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Thomas Ward
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1989-05-14 (30 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English (Native), Polish (Decent), German (Badly), French (Terrible)
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    176 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Equipment
    As of 20-12-2019 he has the following on his person;
    - A small notebook with pencil
    - A neatly folded map of the area filled with additional notes and drawings
    - A small rectangular box with multiple holes in it
  8. Occupation
    Courier, Straż Leśna Volunteer (pre-apocalypse)
  9. Affiliation
    Straż Leśna, Nadbor Forest Conservation
  10. Role


"Reality means you live until you die. The real truth is nobody wants reality." - Chuck Palahniuk




Thomas Ward was born in a relatively normal family in Chicago, Illinois. From a young age, Thomas seemed to be interested in all things odd and irregular, often spending hours laying on his back and staring at the sky during the evening to look at the flickering lights above and wonder if there was something more out there than just them. This interest slowly turned into a obsession as he grew older and with the easy accessibility of (mis)information that came with the spread of the internet and the advancement of technology, it wasn't long before Thomas found himself engrossed in a multitude of forums, chatrooms and groups that delved into the craziest and deepest conspiracies one could find.

Hellbent on proving that there was more out there, Thomas enrolled into University of Illinois at Chicago (IUC for short) with the intent to major in Astronomy. However, being absolutely obsessed with extraterrestrial life is a terrible motivator to try your hand and getting into the finer details of the galaxy and it wasn't long before he flunked out of it. With a decent debt racked up during his college years, Thomas was forced to find a job to cover his costs (his parents long having given up on him due to their increased conflict and concern over Thomas's state of mind and behavior). He was hired to become a nothing more but a glorified messenger, spending most of his young adulthood delivering packages and/or sealed envelopes all around the state. Over time, he came to enjoy his job, as it allowed him plenty of free time to continue his incessant drive to try and find proof of alien life and their repeated visits to our planet.

In early 2016, he started noticing that the frequency of which he was required to deliver documents and packages out of state started increasing, to the point where in his incredible ability to connect dots that didn't exist, he started suspecting that the company he worked for was involved in (you guessed it) some kind of conspiracy. While others would claim that this was nothing more than a company working across the ocean for various infrastructural and/or economical goals, for Thomas this appeared straight truth that this place was connected to something bigger, something far more insidious (and probably alien related too).

In late 2016, Thomas Ward went off the gird, together with some documents he was supposed to deliver. He bought a plane ticket to Europe and spent the next few years in cheap hotels and crappy rooms continuing his obsession for aliens and trying to delve into the secrets he was absolutely convinced he would uncover and amaze the world with. He arrived in France and travelled to Nancy, where he went looking for any remaining 'evidence' of a sighting that was reported in 1982. Coming up empty, he continued to chase rumors and investigate old sightings throughout Europe. The east-block was rife with conspiracies and sightings, so Thomas had a plan to make it to Russia and continue his tireless search for the extraterrestial. But by the time he reached Livonia (and with his visa expired) he ran out of the one thing that had allowed him to get as far as he did. Money.

Broke, homeless, illegal and not terribly skilled at surviving in the wild, Thomas roamed the streets of Andrezejów for a while. He tried to both pick up the language to the best of his ability and find some place to work. While he is undoubtably crazy, he too realized that in order to continue his own search, he needed the funds to do so.

Thomas managed to land himself a part-time job with the Straz Parku. The locals there weren't too fussed about having a foreigner do some dirty work, nor did they really care about his visa (or his ramblings about aliens and the strange things he observed during his daily walks). The pay wasn't the best, but with his previous experience in swift delivery and retrieval of goods/packages he was able to make himself useful enough to have stick around (even if most of his duties involved clearing the hiking trails).

DURING THE INITIAL INFECTION (Summer 2017 to Autumn 2019)


Due to the rather isolated area, Thomas didn't get to learn about the infection until one of his co-workers named Marcin Nowak notified him of the fact that there was something bad afoot. It wasn't very long until the state of emergency was declared after, as the infection crossed borders from ground zero and spread to other countries.

