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Damian Mitka
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1994-07-28 (25 years old)



My character is 25 years old men called Damian Mitka. I was working in it company as a proggramer in Poland. Even tho my character was a it worker he go throught a lot of this started from heart breakes at the young age going to fails his dreams as a proffesional gamer but he never gave up on what he was doing. After all this my life was set but then the world goes down. First the media went crazy so i took all my closest family and we bunkered in your basement. We were shocked by the situation outside but we had hope. Unluckly not for long, after few first days of people getting infected and return as a cold blooded monsters we get first face to face conflict with a person from outside, he wasn't a good guy. Secounds after he shoot at my wife head a zombie came in and bite him to death. Shocked and feard i had escaped from our "bunker". My hole life get destroyed in a secound, it was like a deja vu. For days i've been scouting the closest arena to gather some needed equipment. All alone at the middle of the night many undeads get in to my building. Lucky for my i've been rescued by small group of people that were living in the countryside. They trusted me but i wasn't sure about them. In days we were still figuring out what are those creatures. These days we know but at the beggining we have no idea what's happening. Then for rest of the time we were making new friends and our company got bigger. We created "safe zone" and started a "new life". But always in my life was a faliure and we got betrayed by one member that was new, it cames out that he was a member of other group, they were bandits that world haven't seen. They completly ruined our village. Me and my friend escaped by our only plane. It got's hit but the effect came out when we were high up, we decided for last option, to land on an ocean. How ever i got saved by some guy on a boat but i never saw my friend again. I have no idea where we were going but after 3 days we got attacked by pirates. I haven't remember many things form it but i woke up in Chernarus sea side. All the events that happend in my life made me a person who i am now. That's how story begins on this place. I'm alone wolf trying to survive at any cost, im not a killer and i don't take everything from people but sometimes i need to do what nessecerly. Maybe i can make some friends if people will be good, or maybe i just take few thing that i need form them. People need sometimes help, i know the cost of life so i might help. Beeing alone got disadvantages and advantages, it's easier to suprise but it's easliy to be out numbered.

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