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Ryan Bright
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1988-11-23 (31 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
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  1. Alignment
    Neutral Good


My name is Ryan Bright. I used to work as a security consultant for a large corporation that you have definitely heard of. But like everything else, they crumbled when the world died. I used to be military, and I loved it. But as we all know, the private sector pays more, so like most others, I followed the money.

I had been sent to Chernarus a week before all hell broke loose to do a security audit our site there. I won't say what we did at this site. It doesn't matter now, and I signed a contract. Even with a dead world, a man is nothing without his word. But I will say this much - We were not involved in the outbreak.

When Z-Day hit, we hunkered down. We were in Solnichiy,, and it was to the northwest that was having the problems. Refugees flooded through, but our doors stayed closed. Maybe we could have helped, but we had our directions from corporate, so we kept our doors closed.

I did something I'm not proud of. I ordered my men to stay and defend their post at our location in Solnichiy. But I didn't stay with them. I hoped I was wrong, but a nagging voice in the back of my mind told me that I wasn't; that I was sentencing 34 men to die fighting a battle they could never win. I slipped out through a window window in my office, and blended into the crowd fleeing towards Elektrozavodsk.

I was a coward. Maybe that's what made me stay in Elektro, to help herd the people onto the ships. I stayed behind. I still don't know why I decided to do that, but that decision is probably what saved my life. There were a few CDF guys still there, and a few other civilians that decided to stay behind. Maybe they had similar reasons to me. Maybe not. Maybe there is still some altruism in this world.

Then the Marines rolled in. Soon after, the bombing runs up the coast. I hoped my men died in that. It would have been a mercy compared to the alternative. We heard reports from the Marines that this had spread. Those ships we sent off, the ones I helped load had become floating tombs. But they didn't stay that way.

I vowed then that for the survivors there, for those of us that still had a heartbeat, I would do my best to protect the life that still remained. In my heart I knew I would likely have to kill again, but I promised myself, that for those 34 men that I sentenced to die, and for the hundreds of thousands I had inadvertently given the same fate, I would never again take a life that was not out of necessity. I would preserve it at all costs. For all I know, this little slice of humanity may be the last of us, and I will not squander it.


I will be better. There may be some altruism left, but I will settle for atonement. For them.


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