 It was advised to evacuate, but the news of this strange, sudden disease had renewed Thomas's determination to proof that there was more out there. In fact, he contributed the appearance of the infection to extraterrestrial intervention and convinced himself that he had to remain right where he was to be able to delve to the bottom of it. While he at first did attempt to go to Chernarus (as he had heard from Marcin that it had been where it seemed to have started), the south border had rapidly become off-limits and made it unable for him to effectively move around. He returned to the Straz Parku as news of the fighting between NATO and Russia reached its peak and the nuclear bombs were dropped on the Russian army and remained with the rangers to help with the incoming stream of refugees from the North and east side of Livonia. While things were considered to be relatively stable for a while (Thomas becoming more adept at survival, first aid and the language) it wouldn't take too long until the infected started winning from the healthy.

After a failed attempt to get past the LDF line to try and find out more about the rumors of Russian military activity when things started breaking down, Thomas saw more and more Rangers and other employees of the Straz Parku leave the region to escape the unstoppable spread. With only a few remaining, the Straz Parku was unable to provide the support they had thus far and had to retreat back to their own base of operations to reconsolidate and attempt to reestablish a bit of a foothold to help people survive in the new hostile environments. Through deaddrops, supply runs and radio broadcasts they kept the dwindling population of Nadbór informed of ongoing situations and/or happenings, as well as frequently giving out tips and tricks to stay alive. Martin and the few remaining redubbed themselves the Nadbór Forest Conservation to avoid conflicts should the government return, as they did not wish to claim the authority that came with Straz Parku.

CURRENT EVENTS (Winter 2019 to - )



After a very rough day involving him, a very angry boar and losing most of his hiking kit, Thomas found himself having to rendevouz with Marcin in the ruined town of Zapadlisko as opposed to their usual location. The Nadbór Forest Conservation had suffered some more casualties, resulting in him and Martin being the last few that were still active in the region. A sparse few rangers remained, but Martin seemed determined to keep the NFC active within the region and he laid out his plans for the quest to find a more suitable base of operations for them and the remaining rangers, as well as the possibility of taking in some new people to make up for the holes in the ranks.

Thomas wasn't too thrilled to have new faces join, as recent events and some hostile encounters with survivors had left him with a bit of distrust (as well as a slight suspicion those intent to bring the Forest Conservation to their knees being in cahoots with the extraterrestrial incursion forces) towards the new influx of immigrants/refugees. Taking refuge in one of the ruined buildings and lighting a fire in the barely functional chimney, they continued to discuss this until night forced them to move upstairs and dim the lights. By the time he had woken up, Martin had moved on, leaving him a note he had gone out for a short patrol. Thomas remained in the ruined town for a while, resting up and pondering on the next moves they'd have to make.


It had been a tumultuous week to say the least. As Thomas and Martin regrouped and went onwards, they were met by a familiar face. Gary had been gone for a while, but in his true Gary fashion, just simply showed up again, as if nothing had changed in the months that he had been quiet. Thomas found himself enjoying the fact that Gary returned. Great guy, that Gary.

Another familiar face got into contact with the NFC as well, that being James. He had been down south to search for the remainder of his fireteam. But as his search turned up empty, he decided to return back from the border and rendevouz with the rangers.

With more manpower returning, Martin and Thomas swiftly decided they'd need a place to reconsolidate and create a outpost to work out of. While Martin was a fan of scouting the area for better locations, Thomas didn't quite feel like wasting weeks trying to find the perfect spot. Eventually they came to agree that their location was just as fine, to which the remaining members went to work building up the base. While they did that, James had found his sister and they had another man frequent the base (calling himself Franek). With their supplies being replenished, Thomas finally started feeling a bit more confident for their survival during the winter. They were building up a new, strong foundation to work off of and that was more than they had before.



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