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michel angelo
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1993-04-06 (26 years old)



I am Michel angelo, but you can call me angel. at the moment i'm with mercenary group called basterds of novy, but befor the outbreak i was a former fireman. i was living in small town next to napoli. i had happy life with my girlfriend and my parents, i loved my job, my life and my family. but as you know everything changed in one day, i lost everything. but i managed to survive with my fireman skills. after that i moved to france and over there i heard about chernarus. so i came to here. first it was hard for me to survive. in chernarus its a lot harder to find food or vehicle or even guns but i think i would like it over here a lot more. so i came to novy and over there i met this mercenary groupu that i told you befor, hank and alireza. so they helped me with couple of things and i help them with some things that i cant tell you. so i trust them and also they start trusting me. now we are doing mercenary jobs and some other staff. you can also call us if you ever needed a mercenary. see you soon.


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