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Michael Benimit
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1991-11-15 (28 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Polesovo, Chernarus
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages



My name is Michael Benimit, I am 28, I grew up in Polesovo, my parents are Tom and Hera Benimit. I had the usual childhood, devil siblings, older and younger, small close social group. I don't like to think about my brothers much, We were all we had left for a while. Until my older brother, Basil, discovered that my younger brother, Nico, faked our parents last chapter, Bride's Murder Suicide. 𝘏𝘦 had killed them. My big brother was always dependable at the 11th hour, for both of Nico and I. He tried to understand Nico, but Nico killed him too. Nico didn't lie to cover anything to my face, he told me so sitting on my bed at 2 am holding a hypodermic filled with a lethal does of heroin. I over powered him, forced away the needle. In a struggle to grab the needle, he fell into it, plunging the syrup into his lower aorta. I blamed my self, and with no family beyond my surname to turn to, I did so other comforts. Alcohol, drugs, women, nothing eased the screams of Benimit in my feeble mind. One night, an oldish man, skinny, tallish, dark eyes, hair and stubble on his white face. He appeared with a knife, with a toll of my tender or life, I gave nothing but the offer of his own blade into his own kidney. He lunged, I swiped the cutting blade away from myself, gripped and twisted his wrist toward the grass, wrenched out and took hold of the blade to then force into his upper right side. There he fell and died, with his own blade to hilt sheathed into his upper right side. Standing over his body, I felt liberated from the thick and thin chains that bound me. On behalf of my older brother, I decided to seek vengeance on those who kill, and leave others to the same ocean I swim through.

I was born in Polesovo, to Tom and Hera, with Basil, Myself, and Nico. We vacated to the United States for a 4 month escape, but that journey was the only time I left Chernarus, Polesovo my only home. Never much trouble there in that smaller town. Other than loud drunken spouse beatings from the neighboring Polesovones. Their only offspring, Chris was a nice kid, for the mere moments I shared words with him.
I dreamed of being a Police Officer, I wanted to be the badge that doesn't have a superiority complex. I went through training at 19, started officering 25 weeks later and loved my job for 6 years. Until my Big Brother Basil's murder over my parent's "Wife Shot Husband, then herself" that preceded by 13 years.


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