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Ryan Thorne
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1982-01-13 (38 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Charleston, SC
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages
  6. Relationship
    Lorraine (deceased)
  7. Family
    Lorraine (wife - deceased); Lily (2 year old daughter - status unknown)
  8. Religion
    Non denominational Christian


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Occupation
    Former English Teacher and Civil Service Worker


Married for 3 years by the time the outbreak hit. His family had arrived in Chernarus with him as part of an overseas Teaching experience. Ryan had been an English teacher prior to all of this. He was excellent at teaching Chernarus youth proper English grammar and creative writing skills as a second language - He and Lorraine were both native to the United States, Lily became foreign born during their stay. The opportunity arose one afternoon when Lorraine saw an ad in the The Morning Call newspaper asking for interested parties to apply to their ESL opportunity. She knew her husband needed a job to support them and the gig paid well enough. Thorne definitely did need a job having recently been laid off at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor - Unemployment Division. How ironic is that. Thorne's wife Lorraine and 2 year old daughter Lily were his everything. So of course they came along for the ride.

They were held up in their home at the time of the "incident".

A very secure home... or so he thought. Ryan had spent many weeks and months barricading the windows and doors and had even managed to protect his family from roaming bandits on more than one occasion. The home and family were his salvation. One evening, late at night, around 11pm, there was a thunderous knock at the door. It woke the baby as well as Ryan and Lorraine. Thorne grabbed his Colt .45 from his dresser next to the bed and headed downstairs to the sound. A familiar, panicked voice was heard from beyond the wooden rectangular frame

"Lorraine... its me, Bonnie.... please Sis, open up!"

Lorraine cupped her mouth in disbelief as Ryan looked blankly at his wife. It was Lorraine's sister. She hadn't been heard from in weeks.

A recovering addict and the younger sibling - Bonnie immediately showed signs of trouble upon shacking up with Lorraine and Ryan. She needed her fix bad... so bad...she was willing to die to get it. After an argument one night between Lorraine and Bonnie (which ended with a hard slap to Bonnie's mouth from Lorraine) Bonnie had put the whole family at risk by grabbing Lorraine's 9mm from a coat pocket and demanding to leave to see her dealer immediately. Lorraine tried to plea with Bonnie by telling her she didn't need the fix. She didn't need him. Hell, he was probably dead anyway. She didn't need it at all. She tried to no avail to convey how they were NOT her family and that we would get thru this.

No one had left the house for fear of what was going on "out there". Reluctantly, Thorne opened the 5 pad locks and opened the door for his disturbed sister-in-law. She ran out into the blackness of night and hadn't been heard from since.

Until that night.

Lorraine, with relief, ran past her husband and immediately threw caution to the wind and opened the pad locks one by one... 5 times...crying... telling her sister how much she had missed her. How she was sorry for slapping her. That everything would be okay now....

"I missed you too..." as the door opened...

"Wait Lorraine..."

Those last 2 words were burned into the mind of Ryan as they were the last words he spoke to his wife.

Immediately upon opening the door, as Lorraine went to hug her sister (who was noticeably thinner now) a man standing behind Bonnie shoved her out of the way and to the ground and stuck the barrel of a shotgun to Lorraine's forehead. Bonnie screamed and yelled out to her sister "i'm so sorry" before the explosion of the gun went off. And then a scream from Bonnie. Blood covered the walls and the face of Ryan Thorne moments before he was hit with the butt of the gun - knocking him unconscious. His blood drenched his forehead, mixed with that of his wife's.

When he woke up, he was bound and gagged - left for dead on a beach. He was cold...shivering...he had no idea where he was. The rain had began to come down in sheets as thick as lead. The stained blood of his wife had now turned brown and crusted. In the back of his mind he knew the fate of his wife as he screamed in terror... the whereabouts of his 2 year old daughter, Lily... remain unknown....


3 hours ago, WarmBrains said:

He's on a diet! : )


JK, that was a typo....fixed now. Thank you! 

Np, one of my dead characters used the same pic you have. 😉 

I Love Viggo in "The Road"!

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