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Alex Crow
Character information
  1. Alias
    Boy Scout
  2. Mental
    Managing to keep a healthy mental state.
  3. Morale
    Moderate, somewhat optimistic
  4. Date of birth
    1997-04-17 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Washington State U.S.A
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    His Mother, Dad, Grandparents, and Sister.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    107 kg
  3. Build
    Semi-muscular and a bit athletic with a Mild pot-belly
  4. Hair
    Alex has Brown hair in a moderately grown out buzz cut style.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Has a small scar on his forhead
  8. Occupation
    Craftschool Student
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Backstory: Alex is a Smart and eccentric young man. who spent most of his early life's weekends in boy scouts, learning useful skills that he never thought would turn out to be this useful. Later on in his life, instead of going to college he signed up for a good trade-school, learning about basic carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, and many more. And he even topping off his survival skills in scouts. He figured Craft school would be a lot more useful in life and a lot less expensive then college. although he did have some troubles along the way, as the kid suffers from some metal disorders, Mostly ADD and some mild bipolar-ism that runs in the family. so sometimes he can have shifting or erratic moods. although despite he managed to do very well in craft school, marking near the top of all of his classes. Hes recently graduated fully after 4 years of craft-school. hes definitely happy he managed to learn many useful skills. Although he never realized HOW useful they would become until now. Alex originally came to chernarus for a vacation, wanting to see the beautiful country side of eastern Europe. So he booked a vacation for a couple of weeks in this recovering but beautiful country.

He was actually kind of right, when he arrived to this beautiful country it was all he thought and more. the soothing rolling hills, the beautiful cities and not to mention the hot russian babes. He spent a lot of time looking around the farm fields and costs, exploring this beautiful country. although things took a turn when that married couple got attacked...political demonstrations and riots broke out soon after that incident he tried to stay away from the south, the protests and riots were starting to get out of hand. Although his main focus was beginning to stay near the center of the country, as getting to the airport was getting more and more dangerous everyday. so his plan was to stick to the farm fields, away from the north considering the bombing that happend to a storage facility up there which has only sparked more controversy. although he did keep his ear to the radio, wanting to keep an eye on what the hell was happening. in the mean time he shacked up with this nice farm family. They were hiding out up in their farmhouse getting away from what looks like to be another civil war just like Alex was. He hid up with that family for a while, helping them with their farm for a while in exchange for a place to stay. He was especially dis-inclined to go running around the populated areas when he heard people started disappearing for "Person safety" from the radio. Although things really went to shit when national outrage got even worse, causing more riots and protests...staying in the country side was becoming a better idea by the second. Although things started to get less safe when they started to get reports of "Rabid" soldiers. things were getting bad...it got worse when one night...a group of these...rabid things attacked the farm...alex barely escaped after getting bit and scratches a couple times...the family didn't get out.

Alex Patched himself up thanks to that boy-scouts Medical training and went out. he decided to go south after hearing more about these things and went towards the cities...at this point he didn't care about the protests or the demonstrations, he had to get away from the country side. especially considering they started bombing parts of it...but at-least down south and in the cities he'd have a fighting chance. he know he should have stayed away from severograd...he felt a bit guilty for not insisting the family should leave the area, but there's nothing he can do now... Hes Stuck around the cities trying to keep his head down, staying away from the military and the rioters. although things turned to shit again when the infection started spreading around...corpses were pilling up on the street, and he didn't know what do. one day screaming and gun shots from the hospital rang around a bit as the infected started getting up and attacking the military and police...that's when alex realized it. It was so obvious, this has turned from the political uprising into a full-blow zombie apocalypse!

And not only that, Alex realized we was immune! i mean he got bitten, and scratched a couple of times and he was around the infected people quite a bit. Theres no way he wouldn't be infected by now if he wasn't. so he took a couple of minutes to thank his lucky stars before he continued his escape out of the cities. after that he went north again, towards the less populated country side. there was no way he was gonna stay in the city... he went north a while, gathering supplies and even managing to help and save a couple of starving people along the way. He stuck to the country side and mountains, keeping his ear to the radio. He had some hope about the UN and NATO coming here to help, but that was gone when he heard the virus spread to Europe...at that point he knew it was over.

Alex continues to avoid the military until there wasn't one. the Devastation and death weighed on him. However after a bit he realized he knew he wouldn't last if he kept this mindset. so after a day or too of focus he managed to slip past it and focus on survival. His main goal is survival, however he cant help but try to help those in need. Its always been his in his nature. even if it gets him in trouble sometimes. Unlike many others who's priorities are their own survival at any costs, Alex thinks about those around him aswell as himself. Hes loyal to his friends and any community he happens to be with, and tries to use his skills, knowledge and determination to the betterment of the greater good. however, he is aware sometimes there nothing you can do. sometimes there are some people you cant save, or things you cant do. And he accepts that. however no matter how many times his heart is broken or soul rended with disappear he never tries to dull it, or stop feeling it. because if you start to chip away at yourself to ease the pain your on a slippery slope to destroying your humanity. that's how hes been able to keep his spirit, his compassion, and his faith in humanity. thats

Alex has been roaming around chernarus. its a low population density country, so its definitely better for the amount of zombies then going to Europe. hes been using the solid set of skills he built up to survive in this broken world for the last couple years, he never could have imagined how useful those skills would have become back then but hes definitely happy his mom made him go. and that brings up here, avoiding the dead, and bandits, helping people whenever he can and just trying to survive.


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