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Trevor Roberts
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Date of birth
    1996-11-25 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Las Vegas Nevada
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
    slightly muscular, average
  4. Hair
    Short, black
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    tattoo of a guitar on right bicep


My character's name is Trevor. Trevor is a 20 year old computer engineering student. Trevor was in school learning about information technology and learning hardware security. Trevor is a slightly above average student and was trying to get a job with NASA or SpaceX to help bring humanity to other planets within his lifetime. Trevor was doing a study abroad semester in Chernaurus. Trevor was involved in a research group that was developing different forms of cybersecurity. One day during class there were gunshots in one of the courtyards at his school. He and his classmates looked out the window and saw police fighting off a man who was going berserk. The students witnessed the police eventually shoot the man in the head, then proceeded to evacuate the school. Over the next few days there was a heavy military presence and more and more people were going berserk. Trevor and some of his friends were being escorted to a refugee camp when a crowd of people....monsters.... stormed his group. Trevor was able to make it out alive and run away to a safe location. Now Trevor is all alone in this world desperate to find people to survive with, whatever it takes. Through Trevor's experiences with the groups that rule Chernaurus, he has changed from the good person he used to be.

//log entry #1
Yesterday we came across the Redwood Radio Station and they supplied us with food for our journey west. I have met new friends and we have helped each other through the cold, supplying ourselves with food, water , and warm shelter. In the morning we shall go out looking for more people and items to trade with groups. Yesterday we came across the Redwood Radio Station and they supplied us with food for our journey west. Tonight is cold, but at least we have each other.

//log entry #2
The goal today is the same as any other day, find more people, find supplies and find a warm place to lie our heads. Last night we all got the best sleep we have had in a long time. Robo has been telling us of rumors of a man named Austin Maverick and the things he does. I think a man like Austin Maverick knows how to survive, which is my top priority.
Today was a very emotional day. A lot of events have occurred in such a small time. My group left this morning in hopes of finding good people, but fate had something else in mind. We were huddled in a large house, surrounding a fire. Sharing stories of our past lives, and enjoying the time together. Suddenly we hear engines rumbling outside, not knowing what to do, we all walked outside to greet our visitors. Our manners were firmly met with harsh orders and guns being pointed in our faces. The immense amount of fear I felt is indescribable. We were all stripped of our clothing, weapons, etc. and we were all told to lineup. Then a black luxury car pulled up and the driver's door opened. A young man, early twenties, stepped out and removed his face mask. He introduced himself as Austin Maverick. He led on about how we were now his property and that we were slaves now. We were bound, blindfolded, and shoved into cars. They took us to their headquarters and forced manual labor upon us. As one member started to fall ill, we returned inside. One of Austin's henchmen began to torture my two friends, but sparing me. Instead, I was deemed worthy of a different outcome. After forcing me to watch my friends be tortured, I was offered to join this group. Out of fear for my life and pure survival instinct, I accepted the offer. My friends were released and I will likely never see them again, but I have been welcomed to a new, bigger, and safer home. These people I once feared, now call me one of them.

//log entry#3
Today is a new day, I woke up in a new bed, in a new hideout, with new people all around me. I still have a lot to prove to these people, a lot to contribute to their survival. They seem to be rebuilding from a previous attack or a previous war, I plan on helping them rebuild. I plan on helping them with anything they need actually, I am now a part of their group and I would not want to be caught slacking. The last group I was a part of, I could not contribute equally so I ran. I don't plan on running anymore, running is for cowards. It is time to find my place in this world and survive.
I think I have proven myself of some worth today. We found a group of people that seemed to have the supplies that we needed so we over powered them and made them surrender their weapons. This didn't go well with some of them as they tried to pull weapons on us, and we responded with violence. We successfully neutralized the threats, myself getting in on the action, and we proceeded to take the supplies we needed and go on our way. Unfortunately things started to go south quick. The people we were robbing were a part of a much larger group than we anticipated and they had radioed in some reinforcements. When the reinforcements arrived we were taken by surprise and were forced to split up. I took a shot to my plate carrier which thankfully only left one hell of a bruise. Hours and hours went by as the reddened snow began to disappear as the falling snow grew thicker. I waited for the snow to pass in a shed while trying to stay warm, my chest throbbing from the gunshot bruise, my feet hurting from the fleeing, my hands covered in the blood of enemies and friends.
The snow eventually passed and I was able to move on to the nearest town. Once I arrived safely into a church, I turned on my radio, calling out to see if my friends survived the ambush. My friends all responded, which was music to my ears. We were all able to meet up and address our next plan. I helped treat the wounds of my friends and went out to gather food to last us through the night. I believe that today was a huge step towards gaining my new friends' trust, and I am fully prepared to continue to help them throughout each day.


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