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Shobie Kala
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1990-05-06 (29 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Fluent - English. Not as fluent - Hindi, Spanish


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    84 kg


My character's name is Shobie (showbee). He is a 29 years of age at the time of arrival to Chernarus. Born to Indian parents in America. He has been going to college since the age of 18 on and off getting kicked out of one school and moving to the next and also getting involved in party/drugs. He has a love for sports and music. He played soccer/football since he was a boy and played many other American sports. He plays guitar and some piano and has also been trying out singing more recently.
After visiting extended family in India, with his family, for a couple weeks they decided to take a connecting flight back home in Georgia and do some sight seeing for a couple days. His family was very cheap and because of the unrest in the region tourism was very affordable around this time. His family took a two day cruise around the Green Sea. While on the cruise the captain informed us of possible delays in our return to shore. By this time there were reports, whether true or false is yet known, of infected being seen in Georgie. The governemnt shut down the docks temporarily to avoid contamination. A day became three days and three became a week. By this time the ships inventory had been depleted we were down to crackers and pillow peppermint chocolate. In an effort to resupply the captain sailed to Primorsk as it seemed the infected hadn't taken over there as of yet. We all took to the flatland with relief. We stumbled to the nearest restaurant to get some food and ate in bliss. For some reason we weren't worried as the town seemed normal and friendly. All passengers of the ship were able to find room and board and planned to stay for two nights. The captain made regular visits to the passengers assuring them that the extra night is to endure that when we return to Georgia that things there would be a little more settled. One night passes and all is well. My mother and sister go shopping and my father and I catch up on sports news at the bar. The next morning we wake up pack our things and head to the ship. It's gone. Still to this day I have no information about that god forsaken ship. The passengers one by one slowly finding out and trying and failing to contact the cruise company. Panic slowly begins to boil. My father tries to be calm and direct some of us but his respect hasn't been earned by the rest of the passengers and soon people start splitting up. My family and I ventured north to Kirovograd because we heard there may be flights available there to leave Russia. We hired a taxi to take us, and the travel took us about 3 hours. I was still a bit chill about the entire situation. Thinking nothing from the news could ever affect me. There was traffic at the airport terminal and we were at a stand still. My father went to the check-in counter to find tickets and my sister and mother went to the bathroom. I was just sitting on a bench outside when I heard a loud scream. My ears perked up. Nothing else followed and I continued to slouch on the bench. Then another scream and another from inside the terminal. I saw a zombie bite a women's neck and blood. Blood was everywhere. It was surreal. I just stood there, looking left then right while pandemonium ensued. It was only when a man bumped into me that I snapped out of my haze and began running with other people as they seemed to know what to do. The thought of my parents and sisters safety was depressingly not at the forefront of my mind. Instead my own survival at the moment was paramount. How could I be so cold? That was the last day I ever saw my family. Maybe if I had looked for them I would be dead, maybe they'd be alive. I'll never know and that's something I have to deal with everyday.
I made my way to the east then up the coast to Chernarus with a group of people whose names I can't remember. We were all in shock I suppose. And this is where I find myself today on the beach in Chernarus. Alone, a little in shock from the entire situation. I haven't really come to terms with my family's "disappearance" as they may still be alive somewhere. I have only one goal, survive.


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