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Andrei Dement
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doctor Dement
  2. Mental
    Brilliant but pessimistic. Lives within a harsh reality.
  3. Morale
    Low but determined
  4. Date of birth
    1981-11-19 (38 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English / Latin
  9. Relationship
    Madeline Dement / Widowed
  10. Family
    No Family Ties
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
    Slim & Toned
  4. Hair
    Medium Brown
  5. Eyes
    Dark & Deep Blue
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    Slightly wrinkled face from stress, but one that resembles knowledge. Usually is seen with a scruffy beard and shrouded.
  8. Occupation



Andrei Dement, a renowned american pathologist and author of "Technology Over Mind". His primary interests next to his viral research were nano technology and political warfare. These two subjects were combined in his book, warning citizens that the threat that technology and biological warfare is imminent in todays modern society and how advancing technology could lead to genuine biological reconstruction of the human body using nanobots.



Andrei's colleague Galen Smith received an offer to fly to a country that bordered south of Russia to receive insight and aid an unknown virus strain located in a northern providence. A week prior to his flight, Galen grew ill with pneumonia and was unable to make the efforts. Galen reached out to Andrei to help aid Chernarus in his absence, as he was the next best fit.

Andrei pondered the offer as it would require him to potentially stay for longer periods of time causing his wife and daughter to completely relocate from their already settled lives. Upon hearing more interesting details about this virus, he and his family decided that the appropriate decision to go, however it started to become regretful when the planes television broadcasts began to show an outburst of riots in the providence they'd be living at.

The family arrived in the Balota airfield and traveled their way north to Severograd. Before Andrei had time to settle into their new home with his family, he received an urgent call to the local hospital. He was picked up by military officials and escorted through the crowded rioted streets. On arrival, he was immediately taken to a research wing by the Russian pathologist Igor Pavlov to be briefed on the very few known facts about the early on set symptoms of the virus. In his previous hypothetical research, he and the other experts quickly became aware that any efforts would likely not be able to treat the virus or even contain it.

Days passed and their efforts began to seem more futile as expected. After seeing a patient nearly reaching the end cycle of the virus and attacking staff members, Andrei quickly fled back to his home to gather his family. Andrei knew that the travel back to Balota airfields would be dangerous but his efforts to reach his military connections were disregarded.

Andrei and his family exited their apartment home into the crowded streets of Severograd, but it was worse than before as the first to be infected were all reaching their end cycles at the same period. Everywhere Andrei turned, he saw packs of infected climbing on top of people in dozens and dismembered body parts scattered across the streets. He held tightly onto his wives hand as she carried their daughter. Within only moments of leaving the apartment to reach their vehicle, he felt her hand suddenly release. He turned around to see nothing but an empty sight. Frantically screaming for her name, he rounded the nearest ally way to find his wives body being drug by a mouth latched to her shoulder and his daughter laying dead with a crater in her stomach by another infected. He collapsed on the concrete, stuck in a gaze of limbo. 

A few moments passed his gaze was broken by being aggressively picked up. He turned around to find Igor Pavlov standing there. Igor told Andrei of a secured wing inside of the hospital. Even though the hospital was the most dangerous place to be, the single wing was the safest in all of Chernarus.

Still in shock, Andrei stumbled along with Igor to the secured wing. They sneaked their way inside and locked themselves in a biochemical storage facility. With only scavenging the food storage when absolutely needing to, Igor and Andrei survived in that facility alone for three weeks until the most violent stages of the outbreak were over. 

After the three weeks had passed, Igor and Andrei emerged to find a desolate land of what Chernarus once was, as if waking up to an entirely new existence.

Upon emerging the hospital, Andrei and Igor carefully made their way south towards Elektrozavodsk to inspect the damage down south in hopes that the airfields would be secured by military forces, however they were unfortunate to venture through an unchanging wasteland with little to no resources. 

After weeks of scouting the shoreline for any signs of life, they ran into a small group of survivors posted inside of an apartment building in Kamenka. Hoping to see friendly faces, they in turn were stripped and robbed of their little rations and clothing. Andrei seeing Igor beaten was enough to spark a rage in him.

Andrei and Igor both came from Catholic backgrounds so to have their creator turn his backs on them was a hard hit. In an unforgiving wasteland and being scientist and doctors, Andrei and Igor created the mindset that they were the last things that existed that came near the definition of a God. They would spend their lives in Chenarus aiding those who needed it but not kneeling to malicious power.

Two years after the outbreak, Andrei and Igor never stayed in one place for very long, but still held true to the aid they promised for the people and themselves. They spent this time to themselves mostly though, being entrusting of others but still taking enough risk to aid.

After years of nonstop moving, only camping deep in forest areas, they decided to remove themselves from the hermit attitude and start something new with other survivors.

From here is their story together.

"There’s no god, only the elements that control this world"


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