeps close to her, fondly named Brian. She stared into the little bear’s black buttons for eyes and whispered to him. “What will become of us… did we fail already?” Taking the bear into her lap, she ran her fingers over the fuzz that adorned the little animal as she began to write.

“I could not sleep tonight… I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that things are just going to get tenser. The Commune is not fairing so well right now. We are scared and in disagreement about a great many things, and it had all but fractured us. We need Nick. He has been in quarantine for some time for the virus that plagues him. Soon to be at the Citadel, I hope they can help to make him well again.”

… I want to go back… to talk to him... for guidance. He left Wynne, and I in charge. But with everything that was going on, we have hardly had the chance to be a commune anymore. We are scattered… were scattered. 

We have finally come together in a small town in Livonia, well at least five of us have, and that is due in large to the work of Wynne and Jacob. I love those two, but we do not see eye to eye on the direction the Commune should go, and mostly I had accepted that my inputs had little importance in their decisions.

It was something that weighed on me, Johnny picked up on it quickly, but said nothing… probably waiting for me to come to him, I don’t know. He just kept asking if I was okay, and I smiled and told him yes. I did not want to seem petty. Then when I almost decided not to move with the Commune to the little town Wynne and Jacob picked for our settlement, he took matters into his own hands. 

We had just moved from our little sanctuary and were settling when he told Jacob he needed to talk to him. I had gone to search from some cable for the generator, and when I got back, something had changed. Johnny told me about his talk with Jacob…  I felt like deer in headlights and had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

We went to Robo’s house to talk, it turned into a shouting match with finger-pointing and insults thrown around to hurt each other. I could not take it, I had to leave, the walls were crashing down, and we were falling apart. Bonds I thought were strong enough to get through anything seemed to be stretching, and about ready to snap. 

Robo tried desperately to facilitate the argument that man is probably the most patient and cool-headed person I have ever met. But in the end, nothing was resolved, and everyone was even more upset… Wynne even abandoning her position to guide the Commune.
Nick and I had a long talk after the events of New Years’. He was not getting better, and we needed to move... again… We talked about the direction of the Commune and what we should do. 

Then he told me he wanted to have Wynne, and I guide us while he recovered. He said we are two people who should represent the Commune, both of us… But we’ve not been able to get it together. It is not one person’s fault, we both failed, I was too timid to reach out and talk to her, and she seemed also absorbed in her plans with Jacob to reach out and talk to me. We both failed, but the biggest failure is when we should have been talking about it to remedy the situation… it was more about placing blame than figuring it out.

Ah… and now Wynne has given up and put it all on me… 

… I don’t know. Perhaps Johnny and I should have stayed in the house by the pond. But that would have been a failure too. We had to move to support the Commune and keep us together.

Nick never wanted to be the man on top, I understand that. There is not supposed to be a person on top, we are supposed to be figuring out our path together. I know what he wanted for the Commune, and moving forward, I will follow his example… I will try anyhow and then gladly put the Commune back in his care when he is well."

The pencil was set down in the book, and the pages closed around. She squeezed the bear in her lap, pulling it up into a hug.. Just as she was about to pick it up and head back to bed, hands were felt on her shoulders, her eyes closed as the fingers began to knead her tense muscles. “Everything okay, Doll?” Johnny asked as he bent down, followed by a simple kiss on her cheek.

She hummed a bit in thought before answering. “Mmm, not really, but, we will figure it out, I think.”


Entry 5... 01.14.2020


Sitting on the cabin floor, her tattered journal in her hand, the little bear she always has with her, in her lap... she stares at the floor for a long few minutes before setting the book down and writing a single sentence.

How easily bonds that were suppose to be family are broken... guess they were not as strong as we thought.



Journal 3, In Hana's possession

Entry 6... 01.18.2020


“I miss them, Wynne, Jacob, Robo, Nick, and everyone else... family. A wedge divides us now, and we are in various locations. I also miss the little sanctuary I had in the middle of nowhere, it was quiet, but there was also no one there. But even that place was not as safe as I thought. I am scared… will we ever be able to just live in peace?”

The house they had found to hide in had no furnishings, just an old carpet and a table in the kitchen. Hana lay on the rug with another tattered journal, the last being left in the house in Lukow when they fled that town.

“Johnny is the only one in my life that I completely trust now. I love him and I know he will go to the ends of the earth to keep me safe from the evil that plagues us. He has decided no one can know where we are or who we are; that we can trust no one. I do not think our friends had done anything to reveal where we were, not on purpose, but when the Umbra folks were waiting for us in Roztoka after we had explicitly asked the location not be revealed, it set Johnny off. I feel bad. I know our friends did not do anything to put us in harm’s way; I know they would never. But we have not spoken since, and I fear that those ties are now torn, I miss them.., I hope they are safe and okay.

We found a community to hide in, using our fake names. They seem nice, and we bring them items of use regularly, and I will farm for them when I can. Though, I think that it was all stolen and I have not seen the other members all day. The place is like a ghost town, the doors wide open and destroyed. Everywhere we go there is nothing but the bad preying on the good. Preying on those of us that seek to live peacefully and help each other out... I hope they are okay.

We are leaving the country. Taking what little we have and going to Trinec in Czechia, home…

I wonder what we will find. I am so very excited to go and see, but in my head, I see the joyful little farming community I grew up in; I wonder if I should leave it like that. A memory of what it used to be like instead of going to find it in the same state as everywhere else. 

