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Benjamin Brown
Character information
  1. Mental
    Struggling between Light and Dark side of things
  2. Date of birth
    2003-02-15 (16 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Ontario, Canada
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, and tiny bit of Spanish
  7. Family
    Adoptive Father: Dr. Red Adoptive Mother: Georgia Banks


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    C carved on right arm. Crescent moon tattoo that covers the C scar. Sun Tattoo on the left arm.
  8. Affiliation


He was just a 14-year-old boy living in Canada with his Mother and Father. His parents, unfortunately, died in a car accident and Ben was forced to move with his Grandmother in Chernarus. After staying with his Grandma for 3 months something strange started to happen. His mind was wondering in evil and dark places. He was once sent to an insane institute for suicide threats. He enjoyed playing with knives, guns, drugs you name it. His Grandma got sick of it so he was forced to move to his Grandpas so he could straighten him up. But it only made things worse. It made him angry and confused. He never understood the evil in the world. He couldn't beat it so he joined it. Ben is a kid that struggles with emotion and the way he copes with things. Drugs and alcohol is the way he deals with most of his problems. Chaos erupts, him and his family are in danger. The world always changes but this time its the fate of humanity. Dead starts to walk, people go insane, the world itself falls apart.

Him and his Grandpa decide to hide from the world. Benjamin never liked the idea of hiding. But it allowed them to survive the time they did(3 months). Benjamin got sick of it so he decided to leave his Grandpa behind and face the world himself. Days go by and no one is around. He learned how to survive on his own though. He taught himself how to skin an animal, tie a knot, even sharpen a knife. But a dark rain cloud came over him.

He walked into a city and everything was fine. He made a fire on top of a 3 story building. He was cooking some food when he heard voices all of the sudden. He quickly got his rifle and held it tight. He finally got a visual on them. He raised his rifle. He aimed through the sights. His finger moved toward the trigger. Waiting for the right shot. With a loud bang he saw the body drop. The person with the guy panicked and Ben raised the rifle again and shot. Both silently laying on the ground. With Ben's heart racing he asked himself "That was the right thing to do? Right? I mean they could have raped me, killed me, or even skin me alive and eat me." With the week passing by more and more bodies dropped when they approached Ben.

 Ben captured one person and took him in a house. This was his first experience with torture. He got a nail and put it in between their toe nail and Ben said. "Tell me why you are here? What where your intentions when I walked up to you.?" The guy never answered so Ben got a hammer and hammered that nail into his toe. Over time Ben taught himself different torture methods. He became a cold blooded killer.

 Months went by and Ben continued with his ways but one day Ben decided to head south. He ran into this place called Green mountain charity and he was offered to stay. A person decided to walk up to Ben and ask if he wanted parents. Ben had not had parents since he was 10 so he took the offer. Georgia Banks ( @Georgia Banks ) and Dr. Red ( @Rederaz ) decided to take him in with the kindness of their hearts. Ben really needed guidance and he needed to be taught some basic socialization. Ben struggled but his new parents new he was trying to change his ways. Ben's childhood was taken but with his new parents he felt as if he was a normal child again. They only showed kindness and love to Ben.

Ben ran into this nice guy called Neo ( @Poopslayer ). He told Ben about this cartel and Ben got excited. He had'nt had any drugs in along time. So he decided to run with this "Del Toro Cartel" and he stayed for a while. His parents eventually found out and they were furious. Ben said there is no way out of the cartel so his parents tried every thing they could do get him out but they eventually gave up and let him do the things he does. He eventually climbed the ranks and became a Hitmen for the cartel which involved torture, capturing, getting information, and fulfilling hits. Time goes on and he gets into a fight with these girls named Ruby and Kat. Ruby opens fire and badly wounds Benjamin he wakes up and eventually travels to his friends Johnny ( @Johnny Navid ) and Noah ( @ImMason ). They were at the time in the mob but shortly disbanded. They helped take car of Benjamin and when he finally was able to be back up on his feet he started doing runs with them.

He got closer and closer to these people and they became family to him. He tortured people with them and got into a lot of fire fights. He eventually found his parents and told about everything that happened to him they were disappointed but understood what Ben had to do. With the heart breaking decision the told him he was old enough to make his own decisions and said he can do what ever he wants but if he wasn't going to stay they weren't going to offer him guidance. Ben understood but was heart broken. He told them "I do the things I do to keep you guys safe. I have always been this person that makes bad choices. I hope you continue to love me. Goodbye."

He then joined the Russo syndicate with Johnny and Russo and continued his ways. He continued fighting, he continued drugs and alcohol, and he continued torture and robbing people. Benjamin at one point was threatened either leave the syndicate or his mom, friends and family will die. Benjamin wasn't afraid of this threat at first but as soon as his mom was captured and was being tortured was when fear was inside Benjamin. He did the right thing for once. He left the syndicate and was captured by cartel only to be tortured night and day by his own people. Cartel was mad because he left them with no consequences. Neo was the main one that tortured him. His own friend that helped him in the beginning. Anger built up in Benjamin, lots of anger. At once he felt it was all his fault that any of this happened.

Benjamin full of anger, guilt, and sorrow. He joined the 503 with his uncle CJ ( @C-J ). He plans to take out all of his anger with these people....




what a read, quality content.

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Filomena got completely fooled.

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1 hour ago, Mademoiselle said:

Filomena got completely fooled.

Thanks for the rp though! 🙂

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