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Vasily Hernik
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Fighting Spirit
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1989-03-21 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Novigrad, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Czech, Russian, English, Polish
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Uncle, Sister
  11. Religion
    Eastern Orthodoxy


  1. Height
    189 cm
  2. Weight
    93 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short & Spikey, Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Tattoo'd forearms, seems like writing in Czech, a few Prizrak quotes scattered across his upper body and arms.
  7. Occupation
    Professional Motorcyclist
  8. Affiliation
    NAPA, Kameníci
  9. Role


Vasya was born into a usual Novigrad family, his father was an office worker meanwhile his mother would stay at home, taking care of the house and the kids.

His early childhood was nothing fancy, him and his little sister would casually play with each other when they weren't attending school, and everything seemed quite relaxing, however as Vasya matured and grew older he started making some friends who had some other opinions.

In most of his childhood, Vasya wasn't much interested in nationalism, let alone seeing the difference between people, but the friends he started to make during his studies had a different worldview, it started out as casual troublemaking, graffiti, late night parties, a little bit of vandalism here and there, but it was only after partaking in the smashing of windows against a property that Vasya realised it belonged to an ethnic russian.

Looking back at it, Vasya started to notice a pattern, every time him and his friends would go out to have some fun they would always end up smashing some place, and it usually always belonged to minorities, either russian ethnics or takistanis just trying to get by, and at first it made him afraid, it made him feel bad.

His friends however noticed that, and being that they had grown up in nationalist families they encouraged him to continue, swaying him and convincing him that they are doing a good thing, it was around this time that riots had started happening, calling for the excommunication of russians and takistanis, the more Vasya stayed with his friends the more he started to believe what they believed, and the more hardline and nationalistic he became.


After several riots something happened, an uprising of russian ethnics in the eastern province of South Zagoria rose up and claimed independence, this made Vasya and his friends furious, his now national mindset driving him into a fit of rage, and a passion to do something about it, and his friends reacted the same.

It wasn't long before Vasya signed up with NAPA to fight the russian dogs in the east, he would fight them spanning across the entire region during the civil war, conducting guerilla warfare with his brothers in arms, his friends.


After the war, Vasya returned to Novigrad safe and sounds, while he may have seen the horrors of war, and he may have been scared beyond repair, he was in one piece, and he certainly had not lost the will to fight. It was during these times of rebuilding that Vasya took an interest in motorcycles, and what followed shortly after was an education in engines and machines.

Vasya would work in a shop for a few years until he was able to buy his first bike, and once he did he found a new spirit in the beauty of his property, he loved to ride his motorcycle, he loved to ride is so much in fact that it became an integral part of him, and not before long he started to prioritize his job less and less while enjoying motorsports more and more.

After having ridden for what felt like a lifetime, Vasya felt he was ready, he signed up for a chernarussian motorsports team, he even went as far as to compete internationally, representing Chernarus in the Slavic Motorcycles Cup being hosted in Poland in 2016, while he didn't win he did finish the Cup in third place and won a bronze medal to take home, a small but a rewarding victory in his eyes.

In early 2017 he was busy training and getting ready for the next big event when things started to look worse at home, streets became harder to traverse due to roadblocks, an increased military presence and generally unsettling setting, and then it happened.

The outbreak occured, Vasya was practicing on a race-track just north of Miroslavl, after he went pro he had since moved to Miroslavl because it was closer to this wonderful racetrack, and this fateful day while he was training, his motorcycle was being incredibly loud, the sheer noise of the engine was enough to swarm the track with the infected, at first Vasya didn't understand, but when one of the infected lunged at him and tried to bite through his riders suit he did not hesitate, he revved the engine and rode out of the track, speeding past burning wreckages and hordes of infected as he made his way back to Miroslavl, the city in chaos as the military had failed to contain the initial wave, reaching a road barrier that he could not pass, and seeing his apartment not too far away he ditched the motorcycle and sprinted towards his residence, taking apart the floorboards and finding his trusty old rifle from that fateful war so long ago.


Miroslavl had fallen.

Vasya spent the next year travelling west towards the capital of Novigrad, he wanted to make sure that his parents were safe, that perhaps there was still civilization to be found. As he reached Novigrad it was obvious how much damage had been caused to the city, but yet there was a presence of a force, and amids them he found his sister and his uncle... Sadly his parents had not made it.. 

This force that Vasya had run into was rather large, it would turn out to be the remainder of the government, whatever soldiers had retreated west as ordered and regrouped, surrounding Kozlov and the regime, protecting any civilians they picked up along the way.


Time yet again passed, as more and more soldiers returned to the regime, more stability was gained, slowly, bit by bit the soldiers began pushing out and away from the capital, eventually reaching Miroslavl, soon enough Miroslavl was retaken and turned into another place for survivors to feel at home, this is when Vasya made the decision to move his uncle, sister and himself there, it was then that he filed papers for relocation and he was able to return to his apartment within the safe walls of Miroslavl.


Today is the present day, Vasya has lived happily in Miroslavl for quite a while, but as of recent he has reconnected with some of his former NAPA buddies, South Zagoria is yet again in trouble, and those willing to fight for what is right are asked to stand up again, and despite how hard he had fought for his uncle and sister to be safe, despite the efforts and the promise of being truly at peace, he could not turn down a call to arms.


Vasya who had fought once decided to fight again, and with him his sister would too, having been taught by him over the past year, learned valuable survival skills and how to handle a firearm properly she refused to be left behind in Miroslavl, and so there was no choice.

Vasya and his sister journeyed to South Zagoria, to meet men of stone, men of hardship and love for their country, and join them in reclaiming what is rightfully Chernarussian.


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