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Jasper Davis
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    sane but losing his way for being alone for so long
  3. Date of birth
    1997-07-28 (22 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
    no partners
  9. Family
    Helen Toal ( mother) Josh/ Luke/Black/Emily Davis (brothers and sister) Alive or dead ? no idea to this day
  10. Religion
    no religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Hair
    Brown hair short with a slightly longer fringe
  3. Eyes
  4. Occupation
  5. Affiliation
    no affiliation at this time


Names Jasper Davis Born in the west country of England little town called Warminster born 28th July 1997. Family of 7 I was the youngest of 3 brothers and a sister. we lived a good life not a luxury life but we got by my family all got by in life getting jobs going to universities making their own families. That wasn't the life I was going to live, by the age of 18 2015 to exact I started to travel across Europe saved money from a supermarket job I had the previous 2 years. I used the money only for the essentials travel costs, somewhere to lay my head and food. Was the journey of a lifetime. Whenever I was low on funds I would do any type of work for quick money. bar and waiting jobs seemed to be the easiest to find. Did this mostly until I had enough money to get me to the next place it Wasn't easy but it was rewarding for the amazing world I got to see.

The month of the outbreak of July 2017

By July 2017 I had made it to turkey some amazing memories went through Istanbul a few weeks prior I was now in the coastal town of Samsun just got off Skype with my family and was perhaps getting to the end of my journey getting further east was starting to get more difficult locals kept talking about some difficulties with a country in the green sea Chernaerus I believe they said? I didn't take much notice my main goal now was to start getting back towards home. Samsun was a Sea-based town that would help take supplies to countries around the black and green sea so I looked at the docks to see if any ships were heading towards Romania or Bulgaria that needed extra hands just to save on some time this way id save a couple of weeks of hitchhiking and busses. Surprisingly there was a local cargo ship leaving soon they were looking for anyone who would do hard labour for quick/good money. I asked where it was going and why they didn't have a lot of crew. The man told me that the cargo on this ship was very important to a nearby county after that it was heading to Istanbul and a lot of his normal crew refused to go after some conflict it is having I asked how long would it take to get to Istanbul he told me 4-5 days at most. To me, this was great id get paid and I would save so much time. The bonus I would start my travel back home with some money behind me. I signed up and was showed my quarters on the ship. Was a small room nothing special but I didn't care about that I've stayed in worse over the last couple of years. the ship wasn't leaving for another few days so they had me clean and mop parts of the ship. When it was finally time to leave lots of cargo was moved onto the ship most containers labelled food and services seemed to be a lot of supplies but hey it is a cargo ship what would you expect. On the 23rd of July, we disembarked seemed to be grey clouds and some strong winds but the captain was animate on leaving sooner locals were getting restless on things happening nearby more crew opting out, he had to go before more "jumped ship". That night was the worst storm I've ever seen in my life the ship went way off course we were supposed to dock in a city called cherno? or something I'm not sure but we ended on the east coast of the island I was so confused I was below decks in my room waiting for the storm to pass. Then I was rushed out of my room by another sailor screaming something Turkish which I can only guess by body language was MOVE NOW. When we got to the top of the ship it was so close to the shore I was so confused but I got pulled over by the sailor again to help him secure the Crates on the top down. the winds had everything on the deck sliding all over the place. Then out of nowhere over the megaphone BILEKLIGI!!!!!! I had no idea what was about to happen and we ran aground but the initial hit of the ship to land sent me into the side of the railing knocking me unconscious.

When I awoke it was daylight I was dazed. I pulled myself up and see the ship was ripped in two crew bodies floating in the water I didn't know what to do I was in shock I couldn't see anyone alive the man who was with me was gone. So I start to make my way down the ship climbing down the stairs I start to hear noises below me I didn't know it sounded like an animal as I got to the ground the whole ship was just destroyed I was able to make my way outside and saw something eating one of the crewmen that had washed ashore when I yell over this thing I don't know what it was but it looked human but blood dripping down its face and let off the most terrifying scream and ran for me I didn't know what to do so I just ran and out of every corner more of them were appearing as if I had just entered hell I ran and just kept running and that's how I ended up in a nightmare that never ends.


Now I'm just a survivor its been I don't how long since I've been stuck here in this new world no cellphone and no internet. I don't how the rest of the world is I'm not sure if this disease has made it to Home I wish I had never left and stayed with my family. I tend to stay away from the large towns early on they just seemed to be chaos no one seemed to speak English either so I was alone. Now I'm held up in a small village somewhere I couldn't pronounce the name even if I wanted to. The zeds as the other survivors I've heard call them are ruthless they only want death even some people are well... I try to avoid groups of survivors. All I know is I have to survive for me and for the hope one day ill make it back home find my family that's what I'm holding onto that's what makes me think tomorrow will be better. I've picked up a few skills over the time I've learned how to scavenge how to move quietly around the zeds making in and out of a place without being seen. I'm small and fast makes it very easy. I've only come across a firearm once it was the only a handgun I couldn't figure out how to make it work I had never shot a gun before so I try to stick to more traditional items to defend myself. From what I've seen the noise they create will attract more of those things and that's not what I want anyways. The Zeds are in my nightmares and when I wake I'm in the nightmare again.


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