The only thing is, I could have friends or family still trying to survive there. It will be worth it if we find someone. Maybe we will find a place there, and leave everything behind? No, we can’t. Our Commune might be broken right now, but we will get through it and find a new place, rebuild. This time though, things will be a little different in how people join us. We will not be so open about our location nor extend a hand as quickly as we once did. 

Maybe Nick will be well enough to retake the reins once we establish somewhere else. Ah, but that is a thought for when we return. 

I hope they are alright; I miss them… I miss the Commune as we were in Tulga. I think back to the new years, the night we spent on the castle top... It makes me sad. Everyone seemed so intent on beating this problem... I begin to think maybe I should have gone then,  perhaps that would have saved the Commune."


Entry 7... 01.30.2020



Looking around the little cabin they found, she gave a smile. Similar to the place she lived in Tulga, it was easy to feel at home there. Pulling the chair out and the tattered old leather-bound journal she was lucky enough to find, she pulled out a pencil and begin to write.

 “Mrs. Matthews… just the sound of it makes me smile. The man has a knack for making me laugh and warms my heart. Who would have thought when I was first kicking him out of Tulga for being an asshole to Robo, we would end up where we are now? He makes me feel so many things; loved, happy, safe, and I am proud to bond with him for the remainder of my days. 

We took a trip to my hometown. Spent a week away from the madness that is Livonia, or Chernarus. It was depressing to see my once bright, vibrant town of Trinec so… dead. There was no one left. I assume the few infected that were walking around were all that was left of the population. It was much the same as we saw everywhere else. But leave it to Johnny to take a depressing sight and turn it into a good memory. It was there, by the creek behind my old house where he asked me to be his wife. It is there that I said yes. He had a ring, god knows where he found it, it is beautiful. It makes me smile when I look at it, I see him, his eyes as he looked up to me after proposing. God, I love him. 

Even C-J and the 5.0.3 showing up in Livonia could not even sour the bliss I have been in since Johnny proposed. I have heard that they are here in force now and that members of their organization could be anywhere. I must be more careful when I am out by myself. For the most part, I remain unseen, but in the last few days, I have run into more and more people and groups. It is getting more dangerous out there, but I cannot stay walled in. **

**A few new people are living in Bielawa, they are friends of Johnny’s people from his past. Maybe I will go hang out with them and get some stories about him. His history is not pleasant, but he spoke about Martinez a lot, and it seems that was a high point in his life, he seemed to miss the man and was excited when they got in contact again. They are funny, Johnny, Martinez and his friend. I did not say much, but the banter between them kept me laughing almost the whole time.” 

Putting her pencil to her lips and nibbling at the top, she pondered if there was anything else to write. She looks out the window when something else comes up, and the pencil is immediately to paper.

“Johnny has been working with Noah Russo again. I am not sure how I feel about it, knowing about Noah’s reputation. I know that what Johnny is doing is to keep us safe and to help people, but I am sure it falls back into what he did when he ran with the syndicate. I did get a chance to hang out with Noah and his wife for a brief time, not politics or anything discussed, just a couple of couples enjoying time together. Riley is a pretty nice girl, and I am hoping to get to know her, especially if Noah and Johnny are going to be working together again. I guess Noah wants to turn a new leaf as well and who am I to say he isn’t, though it seems to be a struggle for him. But he is funny enough, and even though he makes me nervous, I did enjoy the little outing with the young couple.”


Entry 8... 02.20.2020


“I have not felt like writing in some time. So much has happened, and I do not understand why. People who were supposed to be family turned on us. Spread false rumors which ended in a large group coming to attack us based on the lies they told. Then they would not hear the truth. The world is just fucked up. I will never walk right again, the bullet that Johnny had to dig out of my leg destroyed some tendons or ligaments or something, but we have not come out of hiding long enough to find a proper doctor, and it is not healing correctly. Johnny has done what he can to keep me comfortable but being unable to move freely and find supplies… makes everything more difficult.”

“We decided we are leaving. Going away from the madness that plagues both Chernarus and Livonia. We are going to live out our lives peacefully somewhere else. There is no longer anything tying us to these places but lies, and deceit, what is the point of staying. Robo is gone, The Commune is gone… I cannot say I will miss anyone, except Zoe. I have not even heard from her in a while, my attempt to contact her on the radio was fruitless. I hope she is okay.”

“Johnny is all I need…”



Current Affiliations...



The Commune___ A Fond Memory

The Praetorian Guard___ Destroyed by the world we live in

The Samaritans___ Currently Unknown

Knights of Georgia___ Unknown, not trusted.

The Russo Syndicate___ Despised

5.0.3___ Despised

Umbra___ Terrorists - Despised



Jonathan Matthews___ Her Husband, the man she gave her heart to. Her lover and protector.

Noah Russo___Family to Johnny, he trusts him, so do I

Nicholas Brooks___Close Friend - Someone she would follow anywhere

Robonull Scott___Close Friend - Fondly nicknamed "Pockets" Took his own life, who can blame him in the world we live.

"Goose" Gustavo Chicote___ Trusted friend

Jonathan Jacobs___ Close Friend

Chris Wilds___ Friend

Valery Kuznetsov ___Friend

Wes Billings___Friend

Wynne Walker___  despised, liar and back stabber. Spreads false rumors to try and put herself up on pedestal

Jacob Antone___ despised, liar and back stabber. 

Sung Ho___Feared (though, oddly enough she wants the hear him sing)

C-J ___Feared and despised

The guy, polite - but armored and armed to hell that found her in the NWAF and aimed a rifle at her but never gave his name___Feared




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