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Iroqois Pliskin
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1993-08-26 (29 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    United Kingdom
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Medium lenth - straight
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Quiet, reserved believes actions speak louder than words.
    Weary of strangers, untrusting until proven.
  8. Equipment
    Standard issue BDU trousers, green olive drab tee-shirt, combat boots and a boot knife.
  9. Occupation
    Lance Corporal, Paratrooper Marksman 2nd Regiment - position 1, shooter.
  10. Affiliation
    The Yellers
  11. Role
    Security, Trade and Acquisition


Pliskin is a quiet, reserved invididual who was born in the UK, in the foster care system where he was later sent to live with a family in the countryside.
He was always a reclusive child even at a young age he would always choose to be alone, usually in the woods and forests surrounding his foster parents house.
It was during his days and nights spent exploring these areas, building dens, swings, treehouses and camping out in the wilderness where he began to pick up a taste for the outdoors.

After a few failed jobs working around the village he eventually decided to join the British Paratroopers and after a lot of hard work and a long and gruelling induction process he passed and earned his wings at the age of twenty-two.
He was deployed across the world in many eastern conflict zones over his six year service and met many new friends and even some he would call family, one of which a man from America
- a hick from Kentucky, just like you'd imagine from the movies.

Although from completely different backgrounds and walks of life they just clicked.

It was some time after the second deployment where - seeing as Plisken had no true family of his own was invited to Bodean and the Yellers household for a tradition they called "Thanksgiving".
While it was an eventful evening of drinking and shooting off twelve bores, Pliskin also apriciated what he had always missed - family.

After meeting the family, Pliskin learned that there were other brothers who also served abroad and after meeting a few of them would regularly check in on them while overseas and the group became fast friends and eventually brothers.
It was during one such time while on base in Norway on the way back from the eastern conflict zones that he was enjoying an off duty drink with the Yeller boys when the news hit about the global pandemic, the brothers and Pliskin look to each other in shock and horror.
Each thinking of the family they left behind, except Pliskin who was looking at the only family he'd ever known.

As the days turned into weeks, the news got gradually worse and the intel became non existent those left on base were awaiting transport for deployment.
When a small transport boat finally arrived it came thundering into the dock with no sign of stopping it crashed and capsized onto the drydock.
Every available soldier rushed towards it and began prying at the doors looking for survivors, until one man arrived with a crow bar and jimmies the doors to the vessel open.

Inside the boat was indescribable horror, a mess of limb, blood and death. Sparks partially lit up a darkened corner briefly but reliably and as the men gathered they began to hear the moans of their fallen comrades, what was a second ago dead, sprung to life and as one cohesive horrific whole charged the unsuspecting and shock-ridden soldiers.

It was chaos as the alarms rang out and panic set in on the base as orders and instruction were shouted at deaf ears and failing bodies.
Plisken retreated from the chaos and death and into the night - he could only hope the rest of the men and Bodean especially did the same.

Upon fleeing the base and away from Bear Island in a small fishing boat, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, Pliskin hit shore in the south east of Nyheim - a frozen hellscape not even huge cargo ships could traverse. He wandered the streets of what he would come to know as the walled town of Sorbu where he was beset upon by a pack of wolves, with nothing more than a trusty boot knife he fought them off down the the last two. Battered, bloody, clothing torn to shreds it was a last ditch attempt to survive. As the last remaining wolves prowled around him, smelling the blood seeping from his open wounds Pliskin ducked into a nearby apartment complex and barriacaded the doors, and his last hope before passng out from blood loss was to radio for help and hope that someone friendly found him.

It was a mircale, not only was Pliskin found by a friendly survivor but none other than Judas Yeller, one of the brothers he had met on the base - his prayers had been answered.
Judas took a wounded Pliskin back to an old barn that Bodean and Judas had managed to board up - it had a roof, it was safe, it was a start.

Shortly thereafter Pliskin began to recover and the three made runs into the town of Sorbu regularly to pick up anything they could find left behind from before the disaster, but it wasn't long before trouble found them.
A group of unknown mercenaries, arrived at the barn and for some reason saw what little the brothers had and decided it was theirs to take, they left the group with nothing but a note that read something like "Thank you for your donation to the cause.".

Now, confused, homeless and jaded the group quickly moved on and for the time being forgot about the whole situation. It wasn't long before Bo had sniffed out another place for the three to recouperate, one slightly more off the beaten track this time - an old cave, tucked away half submerged by a lake, but it would keep them safe while they collected themselves and formulated a better plan moving forward.

While at the cave, the group began to slowly grow as family members were reunited - Buck and Austin were reunited with their families.

Pliskin and Bo decided that the cave wasn't a permanent solution to the groups growing list of problems and set out to find new locations for the family to settle.
Using his keen eye, and scouting experience Pliskin found a few suitable locations but one in particular resonated with Bo and the family - an old house tucked away in the woods, far from the city and in theory far from trouble.

Buck began work fortifying the house, at first it was agreed to keep any building work to a minimal to avoid unwanted attention, but as the group grew once again with the brother Clint appearing along with his new friend Berric so too did the height of the walls until we had accidently made ourselves a fortress - this attracted alot of attention.

At first it would be the occasional travelling survivor who stumbled upon the walls and stopped to talk and maybe trade and that was all well and good, but before too long odd groups of three or more appeared posing as weary travellers, looking for information but more likely probing for weakness. The group had grown weary of strangers and especially groups of strangers, after a speight of robberies during the night everyone was on edge.

It was essential that we found out who had been doing this to us, and more importantly how to stop them doing it again.

A group introduced themselves, but it later it would be known that this group was the same group that had been breaking in - the AOS or Ace of Spades, the same style of notes and the name of their leader, Nate Anderson as the barn eviction fiasco.

Bo, and the rest of the family were sick and tired of being pushed around and had spent so much time and hard work making this house their home there wasn't a chance they would just walk away this time.
The group put their trust in Bo, his military experience and his extra years made him a clear choice for leadership. Bo, wanted to wait before we acted. The group agreed, and set out to play the long game, forging strong alliences with other small, like minded groups who were also sick of the oppression imposed by this hostile group of bandits.

Until, the time came. News spread throughout the enclaves of survivors that the AOS had been fractured internally and were on their last legs - this was the time to strike.
The brothers quickly formulated a rough plan and grabbed whatever tools might be needed, what was supposed to be a quick smash and grab became a chaotic mess of gunshots, hurled insults and bloodied noses.

During the initial break in Bo, found Nate inside the complex and things got heated. Personal feelings mixed with a rightgeous vengence. Bo, then shot Nate.

After the escape, with Pliskin on overwatch the group retreated north west where they were tailed by the rest of the AOS and a gunfight broke out and the group was splintered. Some hours later the group regrouped at the house, being careful not to lead anyone home. Well, not careful enough as a helicopter flies by overhead spotlight shining down on our comparibly meek little house.

The AOS had found the home, they rocked up to the front gates cocky as all hell and demanded that we all step outside so they could "take a look at us". It wasn't clear if they knew it was the family who had broken in so they kept it that way and denied any knowledge of their situation as well as the order to step outside. This didn't suit the bandits, they wanted blood and were willing to take it from anyone who didn't comply.

This began the event the family remembers as "The Seige", a terrifying experience outnumbered two to one, outgunned and outmatched these guys were on another level. They had a helicopter, NVG's, high powered scoped rifles with sights trained on seemingly every window of the house. The family were trapped in a prison the had built for themselves.

This seige lasted for hours, a whole night went by with the brothers pinned down unable to even move through the corridors, and the AOS outside unable to break in - it was a stalemate.

Eventually, growing weary and tired thoughts of giving up began to crop up between the brothers but Judas' stalwart resolve put a quick stop to that "We do not give up this house, no matter what!" he stated and just like that it was decided, we go down fighting.

Eventually, they broke in and stromed the house - their superior numbers overwhelmed our tiny family and we were all dragged out into the mud, beaten, bruised and very nearly executed.

(to be continued)


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